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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Concept of Ethics to Visit Albany

After turmoil, Senate to pass ethics reforms by Joseph Spector - September 5, 2009

ALBANY, NY -- The state Senate next week is expected to pass legislation that aims to toughen oversight of lawmakers and the influence special-interest groups have with the Legislature. The measures, which passed the Assembly in June, would scrap the much-maligned Commission on Public Integrity and replace it with three new commissions, which would independently oversee state lobbying activities, the Legislature and executive branch. The bill also establishes an investigation office to oversee ethics in the Legislature and requires lobbyists to disclose business relationships with public officials. Lawmakers would have to disclose more information about their outside salaries and business dealings. "I think it's the most sweeping change in ethics law in 20 years," said Blair Horner, legislative director for the New York Public Interest Research Group. New York government has been plagued by ethical scandals that critics say have been fueled by weak laws.

The outcry for change, punctuated earlier this year by a damning investigation of the Public Integrity Commission, prompted the Democratic-led Assembly to pass the reforms before session ended in late June. The measures stalled in the Senate, though, where a June 8 coup halted business for a month. Senate Democrats, who have regained the majority, plan to come back into session Thursday and pass the ethics package and other bills. Democrats hold a 32-30 seat majority. "Senate Democrats realize that when we came into the majority (in January) we inherited an Albany that was mired in dysfunction," said Austin Shafran, spokesman for Senate Democrats. "We've taken steps thought the year to make the legislative process more open, transparent and inclusive." Other items on the agenda include: confirmation of Jay Walder as head of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority; creating a "Green Jobs/Green New York" program to make one million homes more energy efficient; and a measure to reduce greenhouse gases. Senate Democratic Leader John Sampson, D-Brooklyn, submitted additional ethics legislation that would require Assembly approval. The measures, Horner explained, would expand laws that control lobbying, require lawmakers' financial disclosure forms to be reviewed for accuracy, require public officials to detail business dealings with lobbyists and give the state Board of Elections greater investigative powers. Melissa Mansfield, a spokeswoman for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, said the Assembly would review the Senate's additional provisions. "The speaker would be very pleased if the Senate took up his bill and would be open to chapter amendments," she said. "He'd like to get this done this year."


New York Senate returning for unfinished business
The Associated Press - September 5, 2009

The New York Senate plans to return to the Capitol next week to vote on ethics reform and complete other unfinished business.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- New York's Senate, which spent June gridlocked in a power struggle, plans to return to the Capitol next week to vote on ethics reform and complete other unfinished business. In a special session Thursday, Democrats who control the chamber with a narrow 32-30 majority plan to take up legislation that would establish a new statewide commission to investigate lobbying ethics compliance, with a new office to examine complaints against lawmakers themselves. While the Assembly has passed that bill 140-0, Democratic Senate leader Sen. John Sampson of Brooklyn plans to offer amendments to broaden the definition of lobbying and expand disclosures, requiring legislators and other public officers to report business dealings with lobbyists.


Albany Teacher said...

You should provide a definition of the word ETHICS for all members of New York's legislative and judicial branches. Use simple terms, and if you can find any, cite examples.

Anonymous said...

Ethics may 'visit' Albany but it'll be un-welcomed and quickly run out of town. The fools who occupy Albany have no time for ethics.

Anonymous said...

"Ethics" along with "Oversight" in NYS ... WE SHOULD LIVE SO LONG!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The FEDS feet and thighs appear to be embedded in quick need to get someone to help you extricate them!
When you do...just wash them off and bring them in..don't let them go back to headquarters to relax in the air conditioned offices....they seem to fear the NY state justice system and the work it will take to that wear dresses!

Anonymous said...

the work, send FEDS into our courthouses,
sends FEDS to lawyers offices who are suspected of corruption while the case is ongoing ......
that stops it at the legal level, and stops the antics in the courtroom, then it is up to the judge to be corrupt............
we need lawyer FEDS to take overand a dual citizens committee to make sure the FEDS are following through
and get rid of many of the other layers of gov't...............
fines for lawyers, fines for judges.........
make it cost them and make them fearful...
they can no longer be self-goverened lawyers, they are governed by the FEDS and the Citizens and their misactions should be published!

Anonymous said...

they need to get rid of contributions from special interest groups............
and do what Malcolm Smith did,
he did good things for his community and put out a flyer on his efforts.............
so we need a newspaper who prints
the accomplishments of the to be elected, so we have it in writing

the same newspaper that prints all complaints against lawyers, judges and public officials.......

without all these payoffs, our corporations should have more money

and our elected officials should make decisions based upon the good of the people, not the greed of the people

Anonymous said...

the lawmakers need to disclose their income/1040 and subject themselves to audits by IRS a newspaper that prints this, their accomplishments and any complaints against lawyers, judges and public officials.............
no more money from special interest groups
no more covering their misactions up by newspapers

Anonymous said...

it will never happen it will never work.
it will stop nothing.
the only way to do something is to take then out in handcuffs like they did in New Jersey.
They do it because they can, no one will arrest them.
The worst that happens if they are cought bad is they retire and set up a lobbying firm.
That raises another question, in N.J they will arrest politicians,
why not in New York?

Iviewit Technologies, Inc. said...

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Anonymous said...

who runs NJ and who is trying to run NJ, that is why they got arrested!
so it can be done!
it is just a matter of time and many more complaints!

Zoey said...

Sweet! This is more than we've gotten in a long time!

Fingers, toes n eyes crossed!

Anonymous said...

The name for the new legislation will be "Swiss Cheese" - because it will have more holes for the elected elite to slip through. After all its fair because they are writing the law, can't get better than that.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath for change. There is no fairy godmother, and this isn't Cinderella.

The FEDS? They are like the Wizard in OZ. They couldn't catch Bernie Madoff. How do you think they can catch some real professional crooks?

Did you read in yesterday's Daily News how our NYS legislators are converting campaign donations for their personal use. It is against the law. Candidates with no opponents continue to raise money - or is it a disguise for bribery?

A few years back Suffolk DA 'prosecuted' Town of Islip Supervisor Pete McGowan for illegally spending campaign money for personal use. IMHO, that so called prosecution was only a diversion to keep the FEDS out of Suffolk County, lest they stumble into something really corrupt.

In TOI, you don't pay you don't play.

In the McGowan situation the DA had posted in the papers a notice that advised all McGowan contributors to claim back the money seized after the conviction. He got few takers. He got so few takers he had to extend the deadline a few more months. Very few wanted their money back. It was, for the most part, bribery. Stop stroking the people with these so called Ethic crusades.

The ONLY thing substanial that has changed since Paterson took over the helm is that he did get rid of the SIC, and he shaved off his goatee.

There is ONLY one way to make some real change in Albany - forget the FEDS. The way change can happen is when you go to the polls next time you vote the incumbent OUT! I don't care if the incumbent is your own son or daughter - vote them OUT. I don't care if Hitler is the opponent - vote the incumbent out.

Anonymous said...

Attorney Silver supported the new ethics package in the Assembly. You now know enough.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

from NY Daily News....
Board of Elections spokesman John Conklin said enforcement actions for expense violations occur rarely, if ever, claiming that the board "doesn't have the staff" to look at expenditures.

Misuse of campaign funds is also a criminal act, but violations are rarely prosecuted do we help the Board of Elections

...that is the only way to get rid of the ilk..........

I wonder if that is why Wotaszek is running for GOP, it appears he is out of a job!

So they get cash legally and use it illegally and no one audits them, these bastards are using our government for their personal gain........

how do I volunteer for the Board of Elections, I will help them audit for free!

Anonymous said...

Laws are on the books for two groups.....the poor and the vendettas.
The difference betweeen the two is that the poor are always subject to them and the vendettas can buy their way out.....NY and American democracy shooting the constitution!

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