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Sunday, April 27, 2008

New York Daily News: Judicial Slow Down

Judges go slow to protest no pay raise

Judges who have been denied a pay raise for more than 10 years are protesting for more cash by slowing down New York's courts. Renegade law enforcers are refusing to take cases from firms that employ members of the Assembly and Senate, pols told the Daily News Saturday. "It's happening," said state Sen. George Winner (R-Elmira), who is also an attorney. "There's a family court judge . . . refusing to hear cases where myself or anyone from my firm is involved. "It's absolutely outrageous, and it is not helping their case. I voted for the pay raise four times," said Winner. "What else do they want from me?"

State lawmakers set aside $48 million for raises earlier this month - but failed to introduce a bill to release the money. They are refusing to make the payout until their own pay is hiked. The state is facing an estimated $3.6 billion budget shortfall next year. A New York judge takes home between $108,800 and $156,000 a year. "Anybody with any sense at all is completely embarrassed at the way we treat our judges," said state Sen. Eric Schneiderman (D-Manhattan). "They have every right to be angry and frustrated, but I think it's just a few isolated members of the bench."

Office of Court Administration spokesman David Bookstaver said only state Supreme and Civil courts could be affected by the action, not criminal courts. "[Refusing to take cases] is an independent judicial decision that independent judges have to reconcile for themselves," he said.


Anonymous said...

screw these bastards...take their pensions away from each and everyone of them...the revolution start tomorrow...they are lucky they don't have to work for a living...

Anonymous said...

How can you slow down from a job, that you are leaving after a few hours of sitting in your office or not coming in at all for days, weeks or months??
I need the judicial definition of SLOWDOWN!Unemployed seems to fit my tax budget!

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