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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Disbarred Attorney Sentenced

Disbarred lawyer imprisoned for stealing nearly $1 million from grandparents, others
The Journal News by Rebecca Baker - April 15, 2008

A disbarred Greenburgh lawyer will serve at least 2 1/2 years in prison for stealing nearly $1.1 million from his clients - including his grandparents. Chase Caro, 49, pleaded guilty to second-degree grand larceny, a felony, for stealing $310,000 from Hazel and Sol Sloshberg of New Jersey in 2006. The plea mirrored one he took last year for stealing $480,000 from a Peekskill man he represented in a housing settlement and just over $300,000 from the sale of Francesca's Pizzeria in Shrub Oak.

Westchester County Judge Susan Cacace sentenced Caro - the only son of Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer Robert Caro - to between 2 1/2 and 7 1/2 years in prison yesterday. A sheepish Caro apologized to his victims in court, saying they were entitled to better representation. "I deeply regret the problems caused by my actions," he said. His apology was not accepted by Francesca Salvi, who hired Caro to sell her restaurant in 2006. She wanted Caro to get the maximum sentence - 15 years.

"For what he did to us, it's not enough," she said at the sentencing. "He ruined our lives." Salvi said she entrusted Caro with the checks from the pizzeria sale, which they never saw. Without that money, she said, her family could not start another business and she and her husband went deep into debt. "Now we don't have any money because we had to live off loans and credit cards," she said. Salvi received $300,000 from The Lawyer's Fund for Client Protection, but that money went to repay her family and creditors. Caro owes Salvi another $7,200.

The Lawyer's Fund also paid Herbert Newkirk of Peekskill $300,000 - the maximum allowed by law -for part of the litigation settlement involving his home. Prosecutors said Caro sent Newkirk a check for $310,000 but the check was returned for insufficient funds. Caro still owes Newkirk $170,000. Caro also has yet to repay his grandmother, who hired him to set up a trust fund with three certificates of deposit.

Prosecutors say Caro liquidated the three CDs without the couple's permission, set up a joint trust fund in his name and theirs, and began withdrawing money for his own use. Defense attorney John Raimondo, reading a presentence report from the Probation Department, said Caro's actions were "a crime of opportunity." Raimondo later noted that Caro took responsibility for his actions and was eager to repay his clients, although he would not specify how he planned to do that.


Anonymous said...

Too bad for Caro he didn't do this in the First Department. Then he could have slipped Cohen and Cahill a few bucks and gotten out free!

Anonymous said...

I don't think he did anything wrong!

Anonymous said...

Chase Caro is a disgrace to the legal profession. However, my question is where was the oversight? When people complained to the DA et al., why didn't they shut this parsite down immediately? Who didn't do their job? Had anyone complained to a Judge about any of these things?

Anonymous said...

How many other bums like this are out there, disbar them all, the world would be a better place.

Anonymous said...

He is not a bum, noir is he a parasite. He made mistakes, yes, and hurt people, and he regrets it.

The DA might care to take a closer look at people like Robert Mishkin, who owes Chase over $1,000,000 in legal and other fees, and is the one who holds the $310,000 that Chase gave him on behalf of his grandparents to secure them a unit in Mishkin's Westchester Residence and Club in Mt Kisco.

Anonymous said...

Wrong!!! He is a bum!! A low down dirty one at that. Damn who owes him money... one thing has nothing to do with other. He knew what he was doing and didn't care! There's no mistake in stealing from people. He's not a 3 year old, he's a grown man and should know better. He got off easy in my opinion.

Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Even if Mishkin really owed Caro $1.1M, Caro had no right to dip into the trust accounts. After all, it wasnt his money!

Car should've cut down on his expenses, downsized, borrowed from others - anything but dip into those accounts.

The guy has 2-3 cars, a plane and sent his 3 kids to Horace Man - a prep school that costs as much or even more than a college education.

Caro should've known Robert Mishkin was a deadbeat clown who doesnt pay his legal bills because Mishkin was previously represented by some other firm and he owed them a lot of money. Caro negotiated with that firm for a release!

Funny thing is when someone other than his Horace Mann cronies owes him as little as $2k he throws a fit and doesnt let it go. But for good old Robert Mishkin, he let the bill run up to $1M

Caro deserves what he got!

Anonymous said...

Caro is an absolute whore who deserved the max. I've had brief dealings with him in which he lied at every opportunity. He told me he had a tree fall in his driveway so he couldn't get his car out to come to a meeting - lying whore.

Maybe his dad can write another book about his fall from grace and win another Pulitzer. Maybe Chase thought he was The Power Broker!

Anonymous said...

Time has passed, life has gone on. Caro is no longer a lawyer, he served his prison sentence . . . so now how can he repay the money he admits he owes? He can't practice law and, because he's now an ex-con, no one will hire him for any job more lucrative than pumping gas. There must be a better way for our society to deal with problems like this.

ToileFabric said...

To anonymous above, there are so many jobs chase cd do besides pumping gas. None would be as lucrative as stealing as he preferred to do.
He cd start an online business, making and delivering goods (really sending things, duh ); etc. he cd try to make an honest living and he might not make a million a year or whatever he "made" ( stole) before but u are sorely mistaken that he cannot get going again.

Anonymous said...

I knew Caro in high school & even back then he was a pimply-faced cowardly punk ... who tried acting like a tough guy -- but only against particularly weak people who wouldn't fight back (& NEVER against a worthy foe). So, it's not surprising that he stole money from his OWN grandparents & two other ELDERLY / defenceless people. If anyone here is trying to spin it like "he's a good guy who made an innocent mistake" -- as in at least THREE "innocent mistakes"!!! -- it could only be he himself, a family member, close friend (if he even has any?) or someone out of touch w/reality...

Anonymous said...

Very very sad

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