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Monday, May 16, 2011

How Some New York Judges Come To Be

Vito pal's 23G mystery gig
The New York Post by Aaron Short  -  May 15, 2011

It pays to be a friend of the Democratic Party.

The politically connected consigliere of Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez earned $23,000 for a 10-week job with the state Senate last year, but no one remembers seeing him show up at the office.  Now he's running to be a county Supreme Court judge -- which carries a $136,700 salary -- with Lopez's backing.  Lopez's longtime legal eagle, Carl Landicino, collected paychecks last spring as a "special counsel" advising Senate Democrats.  But his colleagues insist they never saw Landicino once or discussed assignments.  "There was a desk with a piece of paper on it with his name taped on it," said a source, who worked in the office of majority counsel.  Landicino referred questions on the lucrative gig to his former supervisor, Shelley Mayer.  "Call the state Senate to find out exactly what I was doing," said Landicino. "I'm not going to play a role in explaining what I was doing." A spokesman for Senate Democrats said Landicino performed legal services for the conference but he was not familiar with his specific duties. Mayer, who is no longer working with the state Senate, did not return calls.

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Anonymous said...

It's just pay-to-play corrupting of our legal system. Welcome to New York. Where the hell are the feds?!?!

Anonymous said...

Is this bozo the cream floating to the the join all the other cream puffs on the NY bench? Or is all that cream, just floating scum?

Anonymous said...

Isn't this one of those ethics issues that Cuomo wants to stop? If this is so obvious, why hasn't it been investigated already?

Anonymous said...

Cuomo cannot address COURT CORRUPTION because he still has a few Federal lawsuits he prosecuted and still has his ex-employees fighting those fights...that are so extremely obvious violations of the civil rights acts,as well as criminal actions participated in by OCA, that should really embarrass him to even say the word ETHICS.
Ethics for Cuomo is for the Legislative branch, just a move to don't hold your breath for court ethics reform, as Cuomo knows he was involved in cover-ups of the existing Federal lawsuits...intending to exonerate OCA...when he knows well that they committed crimes beyond that of most OCA criminal defts.
He knows of one chief clerk who had been stealing for years...and he has done no investigation....2009-2011 with that information...long time to ignore CUOMO.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo will do nothing. He has played and benifited from the same game.

Anonymous said...

$23,000 - what happened has the price gone down? Or was this just a down payment? Everyone knows that Judges slots go for a whole lot more!

Anonymous said...

Prince Cuomo has a new price sheet and routing of payments schedule. Ethics protection isn't cheap in NY.

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