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Saturday, September 12, 2009

NY Senate Passes Bill for More Judges

New York State senate passes bill providing for additional family court judges in the state
Albany CPS and Family Court Examiner by Daniel Weaver - September 12, 2009

On Thursday, September 10, 2009, the New York State Senate passed Bill S5968 which provides for additional family court judges in the City of New York and certain counties throughout New York State. The bill was delivered to the Assembly the same day.
The bill was introduced at the request of the Chief Judge of the state. It amends the Family Court Act to establish 21 new Family court judgeships. These include seven in New York City beginning January 1, 2010. Each of the following fourteen counties will also receive a new judgeship: Albany, Broome, Chautauqua, Chemung, Erie, Monroe, Nassau, Niagara, Oneida, Oswego, St. Lawrence, Schenectady, Suffolk and Westchester. An explanation for the need for new family court judges was presented in the bill. "While the past several decades have seen increasing legislative recognition of the needs of children and families in New York, in the form of landmark statutes promoting child permanency and enhancing family justice, these salutary efforts have not been matched by provision for a corps of Family Court judgeships sufficiently large to meet the greater caseloads and complexity of proceedings in our courts today. The consequences of this neglect, if not attended to soon, will be disturbing, indeed heartbreaking - and utterly unacceptable: justice delayed for children and families whose safety and welfare can require immediate intervention, children growing up in foster care instead of permanent homes, children graduating from Family Court to Criminal Court instead of high school and college, missed opportunities and spiraling inefficiency for juvenile justice and legal defense agencies. This measure will go a long way toward redressing this unintended and lamentable condition. If enacted, it would represent the first major infusion of new Family Court Judges in New York in over three decades and begin to provide the State's family justice system with the resources needed to protect the most vulnerable members of our community." The mayor of New York City appoints all family court judges in the city. Upstate New York family court judges are elected by the people. The bill provides for the new judgeships outside of New York City to be filled in the November 2009 general elections, although at this late date it is not known if that is still possible. The measure will take place immediately once passed by the assembly and signed by the governor. For more info: CLICK HERE TO READ MORE articles by Dan Weaver on family court.


Anonymous said...

Good, more judges. Bad: they'll exist is a still-corrupt court system.

Anonymous said...

Complexities of the court cases...then why are so many judges cutting out of work early, working a few days a week and sometimes not for weeks at a time?

Are they leaving to search for the material to deal with the tough world they have to figure out how apply the law to..or is that dog that they take to the western part of the country the cheap answer to all this judicial madness?

Judges need to come to work at the at the times we elected them to work.... 9-5... 5 days a week and I believe that a grasp of the law and caseloads would magically configure into a very workable justice system...with judges to spare and many to get rid of, that will save us money.

We just need to have interested government agencies and citizens monitor judicial time and leave and then let us see what hiring is needed.....since elections are so rare in the NY state judicial setup!

I challenge any judge in this state to counter my information about the absence of so many of you from the bench...during the day and week/s...are you out there and willing to open a dialogue?

Anonymous said...

With all the judges who steal judgeships as 'acting" unelected judges...... why do we need legislation to add more... huh lawmakers?

So now we have...a few we get to elect....most... the political parties cross endorse or just toss into judgeships at will... then the informal title appropriately called 'acting" which is becoming the easiest way to eliminate the citizen's right to elections and gives the 'actors' the ability to run for the few elected judicial incumbants.

Maybe our Chief Judge Lippman could address the citizens who read this blog and are wondering how so many of these judicial positions quietly get selected and then inserted into an already bloated budget...that we the people have not been informed as to how all the present judges are performing to warrant these new positions....and not just blindside the already skeptical citizens of the senate and court system...with just passing the a public need to our Family Courts ...a court that remains suspect and is often questioned as to how they are performing ethically and successfully.

How many of those jobs earmarked for those courts will be siphoned out to other politically connected courts...looking for a favor to pay back?

The presence of new judges..officially allows the high paying court system to then hire more politically selected supervisors and administraive blah, blah, blah' salaries of high 5 figures with lots in the 6 figure category...who know nothing about the law or courts, are barely educated, cannot pass a civil service test of the lowest level..... have never taken a test because their relatives are politicians and they just need to request a high paying job...have mental, emotional and drug and alcohol problems and have been rejected from working in private industry...and again the cost to the citizen skyrockets...just to add a few new judges.

I know the game, I know the power being used to suck the blood from the taxpayer...that positions itself as a need to secure our justice system...but actually is sticking it into the behind of the innocent who desire to have faith and trust in an entity that produces the exact opposite.

I challenge anyone with information to the opposite to write and those who do not know or deal with our NY justice system, can have both sides of the issues that the judicial system jams down our throats in the guise of....benefits to the green lizard shoes you want, but will never need!

Anonymous said...

Without full and complete Audits of all Family Courts including Number of Children sent to Foster Care, comparison of Medicaid Expenditures associated with Family Court referrals and more this is More of the same Bad and corrupted NY Court System.

Anonymous said...

i think they are just putting more of the anti-Christ judges in because the anti-Christs are getting caught and getting moved and removed,
so they can bully the Christians in the courthouse.......
time will tell!

as criminal as the CJC is they did ask for help many years ago, realizing this problem is throughout the legal system and there was not enough help, so they play the game the best they can....

let us add more judges to make it even more complex to catch a crook!

Anonymous said...

anymouse at 11:59
you are so dam intelligent,
why can't you just talk to the governor himself.........

the BS about speaking to our politicians is a joke......

why aren't the people with real knowledge allowed to speak, why are they not selected and heard by our governor and then the decisions can be made......

our politicians show their only purpose is to continue this insanity......

I have a feeling Paterson does not have a problem taking the trash out!

Anonymous said...

if he only knew where to begin,
it is piled so high
it is going to take mighty forces to move the heap of ****

Anonymous said...

they just got rid of the kids for cash judges are they just setting up another NY State Judicial AlQueda cell?

Anonymous said...

NO! we need less Judges, not more they are all corrupt! G*d save us!

Confused said...

If Genchi is a Family Court Judge.. why is she spending time as a Supreme Court Judge...?

how is she paid...??

and what exactly does Suffolk County need???

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