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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Still Thankful for Correction of Judicial Cannibalism

Last Thanksgiving we ran "Thanksgiving for Fraud Against Retired Judge Recusal," the case where greedy members of the court believed it was just fine to rip off dying former Civil Court Judge John L. Phillips and his $10 million. The New York Law Journal article by Dan Wise is worth reviewing, and though Judge Phillips is now dead and the story is dated, our resolve to see the restoration of the Rule of Law and Due Process remains stronger than ever.  We'll be updating this case soon.

Worthy of Review:

"Thanksgiving for Fraud Against Retired Judge Recusal,"


Anonymous said...

It's important to follow these cases. Otherwise the crooks get away with it, knowing that with the passage of time the story and attention usually dies.

Anonymous said...

This is an awful story, all under Judy Kaye's watch!

Anonymous said...

Most NY judges are like the Joker in Batman; they eat own. The culture is so corrupt, that it seems the primary method is corruption. A den of vipers.

Anonymous said...

Corruption is OCA'S number one objective, followed by these other despicable sins..greed, sex, alcohol and drug usage, lies, cheating, as they all shove JUSTICE to the bottom of the filthy ten.

I recognized the insanity of OCA, during the many years I was employed by them. I was always very close to the pulse of their operation, a popular employee with the legal community and having this community confide in me, about the hell going on in OCA, particularly during the reign of the judicial terrorist..Judy Kaye and her selected administrative judges.

I write my stories on this blog, in the hopes I may reach present victims to give them a feeling that none of this is their fault and to supply them with the support and knowledge they might need, to take legal action, and for those future victims to become aware and alert to how OCA operates and manipulates all the government agencies. The solicit these agencies to participate in destroying anyone that decides to get in OCA'S way of incorporating the above sins into the NY judicial system.

I do note that many future victims do not know they will become that, and may be skeptical that what is being stated on this blog is not reality. But if the above story about the judge and the many I have posted, does not impact you to outrage and awareness, then your fate will definitely be sealed by their poison.

All the years I have toiled in their SOIL, I have found that the dirt beneath them is of unsending careful of this giant demon!

OCA is a large part of what is wrong with this country and to allow them to continue as they are in their sickness, will make bailing out of all the financial institutions and wall street...futile and fatal..guaranted!

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