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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unhappy Judge Sentences Corrupt Ex-Lawyer

Judge Sentences Ex-Lawyer to 16-Month Maximum
The New York Law Journal by Mark Fass - November 13, 2008

Larry Bronson, the former criminal defense attorney who pleaded guilty in January to helping a client illegally structure money transactions to avoid reporting requirements, was sentenced yesterday to 16 months in prison, the maximum recommended under federal guidelines. Mr. Bronson, originally charged with assisting "La Cosa Nostra in its criminal activities" and obstructing justice on its behalf, appeared in the courtroom of Eastern District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis with an unlikely advocate, former Eastern District U.S. Attorney Alan Vinegrad. Now a partner at Covington & Burling, Mr. Vinegrad argued for a downward departure. One factor suggested by Mr. Vinegrad - Mr. Bronson's propensity for "financial generosity" - not only failed to sway the judge, but instead provoked his ire. "How can you stand in front of me, counselor, and tell me about all the good things he's done when he hasn't met the most fundamental obligation of this country?" Judge Garaufis said, referring to Mr. Bronson's unpaid tax debt of over $200,000. "I really take issue that you can be Robin Hood with someone else's money."


Anonymous said...

3 cheers for federal Judge Garaufis!!! It's about time judges really give it to the lawyers who disgrace the law profession.

Anonymous said...

Giving a little of the money away allows the lawyer to gloat about his generosity while his thieving goes on. Just like the mob boss who gives a small amount to the Church.

Anonymous said...

another one. why do lawyers think they can get away with everything.

Anonymous said...

Hey, make Garaufis the next NY Chief Judge !!! Anyone but Lippman.

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