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Monday, September 22, 2008

Request to Gov. Paterson to Confront Court Corruption

Integrity in the Courts
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

September 22, 2008

The Honorable David Paterson,
Governor of The State of New York
The State Capital
Albany, New York 12224

via U.S. Mail &  facsimile # 518-408-2549

RE:    1. The Establishment of The Commission on Court Oversight
           2. The Appointment of Chief Judge Margarita Lopez Torres

Dear Governor Paterson:

Your gubernatorial presence has renewed the promise of hope to the great people of New York. We are encouraged by, and have long yearned for, your leadership in reforming the condition of avarice and corruption that exists within and about our state’s court system.

Our yearlong research has revealed a troubling state court “ethics” oversight structure that is itself corrupt. We have documented countless examples where the law, attorneys, litigants, state employees and, in fact, judges have been targeted for annihilation simply because of a political whim or from the vengeful, misguided desires of a few. Conversely, we have evidence of many outrageous and criminal acts by certain individuals within and about the state court system that have been substantively overlooked for no other reason than their favored position or political affiliation.

We believe that the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct and the statewide attorney grievance committees are irreversibly corrupt. Accordingly, we respectfully request that you immediately establish a Commission on Court Oversight to investigate and hold public hearings so that formal findings and recommendations may be presented to your office and to state lawmakers.

Further, and in the interest of true court reform, we respectfully request that you immediately take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the name of Judge Margarita Lopez Torres be presented to the State Commission on Judicial Nomination for insertion on the list of candidates to be considered for Chief Judge of the New York State Court of Appeals.

We also respectfully request that you meet with us so that we may personally present you with the findings from our research. Each of our 40 founding members have a one-page overview, along with supporting documentation, to formally begin the work of your Commission on Court Oversight.

We are confident that future generations will echo our gratitude of your restoration of our faith in our government and in our system of law.

Very truly yours.

Integrity in the Courts
206-426-3558 (tel & fax)

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Zoey said...

Awesome letter!!

Let's see what happens

Anonymous said...

The thieves in Crookland County won`t like that letter.Judge Linda Christopher an incompetent crook at best is a twisted Man hater who resides in the capital of Corruption,
New City

Anonymous said...

I submitted the same letter to Governor Paterson on Monday..Now let's see what happens. Who will be the one to come to the fore-front to finally do something about this blatant corruption throughout our country.

Anonymous said...

"Crime does not well as politics."

Anonymous said...

Never heard the word AVARICE (sure I'm not the only one....) Anyway:

avarice |ˈavəris| - noun - extreme greed for wealth or material gain. ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French, from Latin avaritia, from avarus ‘greedy.’

Anonymous said...

This letter should be sent to all the newspapers in NY STATE, as a letter to the editor, to inform the public that such concerns exist and we need the publics input further the intensity for the need to REFORM and to address and correct this situation and clean-up IMMEDIATELY!
You were very impactful with your concise overview...CONGRATULATIONS...INTEGRITY IN THE COURTS!

Anonymous said...

I second the above comment. This letter should be sent to every newspaper and media outlet in the state.
It probably wouldn't hurt to send it to the DOJ while your at it.

Anonymous said...

Only Lopez Torres has balls to turn things around. All the other clowns that would hope to be the next chief judge are recycled, male-dress-wearing, big-baby hacks.

Anonymous said...

as a way to kick off a new Citizen sponsored group to monitor Court Corruption, maybe Gov Paterson should hold Public Hearings in each county, like the DEC does and other Public Notice hearings, where everyone can get on a List to Comment, but for these hearings, Every Judge who has sat in a County or Supreme Court capacity in that County must personally appear before the Public Hearing and be faced with those raising questions of Ethical conduct, Illegal conduct and criminal conduct? Part of the Continuing education requirement.

Anonymous said...

as everyone knows Crime doesn't pay, except when you are an attorney/Judge and you are entitled and then you don't pay at all then somebody else does, the suckers.

Anonymous said...

bull poop. Paterson will DO nothing to rock the boat.

corruption is rampant throughout the entire legal systemm of NYS, and no one has the onions to do a thing about it.

Anonymous said...

Lopez Torres is a disaster. To even suggest that she be considered for the Court of Appeals is ludicrous. She does not follow the law and makes decisions by her gut. That violates the basic idea that we are all equal under the law. Rather than elevate her, she should be removed as Surrogate. An unqualified disaster as a judge.

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