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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Governor Swears In New Chief Judge Today

Paterson to swear in Rye Brook's Lippman as state's chief judge
The Associated Press - February 25, 2009

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - New York Gov. David Paterson is scheduled to swear in the state's new chief judge today. Judge Jonathan Lippman of Rye Brook has already been confirmed by the state Senate and has been presiding over the Court of Appeals. Paterson is to swear him in at noon at the Court of Appeals in Albany. Lippman replaces Chief Judge Judith Kaye, who retired Dec. 31. He was a longtime administrative judge before being selected to head the state's sprawling court system. While noting Lippman's qualifications, several senators criticized the selection process. They say the Commission on Judicial Nomination failed to include any women, and only one minority, on its short list of seven potential nominees.


the devil said...

The Journal News says that Lippman will have an office in White Plains, probably at 140 Grand Street.... the home of New York's mobster judges. Is it true that Jonathan Lippman will have an office in White Plains? Does anyone know? Very convenient, since Amy Lippman, Jonathan's wife, pulls in over $100,000 from her job in the New York Court system in White Plains. Jonathan Lippman, the President of the NY Courts, and Amy- first lady. We have Shelly Silver and David Paterson to thank for this. Remember this at election time! And, goody, the head bum, Frank Nicolai will continue to rip the soul out of justice in the 9th JD.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Paterson won't have to cleanup on Passover at Lippman's house anymore? Sell out your people so that you can lap up Lippman's and Silver's crumbs. Good boy, Paterson.

Anonymous said...

I always expected the worst from Silver, but I can't express how disappointed I am in Paterson. I can't wait to vote against him. He is the King Enabler of Court Corruption. Go to hell, Dave. You, too, sold your soul to the Devils.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain how a judge who was elected in the Second Dept and lives in the Second Dept, was the presiding judge in the First Dept?

I still don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Lippman made believe he had a residence in NYC. Another day, another lying judge.

Anonymous said...

he is charged with unethical stuff even before he was sworn in.
Good choice we are obviously trying to beat Chicago with the title for most corrupt.
We need Patrick Fitzgerald in New York.

Pogo said...

It will be nice if Lippman works in White Plains, that way his wife who also happens to "work" for the courts can car pool with him!The family that works together stays together. For the record Lippman has lived in Rye Brook for years, the Manhattan address was a sham, a fraud but, who cares!

Eliot Bernstein / Iviewit / Bat Out of Hell said...

Reply to the Devil,
Nice to know I have a companion, are you married, I am but the Devil is polygamist. So many infernal souls here in New York what Burroughs do you cover.
Bat Out of Hell

Anonymous said...

Another tit on a bull his name is Lipman and his job been useless just like Kaye another tit on a bull.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to figure out: is Lippman's head up Nicolai's ass, or is Nicolai's head up Lippman's ass. Now this is the legal question of the day to ponder!

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