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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Expanding Focus on U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee


A national, nonpartisan, nonprofit citizens’ organization, working, pro bono, to protect the public interest in the integrity of our judicial selection and judicial discipline processes. Its mission is to ensure that only the most qualified trial lawyers become, and remain judges.


Dick Morris is right that the Georgia election is a crucial one. But unfortunately he's backing the wrong candidate!

See full page article in New York’s Westchester Guardian 11/27/08 issue: SENATORS CHAMBLISS AND CLINTON VIOLATED FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS AND CORRUPTED FEDERAL JUDICIAL SELECTION, See also, sidebar panel on “Elections: Informing the Voters” posting evidence, including videotape.

Georgia voters, casting their vote in next Tuesday’s Senate run-off, must be informed of Senator Chambliss’ misconduct as presiding chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s May 22, 2003 public hearing to confirm President Bush’s federal judicial nominee, at the instigation of Senator Hillary Clinton, in initiating and pursuing a criminal charge against an American citizen for requesting to testify in opposition to that nominee. Such testimony stood to expose the behind-the-scenes deal-making in judgeships by Democratic and Republican Senators alike, corrupting federal judicial selection.

Our national, nonprofit, nonpartisan Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc. (CJA) emailed advance copies of this newsworthy article to Georgia newspapers and to 100 national newspapers across the country, including Associated Press, as well as the Journal News. So far, no response. Why? Because mainstream media suffers from its own conflicts of interest, causing it to protect one political party over another and CJA is charging both parties with abuse of power and betrayal of the public trust.

For that reason, as our Latest News link shows, the Chambliss-Clinton judgeship scandal has the Martin campaign on the sidelines. The problem is the lack of proper press coverage of the true facts we have exposed. The public should demand that challenger Jim Martin, as well as President-Elect Obama, who shortly is expected to formally announce that Senator Clinton will be part of his “first class team” as Secretary of State designate, confront the key question our Westchester Guardian article raises: Should Senators Chambliss and Clinton be held to account for their on-the-job misconduct?

Those who voted for Senator Obama for President want, desperately need, and have a right to expect, CHANGE -- not more “sanctimonious, lying hypocrites” in public office, no matter their party label -- if “justice” here in America is to be more than a distant dream.


Anonymous said...

Obama in my belief, was not ever or happily a Hillary supporter of any kind. He was swayed into giving her something important, by all those millions of women, that believe she is the female higher power of America.
I personally never felt this woman, as anything but A FRAUD and for the life of me, can not wrap my thinking mind around why so many woman of my color and age...worship her!
Clinton plays politics as hard as her husband and probably more vicious, because she does not have his...distractions! She leaves me as empty as she has left NY'ers.
Expose her for what she is...let women of America see that someone's sex does not make them a hero or politician they can trust!

Anonymous said...

You get to the root of the judicial corruption problem by shining a real big light on the rats that work the back room deals in placing crooked judges. CJA has been working on this angle for years, and I'm glad they're around. This issue needs to be on the front page of every newspaper!

Anonymous said...

Good post..

It really isn't a partisan issue, it's all about integrity....

Anonymous said...

wake people everything has been fixed! Don't you get it! No matter what you do you are not going to get a fair shake! Chant - No Justice, No Peace!!! maybe someone will hear us!

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