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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wall Street Journal on Top Prosecutor for Tammany Hall II Corruption Probe

Garcia Considers Law-Firm Post
The Wall Street Journal by Amir Efrati - November 10, 2008

Michael Garcia, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, in Manhattan, could resign his position as early as this week and is likely to join a private law firm in New York, say people close to his office. Under his three-year leadership, Mr. Garcia's office became well known for the successful prosecution of public-corruption and terrorism-related cases. At the same time, the office also lost some of the luster it once had as the top Wall Street cop, stumbling in some high-profile cases and losing turf battles with other prosecutors' offices. The next U.S. attorney may be expected to step up the office's pursuit of corporate wrongdoing. Public pressure is growing to increase regulation of financial institutions and find people who may have contributed to the financial crisis. Names that have surfaced so far as possible candidates for the job include Lev Dassin, the current No. 2 prosecutor at the Southern District, who would take over for Mr. Garcia until the Obama administration makes an appointment next year; Mark Pomerantz, a prominent white-collar defense lawyer in New York and a former Southern District prosecutor; and Preet Bharara, a former Southern District prosecutor currently serving as Sen. Chuck Schumer's chief counsel on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. Messrs. Garcia, Dassin, Pomerantz and Bharara declined to comment.

The Southern District has suffered some setbacks of late. Mr. Garcia's securities-fraud unit recently lost the chance to investigate mortgage investors Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac after the Justice Department gave the cases to federal prosecutors in Washington and Virginia, according to a person familiar with the matter. (Spokeswomen for the Southern District and for the Justice Department in Washington declined to comment.) In recent years, the office bungled two high-profile tax- and securities-fraud prosecutions, though both were initiated before Mr. Garcia arrived. And federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, rather than Manhattan, recently brought the first two securities-fraud prosecutions stemming from the credit crisis, a development viewed by some as a blow to Mr. Garcia's office. However, the Southern District still consistently brings big white-collar cases. Under Mr. Garcia, Manhattan prosecutors obtained guilty pleas in a fraud case against former executives of collapsed financial firm Refco Inc., and successfully prosecuted both large-scale insider trading at Wall Street firms and cases of stock-option backdating. The office also successfully prosecuted corruption cases stemming from the United Nations oil-for-food scandal. Last week, the office decided not to bring charges against former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, though its prosecution of organizers of a prostitution ring that counted Mr. Spitzer as a client helped prompt Mr. Spitzer to resign earlier this year. Since the credit crisis worsened, the Southern District has been active. It is investigating possible wrongdoing by executives at Countrywide Financial Corp. and at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. And last month, Mr. Garcia took the unusual step of confirming a report about his office's joint investigation -- with the New York attorney general's office -- of potentially improper trading in the credit-default swap market. Mr. Garcia has been in advanced talks to join the New York office of law firm Kirkland & Ellis. A spokesman for the firm declined to comment. Write to Amir Efrati at


Anonymous said...

I'm very disappointed in our U.S. senators. They've known about the court corruption for years and they've done nothing. I was shocked to read that Mr. Garcia clerked for Judith Kaye. That's got to be the only reason why she was never held accountable for the high crimes she presided over at OCA. Perhaps a nice retirement jewelry gift is in order for Judith Kaye: silver HANDCUFFS.

Anonymous said...

I want a silver necklace for Skanky Kaye!

Anonymous said...

Watch out. Anyone that Sen. Schumer wants is bad news and will continue to protect the scum insiders.

Anonymous said...

They're dropping like flies here...Good maybe the rampant corruption in NYC will finally get cleaned up.

Anonymous said...

He let Spitzer off with an exoneration given to no one else; he clerked for Kaye; he knew of all the corruption in NY State Court and did nothing; no investigation to harm Kaye's image. Perhaps, he'll receive a dispensation from Saint Andrew and get into heaven when his time comes. Could this be incest between Federal and State courts?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why there appears to be a lot of conflicting and contradictory information on the Web about when the Federal probe into Spitzer and the call girl ring really began?

Anyone know the real deal? The Press Statement by US Attorney Garcia does nothing to clear up the blurry murky facts or answer the many questions raised by all of this.

Anyone know why there were print media reports that indicated that the US Attorney investigating State Senator Bruno, Spitzer's chief state rival, apparently had to get Clearance from the DOJ in Washington, DC to move forward on Bruno and yet a host of Web articles suggest that Garcia and Boyd Johnson had no such restrictions placed on the office while pursuing Spitzer?

Has Boyd Johnson been held back by DC on State corruption that implicates other Republicans? The print media indicates his office also got involved in the Bruno investigation but still no answers. Anyone know the real deal here or will this all be politics as usual?

Anonymous said...

We'll probably have to rely on the next AUSA. Only the feds, and a real outsider at that, could clean up the public corruption in NY. Cuomo's not doing anything, largely because the truth is Judith Kaye belongs behind bars, and it was daddy Mario who first appointed her. (Mario had good intentions, but Judith Kaye disgraced Mario by her actions!) It looks like Gov. Paterson will appoint Jonathan Lippman as the next Chief Judge- a clear sign that it's corrupt business as usual, and for this reason alone Paterson should NOT be elected as governor in the next election. The mess continues, sit back in sadness and do what I and most people do: shake your head, silently.

Anonymous said...

Just a side note to the DOJ permission obligation!
I requested my first right to sue from the upstate EEOC and it was given to me with of course some brutal untrue remarks about myself, from a Maryanne Drabsczyk, who was employed to assist me in filing a discrimination action, but did the opposite. I never met or saw this woman, but had maybe 3 conversations with her the entire years of 2005 and 2006!

This alleged investigator, from the EEOC office in Buffalo NY, claimed she had completed an investigation with OCA.
The real truth was...Drabsyczk never did any investigation but simply placed a phone call from her "chair" to the heads of the 8th judicial district, accused me of recording her, when it was OCA recording me, and was told to repeat a slew of nasty stories, in writing and were falsely created by Administrative Judge Sharon Townsend!

Townsend wanted her to put as much garbage and lies in writing against me, to obliterate any efforts I may have had in Federal Court!

I have Townsend's memo about these outrageous and sorry-ass stories, which she sent to Plumadore and my court supervisors, et al... seeking made up, back dated memos , about anything they wanted to state negatively about me during that time, which went from JAN 2004,UNTIL THE TIME SHE WROTE THE MEMO IN AUG of 2004Townsend was seeking what she stated, was her desire to terminate me because I filed with the OCA.. OIG , per CSEA!

After Townsend and her buddy Plumadore terminated me using these totally contrived allegations, I had to request a second right to sue letter from the devil dog of the EEOC..Drabscyzk.

This woman, who thinks she is potent because she can mess with discriminated individuals, was covering for OCA the entire time and performing anything they told her to do, like the pitiful person she is.

During the phone call for the 2nd request, this Drabsczyk woman, pretended to me she would effortlessly send me the second right to sue letter, and it would be in the mail that very day.
When the letter hadn't come in 10 days and I was 1 mailing day from the EEOC office, I contacted some sources and found out EEOC sent my request to the DOJ... for permission for me to file for a second right to sue letter, while not indicating to them that I received an earlier one, right from the local EEOC office. This second letter was a mandatory federal court attachment.

The DOJ was shocked when I called them in Washington D.C. and inquired about what they were doing. I found out they were about to reject my request, because they had no idea that I was given the first right to sue letter and no details were given to them, to even consider me for the second right to sue document. The woman who answered at the DOJ, said EEOC was compelled to send to them the original notice of right to sue.... and they did not! She appeared agitated and said she would contact EEOC for it, and SHORTLY after that call, I was issued the second right to sue letter.

So the answer, as to why some people must get DOJ permission, is simply because they are being screwed with!!

OCA and DOJ do not know how I came upon their scam and never will, but if I can pass a long the justice system's... meaning the court's and justice department's methods of messing with citizens...then that is my obligation!

As a side line to EEOC...My first, but not only clue to OCA'S wire tapping my home was Drabczyk's screaming that I was tapping her office, which was illogical for her to think, because it was my first call to them ever and I was of the naive belief that EEOC was there to help me, not screw me!

So if you think your security and life concerns are being taken seriously by the legal system or EEOC or DOJ OR CJC...stop...all these justice systems, just want you to leave them alone, to quietly participate in all their many crimes, orgies, and drug and alcohol fueled workdays!

Anonymous said...

So tell me what Michael Garcia did besides do a pr job and protect his old boss Judge Judy. He did a big pr job in Westchester and didn't return telephone calls. I called the White Plains hot line many times and left messages, we never got a return call. We mailed information to White Plains and lower Manhattan not even a peep. So tell me why people should come forward with good inside information when nothing is done. Another Con Job with our money.

Anonymous said...

Garcia's Westchester 'public corruption hotline' was a governement scam right from the beginning. And Garcia used to laugh about it. I heard him say that it would at least shut the people up for a while. And it did. Maybe Garcia should be investigated...

Anonymous said...

Some of them just collect information and give it to their buddies.. that is why a website such as this is so important...

We should all be swapping emails and information... outside of the requests for investigations...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely and one hundred percent disgusting to hear that Garcia was "laughing" about people calling his hotline! Digusting! totally digusting! Of the many many hundreds if not thousands of people who responded to Garcia's hotline is a Russian native woman, very educated, who had given up all Hope of any court and corruption change until someone else saw an AD in the NY Post saying Garcia had set up a Hotline for Westchester, Dutchess, Rockland, Putnam, Bronx, and a few others. This person Faxed multiple times to the Hotline, Called, but Nothing, Nothing.

And this person like so many others came to America, got her Citizenship, Pays Taxes, under the belief that America was the Bastion of Liberty and Justice. Yeah folks, like remember the Statue of Liberty and what we were taught as children if we were born here?

Like thousands of us out there, this woman's case is gut wrenching and the Judge and others involved could likely have been prosecuted on Garson related charges in a heartbeat.

I Truly Truly Truly Hope that these Hotlines were not simply Used to "Get all the Dirt" from the average citizens to be used to Protect the Structure of Corruption Within and to be later used against Us, the very people who gave informtion over with some level of Hope for Change.

As bad as the State legislature if folks, I would say if Everyone who came on this Blog Concentrated and Focused the Efforts on the State Judiciary Chairs in the Assembly and Senate and Paterson, that maybe at least Public Legislative hearings could get started to Open this corrupt Judiciary right up.

To the person who has OCA tapping their phones all the time, I share your saga but am a very strong and determined person myself. A lot of good information can be shared if you wish to write to

Keeping the Political Pressure and Political Presence Up is Totally Necessary since sometimes politicians tend to Forget about the "People" they try to curry favor with as soon as the elections are over.

And Attorney General Cuomo will have to continue with some bold action in the Courts I would think for clean up and reform as the political Will of the People Writing Appears to be on the Wall, On this Blog, and in many places now for over a continuous year.

Anonymous said...

Another reader of this blog mentioned something the other night which seems appropriate to bring up at this time:

What about the post on this blog from about 2 months ago that said a whole host of DOJ folks had staked their careers and reputations on something major that was supposed to happen in NY by the end of the year that would shock the whole nation or rattle the whole nation? or words to that effect

What happened to these folks? What is being said or done now? Nothing that even rocks NY much less the nation has happened as far as public corruption goes and there is only 6 weeks or so left in this year with Garcia now set to resign.

Anyone know what happened to these folks and the bold predictions? Anyone have any idea if this will prove true? Would be great if it did but current signs would lean in the opposite direction.

Anonymous said...

Those bold predictions were based upon Saint Andrew. Saint Andrew was ready to battle the dragon, but lost his nerve when he saw the fire and St. Peter told him sainthood wasn't easy. The last straw came when Saint Andrew saw all his buddies marching alongside the dragon. At that moment, Saint Andrew realized corrupt judges and lawyers had no patron saint, so Saint Andrew stepped up to the applause of those with the dragon to become the patron saint of corrupt judges and lawyers..

Anonymous said...

get real and enough rhyme and mystery. the bold predictions were based on comments from members of the federal government and andrew cuomo is the state attorney general. so how about only real replies to the question, eh?

Anonymous said...

What's Cuomo waiting for?

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