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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Six Court Officers Suspended for Drinking

Six Court Officers Suspended for Drinking
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS - November 11, 2008

Six New York City court officers who were seen drinking during work hours have been suspended without pay for 30 days. Court officers are the uniformed, armed personnel who work in the state’s courthouses. A spokesman for the State Office of Court Administration, David Bookstaver, said that the television program “Inside Edition” had used hidden cameras that caught the officers drinking in a bar on their lunch break, in “clear violation” of court policy. Mr. Bookstaver said that court officials saw the videotape and identified the six, who work in the Criminal Court building in Manhattan. He said the officers were suspended on Friday and could face further disciplinary measures.

And from November 10, 2008 MyFoxNY:

6 NY Court Officers Accused Of Drinking On The Job Suspended

NEW YORK -- Six New York City court officers accused of drinking during work hours have been suspended for 30 days without pay. Court officers are the uniformed, armed personnel who work in the state's courthouses. Courts spokesman David Bookstaver says the television show "Inside Edition" used hidden cameras to catch the officers drinking in a bar on their lunch break in "clear violation" of court policy. Bookstaver says court officials saw the videotape and identified the six, who work in Manhattan's Criminal Courts Building. He says they were suspended Friday and could face further disciplinary measures. Bookstaver says the state's other 4,000 court officers are professionals and take their jobs very seriously.


Anonymous said...

The OCA talking head (Bookstavver) is only directed to talk by the top OCA mobsters when they have to. And only because this story about court officers drinking made it in the media did OCA do anything. So the lesson here is: keep up your good fight, and keep it in the media!! It's the only thing that works. A wise man once said: "Shine a light on the rats, and they will scatter" Of course, he was referring to the biggest rats of all, the OCA mob bosses.

Anonymous said...

What does OCA mean...COULD face additional action!
OCA lied heavily about me after CSEA told me to request an OIG INVESTIGATION OF THEIR BLATANT DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION, which was completed after they removed me using, no legal or ethical grounds, and demanding two court officers, with guns..maybe drunk... to do so, while stating ...'we don't want you here"!?
What kind of law enforcers use that command, as force to remove a long time female employee, they observed doing absolutely nothing?
The charges they then "made up", while I was on 7 months of "PAID LEAVE", came from wiretaps, bank account subpoenas, and spies they used to have dinner with me.
OCA then felt, as a woman, I was disposable and too weak to fight their vicious and continued at home attacks, of myself, my family and my witnesses,and then boldly ignorantly, illegally terminating me after 30 yrs.
Does OCA believe that this case is not being watched to it's fullest, while they continue to produce perjurous liars at depositions, and refusals to produce requested documents, esp THE OIG one, after 4 months from the request.... all of this crap going on for 4 yrs so far!?
If OCA had anything truthfull,this case would be cooked 3 years ago. So who are you attempting to fool OCA...besides waiting for memories to fade..isn't that what you said..Plumadore?
OCA , you are not kidding anyone and the longer this goes on the more people will resign, retire and come forward....if they have any true character and truthfullness!
I would say 6 men with guns, AND A NATIONAL VIDEO TAPE of serious misconduct, have a great chance of keeping their jobs at the JUDY KAYE condoned.... discriminatory OCA!

Anonymous said...

What took them so long?

How about a 90 Day Suspension
Manditory AAA meetings
3 years probation before
Before they hurt someone send a strong message

How about random drug testing?
Why doesnt judge Kaye do something besides go to lawyer/judge dinners and appoint her friend to the bench

Anonymous said...

maybe the 6 officers can come forward to help with the larger problem such as the corruption at the higher levels of OCA like mentioned above, the CJC, the appellate judges around the state who have fixed cases on phone calls, no evidence, buried evidence, tampered evidence, fabricated evidence?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if OCA will harass these men with guns who drink, at their homes, examine their bank accounts, F- up their cars, and attempt to create an accident to harm them, on the NY expressway?

I think OCA employees and judges are cowards..... and are scared pissless of white men and these guys will survive their leave in complete peace and tranquilty, before they are re-instated!

Do you see OCA..anything unique about your behavior when the civil rights act is charged against you?

Only a woman or minority would charge that, so threats by the judicial system are in complete gutless... legal order...if you are in NY STATE!

Bullies in black...a great new movie...coming soon on video tape!

Anonymous said...

If you know a judge or a lawyer who drinks and drives or is having an affair. Call someone. Call the police as he/she is leaving the bar. Call his/her spouse. Send a letter.

Bring them down one by one and don't waste time with grievance comittees. They are a waste of time. Many of us live in fear of the White Plains Corrupt Court system.....these judges and lawyers should be equally afraid that everyone is watching them.

I am not suggesting harassment. But if you see something....say something and follow up. It is your civic duty.

Anonymous said...

I always knew the idiots guarding the courts were either drunk or on drugs. The way they play their little power trip game is enough to make me want to drink. Now I know I can drink with them!

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