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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Controversial Judge Resigns to Run for District Attorney

Judge resigns to run for DA
The Albany Times Union by Carol Demare  -  May 5, 2011

Says he can better serve Columbia County in the job he once held

HUDSON, NY -- After 16 years on the bench, Columbia County Judge Paul Czajka announced Thursday he has resigned so he can run for district attorney in November, a position he previously held for seven years.  Czajka, 57, of Livingston, was elected the county's DA in 1987 and held the post until his election as county judge in 1994.  A Republican, Czajka said his resignation, which took effect Wednesday, was "a decision I did not take lightly."  "I fervently believe, however, that I can better serve the unfortunate victims of crimes, our citizens, and the taxpayers of Columbia County as our district attorney," he said.  District Attorney Beth Cozzolino, also a Republican, succeeded Czajka in 1995, having been his chief assistant district attorney during his tenure. She easily won three elections. Cozzolino did not return a call Thursday in response to whether she intends to seek a fourth four-year term. If she does, it could mean a primary race in September.  Czajka said he will seek the endorsement of the County Republican, Independence and Conservative parties' committees.  He has four years remaining on his second 10-year judicial term. Gov. Andrew Cuomo could appoint someone to the judgeship. That person would have to run in November or the governor could decide to leave it vacant until the election. A graduate of the University at Albany and Western New England College School of Law, Czajka said, "If I've learned nothing else during my career in law enforcement and the judicial systems of Columbia County, it is that the single most important position in the country for implementation of justice is that of district attorney."


Anonymous said...

I've heard a lot of bad things about this clown when he was a judge. And now he wants to (selectively) prosecute people! wow!!

Anonymous said...

The definition of "Czajka" from the Urban Dictionary.

Pronounced : "Chucka". A horrible toad like gronk often found inhabiting swamps or cabbage fields. Most frequently seen in the south east Queensland area, and is easily tracked by observing a trail of dead flies and slime.

Just thought it was funny.

Anonymous said...

Link to the Text of Brad Hamilton's NY Post story on Judge Czajka called "Judge Dread" from Dec 2004.

Hamilton interviewed multiple witnesses who proved that the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct had received multiple complaints on Judge Czajka prior to doing the story. All complaints Dismissed and most all without Investigation or Interview by the CJC.

Other links of interest on Judge Czajka:

Anonymous said...

Curious to learn what happened with the State Senate Hearings into Judicial Corruption?

this NY Post story seems to indicate the Feds are "all over the Senate" with this article which is focusing on Queens County.

maybe they will get to Sunny Sheu's case and the judicial corruption too?

Anonymous said...

Honest NY Judge leaves bench to return as DA to fight for the people. Albany works for the People. Governor Cuomo and Judge Lippman love you. Smile, they're doing it all for you.

jail4judges said...

Judge Paul Czajka has been the go to Judge for along time. The question is why has this been permitted? The answer has always been he has a godfather and is protected. The buzz is that he has wind of something big coming down and has been told to get out of the Judgeship NOW! It wouldn't look good for the judiciary if he got nailed! ALso, he has been promised a defense fund for any legal problems. Is this the coming Bruno polar shift?

Anonymous said...

this is quite interesting if true and would make sense. various cover stories are going around the county on this however.

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget the Motions for a Federal Monitor and that the NY State Constitution provides and requires a functioning NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct with mandatory language "shall . . investigate . . . . "


The Commission's authority derives from Article 6, Section 22, of the Constitution of the State of New York, which went into effect in April 1978 after overwhelming approval in the November 1977 election. The text of that article follows.



§ 22. [Commission on judicial conduct]

a. There shall be a commission on judicial conduct. The commission on judicial conduct shall receive, initiate, investigate and hear complaints with respect to the conduct, qualifications, fitness to perform or performance of official duties of any judge or justice of the unified court system, in the manner provided by law; and, in accordance with subdivision d of this section, may determine that a judge or justice be admonished, censured or removed from office for cause, including, but not limited to, misconduct in office, persistent failure to perform his duties, habitual intemperance, and conduct, on or off the bench, prejudicial to the administration of justice, or that a judge or justice be retired for mental or physical disability preventing the proper performance of his judicial duties. The commission shall transmit any such determination to the chief judge of the court of appeals who shall cause written notice of such determination to be given to the judge or justice involved. Such judge or justice may either accept the commission's determination or make written request to the chief judge, within thirty days after receipt of such notice, for a review of such determination by the court of appeals.

Anonymous said...

Who and what are telling Czajka what to do? Answer those questions and the rest of the answers will flow.

Anonymous said...

Well the CJC (ROCHESTER)failed in most of those categories in 2005, when they received a call from myself..who knew them very well from a previous related CJC case I worked on with them for 2 yrs..that I won for them by their own not only not investigating factual violations of retaliation within Title vii, but NEVER even asking me what my allegations were or request I file a written complaint.

The last time around..the CJC contacted... me.... and threatened to tap record me if I did not co-operate..a familiar tactic of their brothers and sisters at OCA, who used it on me in 2005..but at my personal home.

So I have to conclude that the CJC likes it when they come to you and rejects allegations when you contact them...even if the charges are criminal in nature...and esp. if they accused a female Administrative Judge and Jan no's for exposure of what OCA/CJC consider judicial positions of integrity, within the NY STATE justice system!

Both of these groups always make sure they have some written documents that require they adhere to strict integrity or action to obtain same when made known..but I see the constitution as just empty paperwork for the media to print, that shows the public that everyone making/filing charges against OCA and their employees must be INSANE..because why then wouldn't these Judicial/judicial accountability entities follow such an important mandate...that mimics the word used for the American document.

I guess the same applies to OCA;S OIG'S documents for investigation... as they have such a SERIOUS NAME... all for one big FRAUDULENT GAME.

Anonymous said...

Why would a judge step down with 4 years reamaining? Something aint right!

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you why... Czajka very likely sent the wrong person to prison for for the Gropp murder. This self righteous SOB (or clown, as in the first comment) likely was tipped the case will be coming up on appeal, and he'll be exposed as the fraud he truly is. So his strategy is to blame the "former" DA (should he win the election)as corrupt, and he can sidestep the fact that he was the judge in the case. I hope there is a strong lobby against this guy. I'm pleased he's no longer a judge, no one was able to protect the victims of Paul Czajka.
Incidentally, I attempted to comment on the article in the Freeman, and they wouldn't post it. In fact, there are 0 comments. Probably because no one had anything good to say. Guess he's got the Freeman in his pocket. Argggh!

Anonymous said...

Paul Czajka, without a doubt is the worst prosecutor in NYS.

Unknown said...

This man belongs in prison for all of the happy familys he tore apart and innocent black men unable to afford lawyers he had locked up! Its because of him our young ones no longer can be safe

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