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Friday, September 19, 2008

New Websites and Ad Campaign to Confront Corrupt Courts

Two new websites and an ad campaign have joined the march to clean up corruption in the courts.

The first website,, will begin with a chronicle of New York's systemic court corruption, billed as "Tamanny Hall II."

The second website,, was recently formed to promote awareness to the push to have maverick Judge Margarita Lopez Torres named as New York's Chief Judge by Governor David Paterson.

A print ad campaign was rolled out this past week, beginning in The Westchester Guardian, with statewide advertisements planned in the coming weeks. Both websites are planning major announcements on Monday, September 22, 2008. Stay tuned, this should be fun...


Anonymous said...

When are the feds going to do something? Soon, I'm told. I heard some big meetings were being held in DC on the NY public trust corruption and the need for federal monitors (apparently more than ONE federal monitor is being talked about because there's SO MUCH corruption in NY)

Bend over NY, you're going to get what you deserve. And it's going to hurt.

Anonymous said...

lopez torres would be a good start. Or, they could just shut down the entire new york state court system. oh, but wait, that would bring anarchy. oh, but wait again, we already have anarchy. never mind. i haven't seen lopez torres in a few years but let me tell you, she's quite pleasant on the eyes.

Anonymous said...

about time
i hope the Feds have field day.
I am sure they have a few extra cells at Rikers Island that would make a nice home for some judges and lawyers.

if it is open courts dy the people for the people
then we should get the criminals
(Lawyers And judges) out of the court.

Anonymous said...

As a member of organized crime, I am disgusted with the criminal acts of those New York judges and court employees who have disgraced our system of justice. Those people give mobsters a bad name. I don't pretend to be law abiding, but you scum not only fail to act lawfully you make believe you uphold the laws. I sleep well at night and I know you bastards don't. That makes me feel warm inside. William Shakespeare said To Thine Own Self Be True. All of you can kiss my ass.

Anonymous said...

The Previous comment is pretty funny-- the thugs who have taken over the nys court system with their greed have actually pissed off members of organized crime. I guess organized crime doesn't like "dis-orangized" crime.

Anonymous said...

Let's give it a try. Name the corrupt judges, ie Jim Dawson, Vito Caruso. and Lawliss in the North country. Put your time and money where your mouth is.

Anonymous said...

There was a recent article about good-government groups calling on Gov. David Paterson and state lawmakers to reform state ethics laws that relate to the legislature. NYPIRG and New York Common Cause want Patterson to follow through on their campaign pledge to reform government. Apparently the groups wrote a letter to the Democratic governor and legislative leaders to encourage them to create an independent ethics oversight agency. The legislature is only part of the problem. They shouldn't limit their focus to just this one branch of government.
Is there anyone reading this blog who is connected to these groups that can get them to expand their request for oversight to the court system? It would be nice if some of these watch-dog groups would get involved.

Anonymous said...

Organized crime..the real ones...ARE pissed that the NY STATE JUDICIAL SYSTEM is not only a duece billion dollar entity, can commit crime without any legal repercussions..ever, and act worse to the people that get in their way ,then the real mob could ever do!
All of this while the judicial system participates in the same complimentary serious felony acts to protect their ill deeds..attempted murder, wiretapping and bank account spying, threatening people that work for them etc ....and so much easier, since the courts have no law enforcement or judiciary spying on and arresting them, wherever they turn!
No big time in the big house for the judicial crooks..just a very large government check and lifetime benefits ,when they want to conclude..yes the court personnel get to conclude ..not get indicted!

Anonymous said...

not sure how it happens but seems like judges get a total sense of entitlement once on the bench. guess it is the money and power. yeah, time for the feds to do something and yes not just the legislative branch needs to be looked at. the judicial is really more important in some ways and more damaging. as far as public trust is concerned, most folks walk "in" to court with a belief in justice and walk "out" broke, broken down and disillusioned far too often

Anonymous said...

I heard about a lawyer who works for New York
State and when he/she filed a report
asking for investigation of judicial and
attorney misconduct he/she was told by bosses to
be psychiatrically evaluated or be fired. When the
doctor refused to recognize abnormality, the lawyer was told to keep quiet about the complaints and was then passed over for promotion. No serious investigation
of the alleged misconduct was ever conducted.
That is why the feds need to get involved. We
need an outside force to protect people inside
the system who will blow the whistle.

Anonymous said...

Oh the above story is so ...OCA!
When someone wants to address the LACK of OCA'S NEED TO PERFORM JUSTICE or QUESTIONS THEIR ETHICS, they want you and others around you, to think YOU are the crazy one...this is a long-time method of theirs!
They have not realized yet, that they cannot buy all psychiatrists...doctors really hate that is the funny part of the court system...they try to bribe them into unethical behavior..since who would tell..they make the rules and are the only ones who can punish you with them, but many doctors won't compromise their unlike the MANY crooks of OCA!
Once you address their unethical behavior, as an are doomed to being abused for life by them and their juvenile female(SOME MALE) attack dogs..that come in the sizes of.... JUDGES, ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGES, CHIEF JUDGES, ADMINISTRATIVE CHIEF JUDGES AND JUST THOSE LOWLY, LONELY COURT PERSONNEL!
I would recommend anyone who has any integrity, never work for OCA...they will kill you literally!

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