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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Disembowelment Of Justice On Schedule

Lippman set to become chief judge
The Journal News by Joseph Spector, Albany Bureau - February 10, 2009

Jonathan Lippman is expected to be confirmed tomorrow by the state Senate to serve as chief judge of the state's top court. Lippman, 63, of Rye Brook, Westchester County, was nominated Jan. 13 by Gov. David Paterson as chief judge of the Court of Appeals to replace retired Chief Judge Judith Kaye. Lippman's confirmation has been slowed as the Democratic-led Senate held hearings on the judicial selection process, largely because the list of finalists picked by a committee last year lacked diversity. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman John Sampson, D-Brooklyn, said he's ready to move Lippman's confirmation to the Senate floor tomorrow after Lippman had extensive meetings with Senate leaders over issues regarding judicial pay raises, diversity in the court system and boosting morale among judges. "We are comfortable now to move his confirmation forward," Sampson said. Lippman will face a confirmation hearing in the morning and then a vote is expected by the full Senate later in the day. Lippman served as Kaye's chief administrative judge from 1996 to 2007. Since then, he's been the presiding justice for the First Department of the Appellate Division.

The Village Voice today wrote extensively about Lippman's close friendship with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, and how their relationship helped Lippman's career, including getting the judicial nomination from Paterson. Paterson said today that he has no qualms with picking Lippman, even though Paterson has also been critical of the selection process. He said waiting on a judicial pick until a new slate of candidates was brought forward would not have been productive. "I felt that that was going to be extending the process, and it would have in some respects been shirking the responsibility that the governor has to pick someone," he said. "I got the candidate I think I probably would have chosen anyway after I interviewed all the candidates."


very, very unhappy said...

Bend over New York. It's Lippman. And you can be sure that it won't just be for six years. Shelly Silver will soon move to change the 70 year old age cap to 75, just so New Yorkers can be screwed for additional 5 years.

And Sampson's judiciary committee is swallowing this? I got something for them to swallow.......

a man of justice, denied said...

Like I said, only the feds can clean up New York's cesspool. Don't head to Albany, head south to D.C.
Shelly, your days are numbered..... ever hear of a guy named Joe Bruno.... he's been talkin' about you.....

Anonymous said...

Who is this guy Sampson? Another Shelton hack? Which district is he from?

Anonymous said...

It appears Sampson and Paterson are family members of house negroes who cleaned out the toilets on the Sabbath at the schuls of Silver and Lippman. It wonderful that their gratitude is extended to Lippman. They're still kneeling down; it's innate to their souls.

Anonymous said...

I still want to know if Lippman or any of these people were part of June 2006 removal of James Montagnino, Denis Donovan, Liebowitz from Matrimonial. These guys were real SOBs and I am glad they are gone but I want to see them in jail for what they did to my children.

red hot mad, and willing to put up said...

I will personally donate the legal limit, or up to $5,000.00 per candidate, in opposition to any member of the New York State Senate Judiciary Committee who votes for the confirmation of Jonathan Lippman. This is an outrage, and clearly an obstruction of justice.

Anonymous said...

It appears Sampson and the Hispanic Senators will genuflect to their Orthodox Jew Masters and confirm Lippman. Are they acknowledging their second class status? Hey, guys, grow a pair.

Anonymous said...

It appears Sampson and the Hispanic Senators will genuflect to their Orthodox Jew Masters and confirm Lippman. Are they acknowledging their second class status? Hey, guys, grow a pair.

pogo said...

What are you talking about - "Disembowelment Of Justice on Schedule" - The NY legal system such as it was is history once this violator of NY State Law Judiciary 14 becomes the head Judge! This guy is a fixer big time!

Anonymous said...

There is always cameras and tape folks in downstate must utilize what OCA uses against the NY citizens..get slick and set this loser Lippman up.
Remember OCA is really stupid and mistake ridden...they just don't expect people to get fancy on them.
Look at what Spitzer's weaknesses were that tumbled his life and find this OCA SLUG Lippman's.... Spitzer!
Make it personal and take Silver with him...the rest of the state would be too happy to have you destroy him, also.

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