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Friday, September 5, 2008

Former NY Judge Admits Providing Prostitutes for Pals

Former NY Judge Admits Providing Prostitutes for Pals
The New York Law Journal by Joel Stashenko - September 5, 2008

NEW YORK - Ronald H. Tills, a retired acting Supreme Court justice and Court of Claims judge, pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court in Buffalo to violating the federal Mann Act by transporting a prostitute across state lines. Mr. Tills, 73, admitted before Judge William Skretny of the Western District of New York that he recruited prostitutes to service members of a fraternal club, the Royal Order of Jesters, at gatherings in Pennsylvania, Florida, Kentucky and Ontario in 2005, 2006 and 2007. In his plea agreement with Western District U.S. Attorney Terrance P. Flynn, Mr. Tills also acknowledged arranging for women to attend a meeting of the Buffalo chapter of the Jesters in 2001 in Dunkirk, N.Y., to have sex with members of the club.

He faces from 27 months to 33 months in prison during sentencing, which Judge Skretny scheduled for Jan. 12. Mr. Tills' lawyer, Terrence M. Connors of Connors & Vilardo in Buffalo, said in an interview yesterday that Mr. Tills "accepted responsibility for his actions and admitted in court that he committed a crime, that his conduct was wrong and his judgment was horrible." Mr. Tills also agreed to aid in the prosecution of others involved in the procurement of prostitutes, a role that could earn him a shorter prison sentence, Mr. Connors said. Mr. Tills, of Hamburg, Erie County, was a judge from 1995 until his retirement in 2005. He resigned in March as part-time judicial hearing officer for the state as the FBI and U.S. Border Patrol agents investigated allegations of his involvement with prostitutes and the Jesters' organization, Mr. Connors said. Mr. Tills was also a Republican state assemblyman from 1969-77.


Anonymous said...

another WHOREMOGER JUDGE what a surprise. They are are ALL HARLOTS! Solutions to this situation - make all the Judges eunuchs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This judge's(Tills) behavior was well known to the administrative judge, AS WELL AS OTHER JUDGES, and multiple employees for many years!
The surprise came when he was revealed from another investigation by the FBI, of massage parlors and the activity was manifested by his transportation of foreign prostitutes across state line!
I find it amazing that he resigned after a year's investgation involving the FBI, through his own volition, just last year...with no pressure from the administrative judge!
Shouldn't the employees abused by him, which was in tandem with this case, not be a reason to address his additional behavior, or were they afraid they would be fired and illegally arrested for mentioning the unwanted judicial sexual conduct.
The 8th judicial district is offeneded if a female mentions unwanted sexual activity relative to judges or political hacks, and they are then punished with disasterous results.
The 8th district is now involved in a retaliation lawsuit in Buffalo's federal court, for the continued abuse, relative to the reporting of repulsive and vile sexual conduct from the 90's, involving an elected Family Court Judge! looks like the constant judicial problems stemming from the 8th district, are directly related to the ineptness and disinterest of the administrative judge...SHARON TOWNSEND! FEMALE!
Removal is in order!

Anonymous said...

Judge providing whores. Judges re whores selling themselves to their cronies. Ther is no difference between a judge and a whore except the money transfered is larger.

Anonymous said...

Judges providing whores. Judges are whores selling themselves to their cronies. There is no, difference between a judge and a whore except for the money transferred is larger.

Anonymous said...

1.)did they use State or Gov Money?
2.)Were the hotels paid with tax payer dollars?
3.) Did they use state resources to help in anyway?

Lawyers/Judges are cheap

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the fact, that Tills may have used state paid time for meetings or phone calls.
Let's see if a federal judge feels sympathy for another robe, and leaves Tills out of prison...of course stating that he is co-operating with the feds!
I bet he gets NO TIME!
I am a firm believer ,that judges, lawyers and cops, should get DOUBLE the time designated for regular taxpayers, who have no career in enforcing that law, while these other enforcers use it to violate the various laws.... they swear to uphold!

Anonymous said...

this whoremaster should go to jail

Anonymous said...

The whoremaster can't even stand where is his tool hanging around?

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