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Friday, February 13, 2009

Schumer Recommends Bharara for U.S. Attorney

Schumer Recommends Bharara for U.S. Attorney
The New York Law Journal - NEWS BRIEF - February 13, 2009

Senator Charles Schumer D-N.Y., has recommended to the White House that President Barack Obama appoint Mr. Schumer's chief counsel, Preet Bharara, as the next U.S. Attorney for the Southern District. Mr. Bharara spearheaded the three-month investigation into the firing of eight U.S. attorneys that led to the resignation of former U.S. Attorney Alberto Gonzales. A former line assistant in the Southern District office, Mr. Bharara helped to run large-scale prosecutions of organized crime. A native of New Jersey, Mr. Bharara attended Harvard University and Columbia Law School. The office's last U.S. attorney, Michael Garcia, stepped down in November. Mr. Bharara would replace acting U.S. Attorney Lev Dassin. Mr. Schumer is a powerful member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and is central to many appointments to New York's federal bench and U.S. Attorney's offices. It is expected that the White House would approve the recommendation and send Mr. Bharara's name to the Judiciary committee for review.


Fan of Bharara said...

Bharara is a GREAT guy. My only problem is that he might give Chuckie Schumer a pass since it is clear, to me anyway, that Sen Schumer knew what Madoff was doing and that some of Chuck's peoples made a few phone calls to insiders at the SEC. How's the president and Holder going to handle that.....?


I'd rather see an UNCONNECTED prosecutor take over at the SDNY. Maybe a guy from Utah, Nebraska or Montana. The insiders, including Schumer, spoil the really big investigations to cover the misdeeds of their friends, and that's not right.

Anonymous said...

Does it feel like they are circling the wagons?

Anonymous said...

No one who has ever been east of the Mississippi River should be appointed as USAG for the SDNY.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Pomerantz?

usag sdny emp said...

I. L. L.

I like Lev. He should continue as the boss!

staten island resident said...

Schumer is too involved with the Bernie Madoff problem. Anyone that Schumer has picked should be put on hold until we see what Schumer knew about the SEC's failure to stop Bernie.

Anonymous said...

NO MORE INSIDERS, just doing it for pollitical favors.
I guess Schumer has something to hide.

will galison said...

Any Chance we can get Lippman to be US Attorney as well as Chief Judge. He's a class act.

Anonymous said...

Bharara, the Schumer lackey, is a great choice to be sure all the crooks get away. Connect the dots; is Madoff in jail or indited? Who oks federal judges in NY? Was it Bush or Schumer who was covering for Madoff? Who picked Paulson as Treasury Secretary for Bush? Where was Schumer's investment money moved before Paulson's announcements? Who best would cover for Schumer in NY federal corruption investigations? Bharara?

J. Lippman said...

Thanks Will, I would take that job too, no problem I could handle it! Thanks for keeping me in mind and Shelly thanks you too!

Bronx guy said...

anyone Chuck recommends I don't like. Mark my words Chuck Schumer will go to jail.

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