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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Court OK's Lawyer's Ripping Off Client- No Jail Time

Disbarred Bronxville lawyer sentenced for stealing from client
The Journal News  -  May 10, 2011

A disbarred Bronxville lawyer was sentenced today to five years probation for stealing $82,000 from a former client. Timothy Quinn, 75, who lives in Greenwich, Conn., pleaded guilty last year to second-degree grand larceny. He has paid $40,000 in restitution and must pay an additional $796 a month until the debt is covered. Quinn, whose law office was at 65 Pondfield Road, stole the money from a Harrison man who had hired Quinn to help sell his home at 12 Bradford Ave. Quinn accepted an $82,000 down payment in July 2008 from a couple buying the home that was intended for his client. When the Harrison man went to collect the deposit at the closing two months later, Quinn had already spent it.  He pleaded guilty on June 15. The sentencing was postponed several times so Quinn could come up with the $40,000 lump-sum restitution that was part of his plea deal.  At the sentencing in Westchester County Court, Acting State Supreme Court Justice Richard Molea noted that the victim, who had been a friend of Quinn, was more interested in getting his money than seeing Quinn serve jail time.  Quinn must reimburse the New York State Lawyers Fund for Client Protection, which covered his client’s losses. Quinn was disbarred in August.


Anonymous said...

politically connected con men get the breaks

Anonymous said...

If I did what this lawyer did my ass would be sitting in a cell.

Anonymous said...

stealing is stealing. if he had stole a 20,000 car he would probably see jail time.
If he stole an 82,000 car he would probably see jail.

Anonymous said...

Who does this bum know and how much did he payoff? How come someone hasn't rearranged his bones?

Anonymous said...

seems to be the norm in Westchester... i presented a case with proof of sumission of a forged false document by a lawyer... the matter wound up getting dismissed... that's their tactic...

at least this guy gets disbarred, and the victim gets his money back... but is this really enough...

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