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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Anderson Advances, Federal Jury to Hear 'Ethics' Corruption, Whitewashing


The Corruption of New York's 'Ethics' Oversight Going Public

A New York Federal District Court Judge, the Hon. Shira A. Scheindlin, ruled Monday that a federal jury, and  importantly the public, will hear testimony into exactly how corrupt the Manhattan attorney 'ethics' department is and how serious ethics complaints for favored attorneys have been improperly whitewashed.  Equally alarming is the expected testimony that will shed light into the systemic corruption within the attorney and judicial ethics oversight agencies. The widespread allegations of retaliation within and about New York's court system will be provided a proper public forum upon which accountability may be restored. 

The New York Office of Court Administration rattling federal lawsuit was filed October 26, 2007, in The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. The allegations by Christine Anderson, a respected insider, revealed a previously hidden look into the systemic corruption within the statewide court system and, most horrifically, concerns the very body charged with overseeing ethics and integrity within the state's courts was supervised by a small group of corrupt individuals.  The named defendants originally included The State of New York's Office of Court Administration (OCA), and the Hon. John Buckley, Thomas J. Cahill, Sherry K. Cohen, Catherine O'Hagen Wolfe and David Spokony- all senior level state employees involved with the 1st Judicial Department's Departmental Disciplinary Committee (DDC), which is charged with overseeing the ethics of attorneys in The Bronx and Manhattan. The papers filed in federal court included, "Plaintiff requests the appointment of a federal monitor to oversee the day-to-day operations of the DDC for an indefinite period."

Alan Friedberg, formerly the deputy counsel at the statewide Commission on Judicial Conduct, now heads the DDC. Mr. Friedberg has himself become a lighting rod for corruption allegations as has his former associate Robert Tembeckjian who runs the statewide judicial 'ethics' group as Chief Counsel.

An October 30, 2007 article in the New York Law Journal by Daniel Wise described Anderson's firing, "... in retaliation for complaining that her superiors had engaged in a 'pattern and practice of whitewashing and routinely dismissing complaints against certain select attorneys'" and noted that Christine C. Anderson had worked for the disciplinary committee for six years. The article revealed that Ms. Anderson asked that a federal monitor be appointed to oversee the disciplinary committee's operations, and explained that, "In 2005, Ms. Anderson charged in her complaint, she discovered that the chief counsel of the disciplinary committee, Thomas J. Cahill, and Sherry K. Cohen, its first deputy counsel, were "apparently engaged in a 'numbers game' and practice" of "selectively" dismissing complaints against attorneys for their "own personal and political reasons." Sherry Cohen was also accused of digging her nails into Anderson's hands, an act that appartently led to Cohen's attendance in an appropriate program.
"The first instance of a 'whitewash' alleged in Ms. Anderson's complaint occurred 'in or about 2003' in 'a highly sensitive investigation,' which had uncovered 'overwhelming concrete evidence of misconduct' by an attorney, Ms. Anderson alleged. The matter was dropped despite her recommendation that a formal complaint be filed against the lawyer, Ms. Anderson alleged.
She also charged that a large file she had amassed containing "indisputable evidence of misconduct" had been 'gutted.'" A second incident involved Sherry Cohen's whitewashing of a  complaint because, "'she had a prior working relationship' with the attorney for the lawyer under investigation and sought to avoid having his client formally charged 'as a favor.'"



Anonymous said...

Can't open the opinion order the link is coming back damaged..

Anonymous said...

Where is Saint Andrew is this? Is he conflicted again between his duty to the people of NY and his role as Patron Saint of Crooked Lawyers and Judges?

Galison said...

Brava Christine for hanging in there.

Bravo Frank for publishing this.

Let us not forget that Jonathan Lippman appointed Friedberg and Reardon, and was the one who actually approved the firing of Christine Anderson.

Let us not forget that Tembeckjian has ignored the official CJC complaint against Lippman and attended his "confirmation" without bothering to mention to the subcommittee that the complaint citing felonies was before the CJC.

Friedberg and Tembeckjian are the puppets of Lippman; Lippman is the puppet of Silver, and Silver is the puppet of ......Satan?

And of course Sampson is a finger puppet of Lippman, too.

Hope I can say that without alarming law enforcement.

All snideness aside, I sincerely applaud the efforts of Frank and Christine in this matter.

All of these traitors should be spanked for treason, and sent to bed without any supper!

Now Frank, could you please stop treating me like
an enemy, or at least explain why you do?



Anonymous said...

nothing will happen
the judge is going to whitewash this and it will be nothing more than a joke.
By doing that she will ensure that when she retires she will get a good paying cushy job like Kaye did. In a few years Lippman will do the same.
You need a special prosecutor to go after the DDC, Kaye and Lippman.
Maybe/if they go after Sheldon Silver the will touch on the subject. I do not think they will want to open up that can of worms.
I WISH CHRISTINE ANDERSON THE BEST OF LUCK. Maybe if this goes out of N.Y Anderson will finally get justice.

Anonymous said...

These allegations should be reviewed in a public setting, and if true, people need to go to jail. Glad to see a judge waking up finally to the need to expose these corrupt people. I'm going to try and attend the hearing. Odd that the hearing is at 5:30pm on Friday, May 8th. Late in the day for a hearing to start... Is the judge trying to discourage people from attending?

Anonymous said...

It might be quite the opposite.. people work till 5...

Is anyone else having trouble with the decision/order link?? Mine says file corrupted.. :(

Anonymous said...

Bravo Christine and thank you for your bravery. As I told you it is not easy being Curt Flood but someone has to make the effort. I have done a quick review of the opinion and I am troubled by the Courts dismissal of the wrongful termination. In short the dismissal of this cause of action is inconsistent with her sustaining the retaliation cause of action. Further, her dismissal of the wrongful termination was a factual argument and not a a question of law. The wrongful termination was a question of fact that was to be left to the jury. This is a highly appealable issue, should one be needed. The judge also supported a number of factual allegations that are at the heart of your case ( eg she virtually supported your claim of whitewashing at the DDC). I could go further but all in all a great victory for you and this cause. God Bless, your fellow Jamaican.

AMEN said...

Thank God.. We're finally seeing JUSTICE here..and we have Christine Anderson to thank for that and Frank Brady..God Bless you both!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To some of the above comments...Wait until you see what's about to unfold...STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!

EDK said...

Christine Anderson has my support, prayers and congratulations....she is my hero!
This is from a supporter in the same arena....the door is open now for some real truth to be revealed, as time has run out for these monsters. I hope what I have to offer will also work to bring justice back to NY.

Anonymous said...

who is behind the scene on this one?

Anonymous said...

Why not put ALL the Anderson documents on the internet so everybody can see them ALL. This way we can all see the truth.
Wishing Anderson good luck because she will need it.

Anonymous said...

Christine, YOU are an inspiration to all Americans and to the people of the WORLD! YOU are a HERO to us all! We love you and support you. You have the support of many, you are never alone, you will prevail!!!

Anonymous said...


You did noble work as an investigative attorney. You did exceptional work by whistle-blowing against the DDC.

This hearing could be your finest moment and the most important contribution of your life.

PLEASE do not compromise with these villains. You could be the most important figure in Judicial reform in decades.

We stand behind you.

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