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Monday, May 23, 2011

Judge's Ex Gets Job Ax in 'Family' Court

Judge's ex gets job ax in 'family' court
The New York Post by Melissa Klein and Isabel Vincent  -  May 22, 2011

The ex-wife of Judge Luis Gonzalez has been canned from his court along with nine others amid statewide layoffs. Gonzalez, the presiding justice of the Appellate Division First Department in Manhattan, has been accused of letting nepotism run rampant in his court, which was almost $400,000 over budget. He is under probe by a watchdog after The Post reported that he claimed two homes as a primary residence.  The judge's ex, Vivian Gonzalez, was hired as a $65,000-a-year clerk in December. Also laid off was secretary Mark Estrada, the son of the judge's ex-driver.

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Just Wondering said...

Is Jonathan Lippman axing his own --and Shelly Silver's and Ann Pfau's -- friends and family members?

Anonymous said...

Does it ever end?

Instead of working to protect the rights of the citizens of New York, the legislators are still working to protect the interests of themselves and lawyers in the state.

ALBANY -- A package of bills moving through Albany could mean big paydays for medical-malpractice attorneys -- proving the case for greater ethics disclosure among the state's elected officials, good-government advocates say.
The legislation, backed by lawmakers who moonlight as attorneys, would include increasing lawyers' fees on malpractice cases and extending the cutoff date for filing suit.

Read more:

One of the sponsors of this legislation is none other than Sen. John DeFrancisco (R-Syracuse, who was chairman of the Judiciary Committee just prior to Sampson.

Not only are these guys crooks, but we're paying them to pick our pockets.

Anonymous said...

What a shame, that's really too bad! Where will she be planted next?

Anonymous said...

Judge John K. McGuirk from the Orange County Supreme Court in Goshen New York, uses the courtroom assigned to him; to sell children for porn and prostitution. You will burn in hell with Bin Laden and the rest of the pedophiles and terrorist, for destroying the lives of children you disguisting piece of human waste.

Anonymous said...

Don;t worry about her, the PJ will have it all taken care of because he knows the nose

Anonymous said...

being that the judge has 2 homes maybe he should also be fired.
He does not need the money. Maybe when he no longer has a job he can figure out which home he lives in

Anonymous said...

He hired the son of his ex-driver.
Now do judges get drivers paid from state money?
Did judges get drivers paid from state money?

Anonymous said...

The upstate Administrative judge had HER own driver as far back as 2005....and a ridiculous and unnecessary cost ot NY'ERS...since she only handled summary judgment civil cases...rarely any trials, and no one really knew her for her to be in any kind of danger, as she never touched criminal cases or their sentences.

Other than her extensive illegal firings, performed against multiple female and minority employees, she was unknown even to most of the courthouses by appearance, not handicapped or a target from any lifetime serving criminal, so she was absolutely never in need of chauffeuring transportation.

It is not surprising that OCA has to cut it's they have been abusing tax dollars that have catered to the spoiledness and selfishness of POLITICAL HACK judges and supervisors for the last decade..which is when Kaye devised these plans of ABUSE!

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope these judges are including in their income these additional perks when they pay their income taxes. These benefits have financial value and should be taxable as such to them.

Anonymous said...

Convicted former State Senator Joe Bruno pumps up Andrew Cuomo on Fred Dicker's Radio Show:

“I’ve got to give the governor credit, because he is providing very boldly, very aggressively, the leadership that we need here. And the other leaders are going at their own speed, doing their own thing, but I’m confident — just observing this process — that they’re going to get to the right place, realizing that the people that they represent are all the same: the taxpayers, the constituents of New York state,” Bruno said. “I give credit to Andrew Cuomo. He’s got the leadership, he’s got the knowledge, he wants to do the right thing.”

“The worst effect is to posture and do one-house bills, and get nothing for the people of this state,” Bruno continued. “I respect him a great deal, and I respect the fact that he speaks up, that he is fulfilling campaign promises…He is leading very boldly and very aggressively, and that’s to the benefit of everybody.”

Anonymous said...

The dis-honorable Jonathan Lippman's wife works for the court system too, or has that mere fact been covered up too? Wonder if she got a pink slip or did Jonathan take care of that matter? These bums are all feeding off the system! FIRE THEM ALL!

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