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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Memories of Corrupt Judicial Cross-Endorsements

Democrats nominate 1 of their own for Supreme Court
The Albany Times Union by CAROL DeMARE - September 19, 2008

ALBANY With the two candidates watching, a departure from the norm, delegates at the Democratic Judicial Convention nominated Rensselaer County Judge Patrict McGrath for Supreme Court in 41-39 squeaker. McGrath, a 55-year-old Demcocrat, edged out Appellate Division Associate Justice Anthony Carpinello, a Republican seeking re-election to a 14-year term in the Third Judicial District.

Carpinello, 60, had banked on what many believed was a cross-endorsement deal brokered last year among political bosses in the district's seven counties. Had he received the Democratic nomination, his name would have been on both major parties' ballot lines in November. But Jack McNulty of Green Island, the Albany County Democrats' elder statesman, and Tom Wade, the Rensselaler County Democratic leader, made a strong case that as Democrats the delegates had a strong obligation to stick with one of their own. Often in Supreme Court races that cross county lines, Democratic and Republican leaders ask for cross-endorsements to avoid costly campaigns. This year, the race is expected to be highly contested.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, the fix was in, but something happened. The powers that be said screw this, this is about big money from the Surrogate's Court and we want it for US. Greed wins out everytime. The lesson here is that the fix can be in but sometimes it doesn't say in for various reasons, remember that boys and girls.

Anonymous said...

How did Carpinello get elevated to the Appellate Division by Pataki so quickly with only 2 years on the Town Court bench and 2 years on the Supreme Court bench?

In his oh so superior "review" as a sitting Appellate Division Justice he completely whitewashed prosecutorial misconduct committing a blatant discovery violation in a criminal case while simultaneously stating that a Chief Judge Kaye Decision directly on point which would have provided new hearings for the criminal defendant meant nothing since it was a review of a Town Court criminal case.

Now interestingly, the prosecutor who had stated under oath as an officer of the court that all Discovery had been provided was never referred for any attorney discipline proceedings despite the fact it appeared the document not turned over had been fabricated.

Surprise, surprise, yes, I think the prosecutor was in fact an enrolled Republican just like Judge Carpinello so no Discipline referral despite Judicial Conduct rules requiring the same.

And of course now we Finally, Finally have Chief Judge Kaye on her way out the door suggesting a proposal to change the courts such that criminal defendants charged with misdemeanors and jail time may opt out of local courts where the judge is not an attorney.

Yet, none of the principles of fairness and due process mattered to Carpinello so no new hearings were granted, no new trial granted, no referral of the prosecutor to the Committee on Professional Standards.

I guess when it comes to Ethics and the Rules, it matters most to Carpinello if you are a fellow Republican.

Great that McGrath broke through this outdated "deal making" cross endorsement system.

Anonymous said...

wow, i am sure that criminal defendant who did jail time would like to see Carpinello questioned at state hearings on State ethics?

and this guy sits on the Court that oversees the attorney discipline committees?

doubt that criminal defendant's family will be voting Carpinello.

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