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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Feroleto is New 8th Judicial District Administrative Judge

PRESS RELEASE - New York State Office of Court Administration
Communications Office: David Bookstaver, Director; Kali Holloway, Deputy Director - (212) 428-2500
Date: September 1, 2009
Hon. Ann Pfau, Chief Administrative Judge

Hon. Paula L. Feroleto Named Administrative Judge of Eighth Judicial District

NEW YORK – Chief Administrative Judge Ann Pfau today announced the appointment of Hon. Paula L. Feroleto as Administrative Judge of the Eighth Judicial District. The appointment was made with the approval of Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman and in consultation with Hon. Henry J. Scudder, the Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division, Fourth Department. Judge Feroleto replaces Hon. Sharon Townsend, who has been appointed Vice Dean for Family and Matrimonial Law of the New York State Judicial Institute. Chief Administrative Judge Pfau stated, “Judge Feroleto is an outstanding candidate who is eminently qualified to handle the critical challenges of her new position. She has proven herself to be a dedicated and intelligent jurist, as well as an outstanding and experienced lawyer. I am confident that, in her new capacity as Administrative Judge, Justice Feroleto will focus on the judges and courts of the Eighth Judicial District as well as the citizens they serve. I thank Judge Feroleto for taking on this new challenge.” After serving as an Associate Attorney, then partner, at Brown & Kelly LLP from 1983 to 2004, Judge Feroleto was elected to the Supreme Court in the Eighth Judicial District. She is currently the President of the Supreme Court Judges Association in the Eighth Judicial District. Judge Feroleto was the recipient of the Women Lawyers of Western New York Lawyer of the Year award in 2006 and the Past President of the Western New York Trial Lawyers Association. She received her Juris Doctor from the State University of New York at Buffalo. The appointment is effective immediately.


Anonymous said...

Feroletto's son is the ADA and her 2 other kids are in law school.
Her husband is a lawyer...seemed nice...not exceptional ability, but won big money in a PI case...which funded her election campaigns....not sure what her deal is to get her the top criminal job in the 8th.

Old man Judge Sedita's 2nd certification runs out this year...and get this...Buffalo wants to tap this 74 yr old whacko as the commissioner of jurors!

We have no 30-50 something talented maybe a woman or minority...esp since the Buffalo news just outed OCA 8th district about not having but only one black female higher court clerk for 30 yrs..who just retired at 72...and now there are that job would at least redeem OCA and show how much they try and lie about being non-discriminatory.

Butt no they want to pick this old man with a shady judicial keep him from enjoying the pasture that awaits him at home...a place he was never big on!

The 8th district is bag of laughs or is it.... money.

Anonymous said...

Paula has only been a Supreme court judge for 5 yrs.....and lost the first election try... a few years before that.

Many applied...about 18...and many had years on the bench and tons of administrative experience...but they were mostly independent and did not want OCA - NYC interferring in upstate it used to be back in the 90's...before Kaye and Trificanti plotted the takeover and destroyed many careers and the judicial ethics that existed among many judges who believed that was the way of the courts.

This new lady judge must have made a nasty deal with the devil.... for Lippman to void real adminitration in the 8th...and the possible elimination of the debris who are free to corrupt.

She had to keep Townsend's district adminsitrator..Isenberg...hack of all hacks and as brutal as they come.

This man was only a county atty in 2005 when he took his position that he had no clue as to what to do...but address wardrobes of employees...and immediately went into destruction mode within 4 weeks of his placement.

You wonder who this idiot is...listen:
1) atty for the appellate div in the late 80's.
2) atty with the law firm of the sitting appeals court judge...Piggot...who turns a blind eye to the 8th corruption...and who got involved in a case that addressed it..but ruined a witness' career because he put Townsend and Isenberg in those jobs...and felt their defective natures were more vital to his town, than that of someone who had strenght, ethics and integrity!
3) Isenberg's family owns a meat that makes him a better choice to make decisions and supervise than an atty who aced law school...but has no family connections!

Good luck Paula Ferroletto...let us see what your play to pay deal won't be long or hard to find out...Buffalo is a close community that loves to reveal the gossip or fact.

Anonymous said...

who would want to go into that courthouse at 74 years old?
someone who is on a mission, a mission to get our town back,
maybe we will actually get jobs back here and the Lippman's & friends can get lost!
This is not going to change until someone changes the rules and writes the legislation that stops the lawyers in their tracks and the courthouse antics.
looks like the screw crew is on their way out!

Anonymous said...

where does Feroletto's husaband work?
I wonder if friends of the family will be getting favors!

Anonymous said...

to the lawyers and judges who used Townsend and her culpable ways..........
stick it!
turn them in Sharon!
write the legislation/procedures to stop the abuse of power!

Anonymous said...

the trial commenced in Nov 08 in Townsends courthouse, was so cruel and inhuman, they all should be in jail.........
turn them in Sharon!

Anonymous said...

First let's address the 74 yr old Sedita. Do you think his intention is to grab the 8th from OCA-NYC...and clean it up?

Well this could be true relative to taking it back from NYC..he has that kind of power...but to clean it up...hell no...he is part of the problem of corruption which he began in the 70's and it remains a stronghold because of the people he has put in the courts to ruin well his own bizzare and unethical behavior.

His appointment is a mystery to the sanitizing of the 8th...and a deterrent to his son, the DA'S position of integrity.

Now Sharon Townsend....this woman was a piece of work...and absolutely NO innocent victim of anyone...she moves in the circle that benefits those who are willing to corrupt for their own purpose...fact, upon fact, upon fact!

Townsend has destroyed many, many innocent people and there is documentation, facts and testimony to support that...all sent and signed by her to prove it. She is as cold and cruel as they come...and her antics on the bench and off the bench are a testament to her career well as her buddy in crime..Plumadore.

The 8th district has been blessed by the departure of Townsend...and now the 8th may get to know a court system that functions with appropriate character and not just love connections or long as Sedita retires.

Anonymous said...

the boys are back in town........

Anonymous said...

love connections, relationships,
make sure your friends/religious
buddies are the only ones who get justice, and jew all the rest!
good riddens............
the boys are back in town!
hope they take them down!

Anonymous said...

and when they terrorize innocent victims, for their "friends"
they just get a job at Harris Beach, so they can help them to cover it up!
who else is going to kick their butts but a man like Sedita, whether we like it or not!
I think it time for the paybacks they think they can get away with........
until the rules to the game are changed, that will not happen until all are exposed!
the boys are back in town!

Anonymous said...

Why don`t you complain about how few white males there are in the NBA or NFL.Sometimes talent or in the case of judges,the best criminal gets the job.Give it a brake on the quotas as proof of discrimination. It sounds like something the self avowed communist Van Jones of the Obama administration would say.

Anonymous said...

anoymouse at 7:47

you are an idiot!

Anonymous said...

I'm Henry the 8th I ain't
Henry the 8th, I ain't I ain't
I almost got married to the widow next door
She's been passed around many times before
Everyone loves a Henry
He ain't got a willie or a stand

....the ape I am I'm Henry
Henry the 8th I ain't

Anonymous said...

How else do you define discrimination...but to quantify it.. as we live in 2009 with one X black female superior court clerk in 30 yrs in the very large 8th district...encompassing 8 counties...with you then ignorantly describing that.... as the talk of a communist?

White boy please... listen have taken up almost all the space and jobs in this country till this day...and you need to save some crumbs for the rest of us...women and minorities....or you may see that you are out of work we are moving on up!

The amazing part of the 8th judicial district's bias and discrimination activity into the 2000' that OCA has a committee that is in place called something like.....the Commission on Women and Minorities in the Courts....with all the politial women and minorities you can conger up in this area and NY state, as their guide and watchdogs.

What is up with women and minorities of the NY state court system.....what have you all been doing since the 80's with this sham organization.

Every female and minority citizen and employee in the 8th needs to address this scam- sham with the Buffalo News...since they brought it up. Find out what these hacks in this agency have done to only allow one black clerk to work in their so called SUPERIOR COURTHOUSES?

Jamming all minorities in their city court is how they get away with this...just and FYI for those wanting to say...but we have a handful or two of minorities here in Buffalo City Court....shouldn't that comply with the perimeters of how we circumvent title vii!

Racism and sexism is plain and distinct and defined by law...all of you who are men, women and minorities....working for OCA and buying into their twisted interpretation of how to dibby up and seclude the empoyees that are void of testerone and pale skinned...need to take responsibility and shake this town up.... and do your job....hire diversity today!

Anonymous said...

Is anyone surprised that ex-administrative judge...Sharon Townsend hired herself.... a state paid driver ...never heard of in this district.
I guess all the wiretapping,car accident attempts and bank account snooping made her leary of driving in her dress...after plotting crimes against people who also know people...and the taxpayer had to foot the hefty you know why she stepped down.
Yes..a judge who only does civil summary judgments...needed a driver to transport her behind to and from work...what a court system we have citizens...and this is just a few of her wild antics of unfitness and incompetence.

Anonymous said...

what do you mean hired a driver,
is that in the present or the past..........
maybe it was a bulletproof vehicle, that is what most corporate raiders ride in........
she just raiding the court system......
she should be driven she needs witnesses if her antics come back to haunt her,
I do not think she should be alone at all, not one second of her life...........
oops, is she fearful, is it all costing her...........

Anonymous said...

maybe she will turn them all in!

Anonymous said...

turn them in and write the legislation and procedures to stop the abuse of power..........

it takes the most corrupt to stop the corrupt

turn them in!

Anonymous said...

Townsend had a driver since about 2006 and I assume that she no longer has one...but when the court establishes corruption...their patsy's are sometimes protected and sometimes not.
I doubt if she will turn anyone in...since they could all turn her in to her husband and family.
Not much of a nice lady..if you get what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping she will turn them in and I know it would implicate her husband's firm and a few attorneys that work/ed there.........
that is why she is the perfect one to turn them in!

Anonymous said...

it may implicate Wojtaszek and Flynn & friends, so what, they used her, turn them in Sharon,
they are committing felonies and they are using you!
turn them in!

Anonymous said...

Henry the 8th I ain't!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Townsend is a multiple felon committer herself....cannot turn anyone in, unless she goes with them.
Besides she doesn't object to that behavior...and she still has her job and paycheck and husband...why would she sabotage all that?
Counting on Townsend to purify a system she made dirty for years herself.... is not conceivable.

Anonymous said...

yes it is, if she gets caught red handed, she will have to turn someone in to get out of it or jail! then the corrupt will fall!
it is time to send someone in to set her up and catch her with the hand in the payola

Anonymous said...

Feroleto is coming true to her colors. She is blocking the filing of criminal complaints against other judges, when there are multiple complaints about multiple incidents. It appears she is setting example for all judges in the 8th, that they can do what they want, and she will protect them. What a road to popularity! None of them must want her job...

Just what western New York needs...another not too honest judge.

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