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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Judge Caught Driving Drunk in Drag Steers Way to Law Firm Gig

The National Law Journal by Sheri Qualters - September 25, 2008

BOSTON — Former U.S. District of Massachusetts federal bankruptcy judge Robert Somma, who resigned after a drunk driving arrest, is now senior counsel at Posternak Blankstein & Lund. Somma joined the bankruptcy department at Posternak, a Boston-based midsize law firm. Somma was a federal bankruptcy judge in Massachusetts from 2005 to 2008. Throughout his career, he has represented attorneys general of the United States in mass tort cases, including the Chapter 11 asbestos case of Manville Corp., as well as many New England real estate developers and public and private companies in various industries, including technology, manufacturing, retailing and financial services. "We are delighted that Bob has joined Posternak.

Bob's experience in private practice and on the bench is unparalleled and will add extraordinary depth to our growing bankruptcy practice," said Larry Athan, Posternak's managing partner. Somma tried to rescind his resignation, which he initially turned in on Feb. 15 to take effect on April 1. More than 200 Boston-area bankruptcy lawyers signed on to a letter supporting him that was sent to the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. His resignation was effective on May 30. Somma was arrested on Feb. 6 in Manchester, N.H., while wearing women's evening wear, according to Associated Press reports. On Feb. 13, he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of allegedly driving while intoxicated in Manchester District Court in Manchester, N.H. He also paid $600 in fines and penalties and had his driver's license suspended for one year.


Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath on Cuomo. Last year at one of his "town meetings" I spoke to one of his lead investigators about judicial corruption. I then called for a follow-up and to make an appointment to come in with evidence. Needless to say, they were not interested in pursuing the matter.
Also, Cuomo has already suggested in amnesty for the whole lot of crooks. All he is interested in is advancing his political career, and that means not rocking the boat.

Anonymous said...

Saint Andrew has lost his halo. Look at all the law suits listed on this site and realize Saint Andrew is representing the corrupt. Does Saint Andrew believe defending corrupt judges and lawyers is the proper role of the Attorney General? Saint Andrew has already sold his integrity and honor. What else has he to offer?

Anonymous said...

I hope I get to appear before a judge who is a drunk, driving, drag queen. "Come to, hic, order -darlin'!"

Unknown said...

i din't get u.

Anonymous said...


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