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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

NY Judge Skips Jail. "Fed Chatting?"


April 23, 2008 -- A former judge, accused of looting his elderly aunt's assets, copped a plea yesterday to a misdemeanor.  Michael Garson, 63, yesterday admitted possessing a forged document in a no-jail plea deal that spared him a possible five- to 15-year sentence for allegedly ripping off his 92-year-old aunt. Garson has paid back $219,000, resigned his law license and agreed to give up any inheritance from his aunt.


Anonymous said...

Hey, here's the Daily News article

No jail for ex-judge busted for looting his aunt's estate

Wednesday, April 23rd 2008, 4:00 AM

A former Brooklyn judge charged with looting his elderly aunt's fortune pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count, paid back the money with interest and was allowed to skip jail.

Former Supreme Court Justice Michael Garson, 63, was facing as much as 15 years in prison on grand larceny charges for stealing the money to make up for stock market losses, prosecutors said.

Instead, he admitted to Justice John Kase Tuesday that he had an altered power of attorney document in his possession, paid back the rest of the $219,000 to the estate of his aunt, the late Sarah Gershonoff, and wrote a letter quitting the bar.
"Is it proper for me to thank you?" Garson asked as he approached a group of prosecutors afterward and shook one's hand. "Thank you."

A judge for 14 years and lawyer for 36 years, Garson seemed almost jaunty as he pleaded guilty, smiling at reporters but declining to comment as he left the court with his two brothers. "He's a gentle human being, he's a very gentle soul," said his lawyer, former judge Ronald Aiello, in explaining his client's demeanor.

Garson wore a wire and helped prosecutors in the wide-ranging judge corruption probe that eventually led to his cousin Gerald Garson serving time for bribery.

In a twist, prosecutors said Gerald Garson is among the few beneficiaries of their aunt's estate and will receive part of the money his cousin Michael Garson is paying back as part of the plea deal.

Anonymous said...

I bet the Garson family is very proud!

Anonymous said...

WOW, what are the chances, two Judges, two crooks and their cousins. What a world we live in. They should have locked both of these clowns up and thrown away the key.

Anonymous said...

"It's All in the Family!" Both of these bums should be hung but their lawyer buddies & Judges helped them out as much as possible!

Anonymous said...

this is a case in point that shows the American Injustice System not at its best.

Anonymous said...

hang this Son of a Bitch along with his whole family, they are all bums!!!!!!!

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