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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Insight Into How Long and How Deep NY Corruption Goes (MORE, CLICK HERE)

A New York Post OP-ED By JOHN FASO

March 17, 2008 -- LIKE every New Yorker, I was amazed by the events that cul minated in Eliot Spitzer's resig nation as governor - saddened for his family and shocked to see a once-promising political career end this way.

Of course, since I lost (in a landslide) to Spitzer in 2006, the thought has crossed my mind as to what might have been had all this come out during the campaign. But "what if" is one of the most pointless exercises in life.  That said, this sad story holds a lesson on the state of our democracy in New York state - on how voters and the media consider candidates, their positions and their qualifications for office.

I knew my bid for governor was a long shot. But I believed Spitzer's policies for New York were wrong and unlikely to work. And I hoped that the public might see why Spitzer's persona was wrong for a governor.

I take little pleasure now in having argued back then that Spitzer wasn't what he appeared to be - in questioning whether he was temperamentally suited to be governor. Few listened when I said he seemed to have one set of rules for himself and another set for everyone else.

Spitzer could be an engaging and convincing candidate, and he'd earned a reputation as an effective and innovative prosecutor. But his bullying of respected people like former Wall Streeter John Whitehead and others convinced me he shouldn't be entrusted with the governorship.  And some of his cases, such as those against former stock exchange CEO Dick Grasso and tax giant H&R Block, seemed motivated more by headline-seeking than any desire to actually protect the public.
Spitzer didn't seem to care who or what he ran over, so long as it advanced his political career. Yet many New Yorkers thought that was just fine, so long as he was going after "rich guys" or "big business."  What I didn't count on was the credulousness of the media in simply buying - hook, line and sinker - the claims made by Spitzer's campaign. The spin, buttressed by millions in TV advertising, created the absurd notion of one man able to change everything on "Day One."

There was little critical analysis of his record, including the fact that Spitzer had lied about the source of the questionable millions poured into his earlier campaigns. Apparently, lying about political money wasn't relevant, since he was standing up for truth and righteousness.  Newspapers endorsed him (even ones that knew better, like The Post), paying little attention to Spitzer's tactics as AG or the fiscal house of cards created by his proposals. News "analysis" was often no more than reporting the latest polls or which candidate had raised the most money.
The media treated the race as a foregone conclusion. One prominent New York journalist even addressed an open letter to the new governor the day before the election.  In the short term, New York faces real problems that aren't going away anytime soon. Finances at the state and local level are a mess. Our new governor, David Paterson, and the Legislature will have their work cut out for them as they tackle serious budget and economic issues.  Longer term? Well, after the experience of the last 14 months, perhaps all of us will pay a bit more attention to the issues, the promises and the candidates' records the in 2010, when New York next elects a governor.  John Faso is a partner in the law firm of Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP.

New York Post Letter to the Editor


March 23, 2008 -- It is apropos for John Faso to be the first individual to throw his hat in the ring for the 2010 gubernatorial campaign ("Enabling Eliot's Illusion," March 17).  In the 2006 race, neither the voters nor the media looked at the issues. Both became overly involved in Eliot Spitzer's frequent headline-grabbing spectacles of bullying respected Wall Street figures and giant corporations.

Faso can cry all he wants about media coverage and voter irresponsibility, but the bottom line is that no governor will be effective while obstructionists Joe Bruno and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver have powerful positions in Albany.  Get rid of the dynamic duo; then elect a no-nonsense governor. Easier said than done.  Elio Valenti, Brooklyn

Faso writes about the media's "credulous" failure to analyze Spitzer's campaign claims and record in the 2006 gubernatorial election, yet Faso is silent about his own failure.  As the Republican nominee, Faso failed to expose what the media had long known but not reported: Spitzer's record of corruption as attorney general - from the hoax of his "public integrity unit" to the modus operandi of litigation fraud to defeat citizen lawsuits challenging the very governmental corruption his unit was neither investigating nor prosecuting.

Exposing this would have won the election for Faso, bringing Spitzer's candidacy to an explosive and scandalous end.  We wrote this to Faso in a letter entitled "Informing the Voters: Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's readily verifiable corruption in office - covered up by an election-rigging press."  That was more than four months before the election and is available on our Web site. []

Readers can judge Faso's complicity with the media in engineering Spitzer's landslide victory.
If the media have learned any lesson, they will now probe Spitzer's record as attorney general. That would propel systemic reforms more sweeping than any Spitzer, or Faso, might have advanced.  Elena Ruth Sassower, Director Center for Judicial Accountability Inc.,  White Plains


Anonymous said...

the media sat on their hands so the public got screwed once again, so what else is new

Anonymous said...

you have NO idea how deep this corruption goes......

Anonymous said...

The media knew a lot more about SPITZER than they portray. The media is as political as those running, but are worse for pretending to pose as writers and revealers of the WHO, WHAT, WHEN AND WHERE'S! I find more truth in gossip, nowadays!

Anonymous said...

I said it once, and I'll say it again, the media is only there to give the criminals a heads up on all of your info.They take your information then give it to the other side, then say, "Sorry their editor won't run the story".

Anonymous said...

Spitzer's Integrity Unit's, Carrie Cohen, Dennis Parker,and Rachel Pauley's famous words were..."It's not our JURISDICTION".

Anonymous said...

"It's not our JURISDICTION" is what I have heard from the Westchester's DA Office, Manhattan DA's Office, NYS Attorney General's Office & NYS Comptroller's Office - Even if you handed them a smoking gun, they would say "It's not our JURISDICTION" - When I have gotten this response, I have asked exactly who's JURISDICTION is it? I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED ANY ANSWER! And this is what we pay taxes for! So what else is new! Screw all these people, I have learn the hard way, I don't trust any of them!

Anonymous said...

to "unbelieving said..." your comment about handing them them the 'smoking gun' was too funny. They have been handed the 'smoking gun' in the way of tape recorded conversations and sworn court testimony of high level corruption, and guess what? They ignored it.
Even the current AG.
I guess you might need a prostitute with a smoking gun.

Anonymous said...

Spitzer had an "Integrity Unit" - that has to be an orymoron!

Anonymous said...

and all these bums are on the public payroll, they should all be fired and take any pensions they might have

Anonymous said...

Rockland County- Corruption and incompetence

The violations of peoples rights in this County are unbelievable.
The courts are a cozy den of thieving crooks.The Judges and attorneys are using the over paid police to do their dirty work.
We need the F.B.I. NOW !

Anonymous said...

One of the Worst in Rockland County is Judge Linda Christopher.A disgrace to the court and the state.A true MAN hater.
Are these Judges GODS that can do whatever they please.Is this what the founding Fathers intended.

Court Employee

Anonymous said...

I worked in the Courts for 25 years.I am sorry to say that the majority of Attorneys and Judges are out for themselves.The ethics have deteriorated considerably. Most of these people are not honorable.
They consider themselves to be more intelligent and worthy than the general public.They are basically professional liars and often much worse.

Anonymous said...

As an ex- court employee, I know that judges are just' mediocre" lawyers at best, that become politicians, and most only ever worked for government ! They have this air of confidence and arrogance because they are so low level in the legal pecking order. This of course is outside of NYC but includes OCA'S own legal dept, so I can't be sure how NYC picks it's own crop of black robes, but it sounds much like it is here in upstate!

Corruption Fighter said...

Everyone is hitting the nail on the head. Honor has left the legal "profession" and lawyers and judges are out for money, power, and fame. Lying has become standard operating procedure by lawyers, when at the same time laypeople are put in jail for perjury. The arrogance of lawyers is on par with rappers, rockers, actors, and pro ball players. The Media knew of Eliot Spitzer 's corruption and chose to remain silent, only turning on him at the end with the prostitution / organized crime connections. What really led the Spitzers downfall? Nobody who understands the difficulty of getting a federal warrant is going to believe that a Judge signed the order authorizing the wire-tap and covert tailing of the New York State Governor merely because of a few wire transfers by a near billionaire.
The public story of the investigation causing the downfall of Spitzer is bogus. What really whappened? Who is Spitzer going to rat on to protect 1) his wife, 2) his daughters, and 3) his greatest dear love of million$? A bunch of lawyers are going to take the big fall: jailhouse but love. Which lawyers? It ain't gonna be the ones volunteering info to the feds now and cutting deals. It's going to be the quiet middle-manager capos - a/k/a associates and junior partners who are dumb enough to let their bosses have first bite at the deal apple. But hey, you can't always get the top dog. Spitzer's down, maybe a couple dozen low level lawyers in prison will be enough to start the next Guiliani's career. The public would never know the difference: a lawyer thrown in jail is a lawyer thrown in jail.

Anonymous said...

The media has known about judicial corruption for a long time and yes, they are blanketing it! I know factually, that they have documents that prove the above and they know there are more documents of proof, but they don't even attempt to seek them!
There are many agendas relative to this issue, that the media are hiding in each city in NY, and until the single bullet is fired..not one of them will come clean.
I have personally given them documents that beg for further investigations, which they know will result in revelations of corruption...and no response for 3 years!
Once all hell breaks them clamor for my input..but I am already feeling unavailable..let them scour for it themselves and take the hits from the public, while the public realizes they withheld it from them for years!
I have never needed personal attention from them (which I know they always question when you have a story) and now I don't even care if the information I have is ever part of their daily output..I'll get it out myself in other ways of my own choice!

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