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Monday, September 14, 2009

New York's Corrupt Ethics Committee Trial, Anderson v. The State of New York, set for Tuesday, October 13, 2009...... CLICK HERE FOR BACKGROUND INFORMATION, "Anderson's $10 Million Lawsuit Proceeds Against Corrupt Discipline Committee."


Anonymous said...

OCA does not go to trial...they have way too much provable corruption throughout the state to risk a court record...they are always wrong in what they gid rid of..because what they take always the truth, ethics and morality!

No trial for Anderson.....cannot risk letting their(OCA'S)ass hang out to the world...even if they can buy off federal court..which will also then be revealed and that taints our federal court system...and then that will piss off way too many people, who have family fighting in the military and getting killed by the thousands....all for what America wants to call 'DEMOCRACY' and JUSTICE!


The thieven, lying, murdering court system cannot legitimately present a case in a court of law...and not show the world...a real criminal monster!

Lippman doesn't know what to do with his 3 big employment cases...but trying them is a real big...NO NO..if he intends to remain a judge..along with the other scum administraion etc...that have yet to be exposed in a national court of law!

Signed affidavits can be a bitch to overcome when they indict your employees in disgusting and unbelievable criminal behvaior...that will make the feds surface to investigate and explain to the public why they let so much go on for so long..knowing everything for years.

Anonymous said...

The DDC is corrupt to the core. Go get'm girl.

Anonymous said...

Who's the judge in the Anderson lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

Will Tom Cahill of the DDC (now retired) be there? I want to see him try and lie his way out of the corruption on this one.

Anonymous said...

Judge in Anderson case is Shira Schindlein. She was very friendly with Gotti Jr.

She has been crooked so far, Lets hope she is smart enough to see that the winds are changing in Washington.

Holder is not playing games with scum.

Anonymous said...

SHOWING UP AT THE September 24 hearing is he most important thing you can do against corruption.]

Get out the word.

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