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Thursday, April 17, 2008

More on NY State Government Goon Squads

State Police's role in Choppergate "inappropriate"
Newsday by James T. Madore - April 16, 2008

ALBANY - Gov. David A. Paterson's nominee to head the State Police yesterday called its role in the Choppergate scandal "an abuse of power" and promised a review of police assigned to protect state leaders.

Harry Corbitt, a retired colonel with the State Police, said it was "inappropriate" for former acting superintendent Preston Felton to order documents be created to show Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno's use of state helicopters to attend political events. The documents eventually were used by then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer to generate negative publicity about his nemesis Bruno. "What happened to Senator Bruno was inappropriate ... I understand abuse of power is a terrible thing," Corbitt said at a confirmation hearing. "I consider this an aberration."

Corbitt also said he knew of nothing to support allegations that the State Police routinely engaged in politically motivated investigations of top officials. Responding to a published report, Paterson earlier this month authorized Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to make an inquiry and e-mail records were turned over.

Corbitt plans to review the "executive services detail," which provides security for the governor and others. It has been criticized for apparently not reporting Spitzer's illegal use of prostitutes. Corbitt appeared shocked when Sen. Dale Volker (R-Depew), known for his interest in law enforcement, recounted being followed last year by "a Spitzer person, but probably not a trooper." Volker claimed he was spied on in an Albany coffee shop.


Anonymous said...

Goons they are. I saw them destroy a friend of mine. Yanked her law license and made here bankrupt. All because she tried to say something about OCA's corruption.

Anonymous said...

I second the above comment. OCA...BUFFALO... stole my long time civil service position, because I filed a compalint about OCA'S discrimiantion and retaliation, filed with their own controlled OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL! The order was given in writing by the ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGE, which is unbelievable that a lawyer acting as a supervising judge, would even state this command in writing, right after she was informed by her own OIG of the investiagtion request! What was done afterwards was not only CRIMINAL but, violates all FEDERAL STATUTES AND CODES regarding civil rights and amendments of the american constitution. OCA is still in the process of attempting to make accusations that regarding my mental status, with no facts ever backing it, etc on another local forum site...all of which they attempted to do, "to no avail", back in the 90's when I participated in the removal of a judge who was sexually harassing me for 18 months. OCA settled that case and still is "chasing" me down everyday from 1989-2008! Will they stop ever.. onl when the corruption is exposed and the federal court becomes well- informed of all the circumstances. OCA believes if they call you "crazy" enough OR go behind the scenes to your bank accounts, or mortgage co.etc., using state employees on work time, it will impact their case for their success. Yes, OCA WILL MAKE NASTY BEHIND THE SCENES ATTEMPTS TO DESTROY YOU, USING GROWN WOMEN EMPLOYEES and SUPERVISORS, 50-60 YRS OLD..really, who are no better than the criminals in the court that "they" are always judging themselves everyday. Arrest them all and start over!

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