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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lawyer Admits Helping Launder $19 Million

Starr lawyer's launder plea
The New York Post by Bruce Golding  -  May 3, 2011

A conniving lawyer -- who repeatedly broke down crying after getting busted -- took a plea deal to conspiring with crooked money manager Kenneth Starr. Former Winston & Strawn partner Jonathan Bristol, 55, admitted he helped launder nearly $19 million he knew Starr had stolen from his wealthy clients.


Former Winston & Strawn Lawyer Set to Plead in Starr Ponzi Case
The Wall Street Journal   -  March 8, 2011

The big fish has fallen. Now it appears that the Number 2 fish is ready to submit to his own fate. Prosecutors said in court Monday that former Winston & Strawn partner Jonathan Bristol is set to plead guilty to criminal charges stemming from his role in financier Kenneth Starr’s $30 million Ponzi scheme. Last week, Starr was sentenced to more than seven years in prison after pleading guilty to a host of crimes, including wire fraud and money laundering. Click here for our post on that; here for a post from last summer on Starr. Click here for the American Lawyer’s story on the Bristol developments; here for the New York Law Journal story. According to the NYLJ, a federal prosecutor told Manhattan federal district court judge Deborah Batts that an agreement in principle has been reached in the case against Bristol. Bristol was charged in December with laundering more than $20 million through his attorney escrow accounts for Starr. An SEC civil suit against Bristol alleges that Bristol served as counsel to Starr and his financial firms since at least 2007. Bristol’s attorney, Susan Kellman, could not be reached for comment.  Judge Batts set a May 2 deadline for a possible plea by Bristol.


in the know said...

Someone needs to go after attorney escrow accounts. A lot of tax dollars can be gotten from the hidden scams in the attorney escrow accounts.

Anonymous said...

The Feds need to take a look at the Greenwald Law Offices in Chester, New York. The "boss" Gary I. Greenwald, Esq. who some of his peers refer to as a piece of sh*t and shady dirty character, is a career criminal with a license to break the law. Arrest this piece of sh*t and send him to the gas chamber.

Anonymous said...

How much more did this rat launder? He cop's a plea and get's out of all the other crimes. You gotta love these lawyers, they know all the angles and their fellow rats permit them to get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Why do we the people have to submit to audits, but once an attorney is contacted, it seems to vanish? Nassau County Surrogates Court has bilked billions from , wealthy, poor, old, disabled, veterans, children , homeless , all races and religions. Then look at there income tax returns.. That that is hysterical. Leaving Comments doesn't help but maybe one or more of our leaders in NY, will listen to the people before the people take care of them.

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