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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New York Attorney Must Repay State Pension

NY Lawyer Stripped of State Pension
The New York Law Journal by Joel Stashenko - November 26, 2008

Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli has stripped a retired attorney from Long Island of his state pension after determining the lawyer was never a valid employee of the Babylon, Island Trees or Levittown school districts. George Lipp Jr. must repay $82,209 to the New York State and Local Retirement System, Mr. DiNapoli said. Mr. Lipp, 80, did not work fixed hours, keep time sheets or display other signs of being an employee of the districts through which he was enrolled in the public pension system, according to Mr. DiNapoli's office. He worked from his private law firm in Bay Shore while being listed as an employee of the districts until his retirement in 1983, Mr. DiNapoli said. Mr. Lipp retired with nearly 16 years of accumulated service credit and an annual pension of $9,321, according to the comptroller. "Every dime put back in taxpayer-funded coffers counts when all levels of government are being forced to reduce spending," Mr. DiNapoli said in a statement. Mr. Lipp is the 40th person to lose their pensions or some pension credits due to what Mr. DiNapoli contends is their ineligibility for public pension benefits.


Anonymous said...

he did something to somebody who then ratted him out......this is just one more priate who happened to get netted......this goes on all too often......but who cares

Anonymous said...

If Andrew Cuomo just kept going after people who have and are ripping off the system, we would solve all the financial problems in the state. Governor Eliot Mess (not to be confused with Eliot Ness) was too busy getting laid to recover stolen money and stop the continuing frauds, and he was way too busy protecting his greedy rich friends.

Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy for this bum.

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