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Saturday, February 6, 2010

NY Daily News Calls for "Radical, Dramatic Action" to Clean Up New York

Countdown to disaster: Albany keeps ducking hard budget choices
The New York Daily News - EDITORIAL - February 6, 2010

Only radical, dramatic action by Gov. Paterson and the Legislature now stands between New Yorkers and severe damage to the quality of life. With each day, the state and city governments sink ever deeper into financial ruin because of plummeting tax collections. Paterson's two-week-old plan for balancing the books is suddenly short by an additional $1 billion. And the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has watched $350 million simply evaporate. Paterson and the Legislature would produce dire consequences should they hold to their traditional approaches to budget balancing.

They would:

• Force the NYPD to lay off 3,150 cops, a move that would likely reverse the city's hard-won victories over crime.
• Drive the schools to lay off 8,500 teachers, pushing up class sizes and threatening to reverse student achievement gains of the last five years.
• Compel astronomical hikes in subway and bus fares, and deep service cuts.
• Close firehouses, increasing response times to emergencies.
• Shutter libraries that are already cutting back hours in Manhattan and Queens.

And worse and worse. America's Great Recession and the damage done to Wall Street have dealt powerful, long-term blows to New York's economy and, with it, tax revenue. As a result, Albany has no choice but to reduce expenses. Paterson proposed a budget that did so by inflicting all the above horrors - before he lost that $1 billion and before the MTA went $350 million deeper into the hole. So now what? The public employee unions have begun to call for tax hikes. New York State United Teachers, for one, has urged imposition of a levy on stock transfers with the goal of raising $3 billion annually. This would be reckless insanity. The tax would drive out stock trading, irreparably weakening New York City as the world capital of finance. As for other levies, there will undoubtedly be a push for a new round of a so-called millionaire's levy. This, too, would be destructively nuts. New Yorkers who make more than $250,000 now pay combined city and state taxes at the highest effective rate in more than 30 years. And President Obama has targeted these top earners for a new federal hit in the elimination of President George W. Bush's excessive tax cuts. Adding to the state burden would create an incentive for some to leave New York - with all their tax payments. Lest you say, "Let them go," consider the following astounding statistics: Of 3.7 million tax filers in the five boroughs, the top 5,000 accounted for almost 40% of all the income taxes paid to the city. Meanwhile, half of those 3.7 million filers have been fully exempted from local income tax because their wages fall below the taxable limit. That's progressive taxation, and it's the right policy. But when a city of 8 million is so dependent on revenue from a mere 5,000 people, you can't afford to lose any of them. What's urgently needed is a budget that moves New York toward fundamentally reforming its expenses - in particular, the cost of workforces whose pensions and benefits far exceed those in the private sector and who remain, even now, in line for annual pay hikes of 4% a year. The tradeoff is clear. Invest the money there or in maintaining public safety, education and transportation. This is not a close call.


in the know said...

If you want a true clean up in New York just follow the money. And the sloppy trail will lead to corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt bankers and corrupt court administrators. I believe the Daily News could be doing a lot more to shine a light on the court corruption. And the Post, and the NY Times, etc.

Anonymous said...

oh boy. i fully agree with the above comment! why don't the papers do their job anymore?!?

Anonymous said...

what about cutting trips to cuba from court workers and air purifiers for judges
All on the taxpayers dime.
Judges work part time.
I would rather fund metro cards for students than vacations to Cuba
Ever go into man court house in the summer, Air conditioner turned up to cold. In the summer it is to warm. Even movie theaters have cut back. on such drastic temp.

Anonymous said...

dam, thanks for putting the real issues on that comment, my sentiments exactly!

Anonymous said...

and since our part time legislatures will not balance the budget,but keep spending, start with them, 212 X 20,000 plus start paying partial health I just saved a bundle!

Anonymous said...

Paterson pay them back, cut their checks!

Anonymous said...

make it cost them!

Anonymous said...

tax campaign contributions!
tax who gives them
and tax who receives them!
double tax them to death!

Pro Se Fool said...

Let's do away with the corrupt civil justice system. It's completely dysfunctional anyway. The opposing parties could simply flip a coin. Heads or Tails. The courts are a crapshoot anyway.

Anonymous said...

the courts are a set up.......
depending on who you do favors for
or what lawyer needs money and what case they can set up to pay their rent.........

Anonymous said...

The courts in cvil actions aren't crap shoots.... they are just crap.
If judges see that big money is being lose.
If they feel like a party will damage the credibility of a government agency....the stall and stonewalling will take place, until they believe they can fervently damage the pltf's life and lifestyle.
The key to a successful civil lawsuit is to obtain as much sh.. as you can on your opponent...and then vocalize it at your deposition.
Lawsuits are only about the law, secondarily....and primarily function when one can verbalize the most incriminating evidence, that cannot be overcome.
I saw this play out before you sue make sure you are slick enough to size up your opponent and have the ability to research their client.
You are then right...civil lawsuits are crappy shoots for most non-savvy citizens!

Anonymous said...

stall & stonewalling so true!
who would believe this stuff is going on.......
no wonder some commit suicide,
you bastards, burn in hell!
thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

Close the courts, no one would miss them.

Anonymous said...

Put Bernadette E. Lupinetti, Esq. and her rat friends in jail for crimes against children and families. Child Porn and Pandering is still illegal in New York State, this crimal and her friends should not be allowed to walk among us, they belong in JAIL and the children away from them.

Anonymous said...

Drain the bureaucratic swamp and cap government employee wages, plus benefits, plus extras, plus insurance at $105,000.00. See how much support these government employees will have when their total salary plus benefits is public knowledge. Government jobs don't generate a taxes because any taxes collected are just recycled government money.
Another big fraud by the media hoping to keep the same scum in office and with the crooked Cuomo rewarding all the corrupt Lawyers. Where does the NYT and the other media think the huge incomes at Cuomo's beloved law firms come from. Those lawyers suck it out of the fabric of our society. Paraphrasing Senator Samson, corruption eats well at our dinner table. The government trough in Albany and NYC can easily be less filled. Simple question for each employee; how value do you add to NY and is that value more than your total compensation.

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