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Monday, April 21, 2008

Leader Challenges Media to Report Judicial Truth


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(White Plains, NY 4/17/08) In a scathing statement issued today, Doris L. Sassower, Cofounder and President of the Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc. (CJA), said “As we near the day of what may be the ‘make or break’ Pennsylvania primary, American voters need to know the true facts concerning ‘civil libertarian’ Candidate Clinton. Once properly informed by the media, every right-thinking voter, male or female, would have long ago -- and for solid and substantial reasons -- rejected her otherwise commendable attempt to make history as our first woman President. Regrettably, Clinton is NOT the right woman for that great honor. That is why I, a veteran feminist, called on the National Organization for Women (NOW), back in January of this year, to retract their endorsements of her candidacy.”

Sassower, a former president of the New York Women’s Bar Association, was herself honored in 1981 with a Special Award from NOW for “outstanding achievements on behalf of women and children”, and profiled as one of the “Feminists Who Changed America, 1963-1975, in a new book by the same name. CLICK HERE for Sassower’s feminist and professional credentials.

Sassower stated further, “Fortunately for Senator Clinton, but unfortunately for the American people, the mainstream media protected her from accountability for her official misconduct. It has ignored CJA’s press releases, scoring her on-the-job performance as New York’s U.S. Senator. These detailed how she victimized a patriotic woman constituent from her own home county in Westchester, NY, by trampling on her First Amendment rights of free speech and to petition government.”

“The stark facts are that the Senator’s staff covered up Senator Clinton’s role in the corruption of federal judicial selection by instigating a malicious criminal complaint against CJA’s then Coordinator, now Director, Elena Ruth Sassower, who is my daughter. As Coordinator, Elena presented Senator Clinton with a fully-documented written statement, detailing the official misconduct of NY Court of Appeals Judge Richard C. Wesley, who had been nominated to a Second Circuit Court of Appeals judgeship. The Senator’s duty was to undertake appropriate review and oppose the nomination, so as to protect the People of New York – and the Second Circuit – from a demonstrably unfit judicial nominee. She did not do this. Instead, her staff, to prevent Elena from exposing the Senator’s betrayal of her duties, contacted Capitol Police, who then threatened Elena with arrest if she went to Washington and requested to testify at the Senate Judiciary Committee’s public hearing on Judge Wesley’s confirmation. Capitol Police then arrested Elena at the hearing when she respectfully requested to testify in opposition to the confirmation, a request she did not make until the hearing was already announced adjourned. The trumped-up criminal charge was ‘disruption of Congress’.”

“Senator Clinton could have acted, but did not. She kept silent as Elena was prosecuted in a court funded directly by Congress and which protected Congress by disregarding the most basic legal standards. In a case that had to be thrown out “on the papers” as a matter of law, the D.C. court railroaded Elena to trial. It allowed Capitol Police to cover up for Senator Clinton by withholding and then purporting to have “lost” the exculpatory tapes of Elena’s phone messages to the Senator’s office, complaining of the misconduct of her staff. It also granted Senate Legal Counsel’s motion to quash Elena’s subpoena for Senator Clinton’s testimony at trial, thereafter allowing her staff to flagrantly lie on the witness stand. The result of this judicial charade was that Elena was wrongfully convicted. Here again, Senator Clinton could have acted, but did nothing to prevent Elena from being sentenced to the maximum of six months incarceration – an unprecedented sentence she was forced to serve in full.”

Sassower challenged the media to examine the documentary evidence establishing Senator Clinton’s role in corrupting federal judicial selection, stating “Had the media addressed Senator Clinton’s record on this issue – or her role in perpetuating the corruption of federal judicial discipline – she would not have come this far in the presidential primaries. Indeed, Senator Clinton would count herself lucky in not having been prosecuted for violating her oath of office and the public trust.”

CJA’s website,, posts the primary-source documents establishing Senator Clinton’s disqualifying conduct in office, accessible via the sidebar panel: “Elections-Informing the Voters.” That is where CJA’s prior press releases about the Senator’s misconduct are also posted.


Anonymous said...

It is time to clean house. Look at the case in the Orange County Supreme Court where attorney Gary Greenwald and Erno Poll from the Greenwald Law Offices in Chester New York were caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Yet instead of Officials getting involved and the Court taking immediate action. COnsidering that one child in this custody and divorce case is been sexually exploited, in child pornography, child prostitution, drugs and alcohol. They are having the mother fight three experience unethical attorneys without counsel. Yet she is given them a run for their money. They got caught and the mother found all the documents proven FRAUD to rig the custody and divorce case. Most distrubing the documents of the sexual exploitation of the minor where turn over to the police instead of investigating they are trying to cover up. I hope the police is not doing this because the father in this case has a brother in the police department in Orange County.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Judge Francis A. Nicolai Administrator for the Ninth Judicial District is fully awared of this case out of Orange County and documents that were found prove he too played a part in the irregularities of this case to facilitate the rigging of this case. Hey Judge Nicolai do you also support the sexual exploitation of minors?

Anonymous said...

I did not need this article to negate Clinton as a presidenatial candidate!
Being from WNY. the land of CLINTON LOVERS...I have alway seen her as a liar, slacker and defensive name caller!
Even a half wit can observe this about her and refuse to allow her the position of PRESIDENT and refuse to retain her as our NY senator..if she ever even worked at that elected office!
Her office staff, whom I have dealt with, is a group of uneducated, arrogant and juvenile children, acting like they were just dropped off at day care!
As a woman myself....Hillary is not what I believe represents me as such or as a citizen of AMERICA!
Please look at her as what she represents and not what she looks like! Pick the candidate that will excuse us from this inhuman war, our present depression or recession and care tremendously about our environment.. and not Hunt oil or Haliburton!

Anonymous said...

I contacted the office of Hillary Clinton pertaining to this case in Orange County but was told in other words that is not her job to do her job. Hillary is not pro family, women, children or anybody but herself. She does needs a change of zip code back to Arkansas

Anonymous said...

Hillary won PA because she just started to admit she was from Scranton PA and suddenly started to talk up an unverifiable story about her grand-pappy teaching her to shoot a gun at age 6..which I believe is a lie! Same ole Clintons...lie, lie, lie..even under oath.

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