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Monday, April 6, 2009

Attorneys Who Coach Fraud Like Judge Who Knew Which Laws to Break

NY Attorney Found Guilty In Immigration Conspiracy
The New York Law Journal by Mark Hamblett - April 6, 2009

An immigration lawyer and his wife were convicted Friday of conspiring to commit immigration fraud by coaching asylum seekers to invent stories of persecution in their native lands. James Christo, 44, who runs a small immigration practice in Manhattan, and his wife, Remila, 35, were each convicted of one count of conspiracy by a Southern District jury. Mr. Christo was acquitted on a second conspiracy count. The convictions were won with the help of audiotapes of Mr. Christo speaking to an undercover agent posing as an Albanian immigrant and the testimony of a confidential informant who operated as a translator for a Macedonian woman who was seeking asylum. Presiding over the trial was a visiting judge, David Hittner of the Southern District of Texas, who took the unusual step of instructing the jury on the law before summations in the case. Henry Putzel represented James Christo. Richard B. Lind represented Remila Christo. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Brent S. Wible and Rua M. Kelly handled the prosecution. The couple face a maximum of five years in prison when they are sentenced on July 17.

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overheated said...

It's nice that these lawyers and judges are teaching people how to get around the law. It's a very good example for future generations. This county, thanks to corrupt judges and lawyers, has become a living hell.

Anonymous said...

Which class was that in law school? Self enrichment; using perjury successfully; developing a sound approach to your future law practice. Is it the NY lawyer's training (nurture) or his nature (dishonest)? At least they have Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of crooked lawyers and judges, to pray to. Please, Saint Andrew, hear our wailing cry; save us from the justice of the honest.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of fraud, and a little off this article, AG Cuomo is going after Ezra Merkin about his investing everyone else's money (but his own) with Madoff.

I was thinking, He has to be an lawyer (Merkin that is),and guess what, he is:

Merkin is the son of Hermann Merkin, a prominent banker, philanthropist, and author, and Ursula Merkin. He is the brother or Daphne Merkin, a writer. He is married, and the father of four children.

Merkin attended Ramaz, an Upper East Side Modern Orthodox prep school, two yeshivas in Israel, then Columbia University and Harvard Law School. He briefly worked for the law firm Milbank Tweed. But in the early 1980s he moved on to Wall Street finance, his father’s business, working at a hedge fund run by Alan Slifka, his father's friend. There he met Joel Greenblatt, who founded Gotham Capital in 1985, where Merkin worked as an analyst until 1988.

The only way to get rid of the corruption the attorneys and the court are getting away with, is to follow the money.

Anonymous said...

I was also thinking about Ezra today. Just checked OCA records and YES Ezra is a NY attorney.... a little delinquent, as in juvenile delinquent, etc., but here's what I found:


as of 04/06/2009

Registration Number: 1673508

NEW YORK, NY 10022-2605
United States
(212) 838-7200

Year Admitted in NY: 1980
Appellate Division Department of Admission: 1
Registration Status: Delinquent
Next Registration: Apr 2010

Bx guy said...

All these worms know how to get around everything lets see them get around a lead pipe upside their heads, that would straighten them out quick.

Anonymous said...

fuck this
they are not guilty

Anonymous said...

Before making comments learn the facts about a case. These two individual were set up. The informant is the one who is no good, stealing over $200,000.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the case of James Christo and his wife two innocent people set up by the government. Former Attorney Michael J. Garcia was a colleague and rival of James Christo. Why were they targeted.

Anonymous said...

i was a client of James Christo and i am very happy that he got busted for corruption of the system.. He ruined my case that cost me 7 years of my life and he doesnt deserve to be a lawyer.... i hope they will permanently revoke his licence as an attorney

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