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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Newly Established Financial Crimes and Public Corruption Unit Gets First Case

Woman charged with theft from village
The Associated Press  - April 10, 2009

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - The newly established Financial Crimes and Public Corruption Unit of the Cook County Sheriff's Police is now handling its first case -- that of a former Hazel Crest employee who allegedly stole more than $100,000 from the village between August of 2007 and April of last year.  A Cook County judge set bond at $50,000 on Thursday for 30-year-old Teneisha Coleman of Sauk Village, was arrested earlier in the week on suspicion that she cashed multiple municipal checks without authorization.  Coleman has been charged with one count of theft over $100,000 and one count of official misconduct.


Amid Recession, FBI Makes New Push on Financial Crimes
U.S. News and World Reports by Alex Kingsbury - April 1, 2009
In the age of Bernie Madoff, agents are scrambling to focus on white-collar criminals

Ever since 9/11, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has focused its investigatory might overwhelmingly on fighting terrorism. But in a sign of these troubled economic times, the FBI is reviving an old priority: white-collar crime. More specifically, in the age of Bernie Madoff, officials want to nab criminals who helped to create, or are now exploiting, the financial crisis. In the past five weeks alone, the FBI has opened more than 200 mortgage-fraud cases and 36 corporate-fraud investigations, and the number is expected to grow exponentially, top FBI officials say. More than 250 agents are now on the fraud beat, up 75 since October. And FBI Director Robert Mueller told Congress last week that the thousands of new fraud cases involving individuals and businesses are straining the bureau's assets devoted to other crimes, like terrorism and a skyrocketing number of public corruption cases.

Congress is already weighing an increase to the FBI's budget to address the spike in frauds specifically related to the economic crisis. It may not come a moment too soon. "The increasing mortgage, corporate fraud, and financial institution failure case inventory is straining the FBI's limited white-collar crime resources," FBI Deputy Director John Pistole told lawmakers last month. That's a significant shift in resources and, some say, a welcome change from the short shrift that white-collar crimes received from law enforcement over the past eight years. After the 9/11 attacks, the FBI reassigned more than 1,800 agents—about a third of its investigative force—from criminal probes to national security and terrorism-related assignments. Federal prosecutions for crimes related to terrorism did spike briefly in 2002, but they have declined in each successive year. They are now at their lowest levels since September 2001. What's more, government statistics show that the number of terrorism cases that law enforcement agencies investigated, only to have prosecutors decline to take them to trial, has continued to rise over the past eight years. "It suggests that there's pressure on law enforcement to make cases that simply aren't there," says one veteran federal agent who spent more than two decades investigating violent crime.

Some of the skills the FBI developed to investigate terrorism, particularly on the financing side, can also be used against white-collar criminals. Undercover agents are going after unscrupulous lenders, for instance, while FBI accountants are tracking illicit securities deals. "The skills and knowledge base that an agent uses to track terrorist financing are the same as tracing other kinds of transactions through the global financial system," says John O'Connor, a retired FBI agent who supervised white-collar investigations. Still, changing gears takes time. White-collar crimes generate oceans of paper and electronic records and can take years to investigate, let alone prosecute. Craig Dotlo, an FBI retiree, investigates private fraud for banks. He says the cases demand patience both from agents and from a public eager for justice. "They are incredibly labor-intensive cases," he says, "especially if the criminals were educated at the country's best business schools."


Eliot Bernstein / Patentgate / Bat Out of Hell said...

Oh foolish sheep, the terror, terror, terror alerts were all to take your eye off the real terrorists, the terrorists within who were robbing and raping our freedoms and markets. Yes, you allowed this in fear of a guy on a camel, with sandals, who had to borrow our planes to attack us. Of course, to anyone with a sane mind, 3 steel buildings did not fall on the same day due to planes hitting them but rather implosion. Steel structures do not fall at free fall speed to the ground unless implosion is used but you are to stupid and believe your government and trust them and you deserve to have your pockets picked. Once you study physics and learn that steel needs constant 3000 degree heat plus to melt and then collapse into molten liquid, you remain blind, by the way the 3rd building that fell 1/2 a day later had no plane hit it, so what's your theory for that? You sheep - you whining sheep, get your Pitchforks, do what the Constitution calls you to do and take arms to a corrupt government, hell they just stole trillions from your grandpa's pensions and you sit on your ass and when they say they have no accounting you give them more. Bahhhh, Bahhhh. So, while your Congress comes out on the hill, have your pitchforks and demand answers or jabem in the face a few times, that usually sparks instant recall, if they can't recall, Pitch em to death. You are pathetic PEOPLE, afraid and terrorized by your government, no protests in the streets for war crimes, financial crimes, wars of agression based on false intel, you really are pathetic and deserve to lose your houses, accounts, etc. So until you get off your ass and take grass root actions to overthrow a government gone mad, cry not.
Your comrade in arms, in revolution,
Bat Out of Hell
Eliot Bernstein
Pitchforks free @

Anonymous said...

they go from drug dealers to wall street but they never look at court street.
Cumo has come down on some people for running ponzi schemes.
Assuming the Manhattan DA has jurisdiction.
That should be a good question to ask is Snyder or the other one going to look at the DDC and lawyers/judges.
No reporter ever asks that question.
Cumo is lookin into the list for Chief judge, and thier is Sampson
another lawyer. Nothing will come of it. Sampson got a photo and press release opertunity.

Anonymous said...

Isn't domestic terrorism just as big, if not a bigger issue than international terrorism. That appears to me to be what has tanked this country right into a depression.
The FBI needs to re-rorganize under Obama and set current priorities, before we have no country to terrorize.
Make the court system in NY a first priority...since my belief is that it has played a major role in the American demise of today!

Manhattan Surrogate Court Victim said...

NYC ground zero for financial terrorism. Its easy this is where the money is, follow the money. And the Surrogate Court is where there is a vast store of money and its easy pickens for the financial terrorists. The lawyers in league with the Judges have a party and no one stands a chance. Of course its all perfectly legal, you should know. So who do you go to the Manhattan DA, they do nothing, they tell you to get lost. The AG, FBI and US Atty's Office are no better. I like the pickfork idea, it has merit..

Anonymous said...

Is this the Cook County Sheriff that stood up to the improperly documented foreclosures?

Anonymous said...

and refused to evict people on improper paperwork?

When I mentioned Cook County to my Suffolk County Sheriff as he was unlawfully evicting me... he thought it was some place in New York.. and told me the laws were different there...

I guess in Suffolk County they just do as they please...

Anonymous said...

anyone know why a company filing ch. 11 bankruptcy like Silicon graphics needs to try and hire a firm like Davis Polk & Wardwell for the ch. 11? Davis Polk not only has close relationship with JP Morgan, but also has former partners from the firm all over the Second Circuit and SDNY including Judge Chin who has the Madoff case? also has US Senator Gillibrand who had D'amato standing up for her as a former parter or lawyer at the firm too?

Anonymous said...

I personally gave the FBI, IRS, PostalInspectors, N.Y, and Florida Banking Departments, local police, Attorney Generals, both state and federal information about a serial criminal that left a life of burglary, robbery, home invasions, arson for profit, drug dealing, and possibly murder of a witness that was giving information to the authorites, and moved right into the mortgage business, realty business, and the Title business, all for the purpose of commmitting wide scale fraud.

I gave them six instances of probable fraud that was ongoing with the purchases of at least 6 pieces of property that obviously came out of mortgage fraud.

I connected that man to another man of far greater interest to the FBI, and demonstrated to them how he was connected. It fell on deaf ears. They allowed this man to continue his grand larceny. Most of those properties (only the ones I know about) have gone into foreclosure. They could have stopped this criminal in their tracks, and they did nothing about it and haven't done a damned thing about it to this very day. That fellow remains free to steal again when the opportunity once again presents itself. The only good that came from it is that this criminal has been bled dry because potential marks have read my postings and have steered clear of him.

I even took the time to inform Suffolk County, NY, County Court Judge James C Hudson of this man's criminal activity before Judge Hudson sentenced this man to 5 years probation after he pled to 38 violent felonies and gave false testimony in his court convicting a man the Judge HAD to know was innocent of the crimes he was charged with. The best part is the probation that was given to this man was allowed to be administered in Palm Beach County, Florida, or one of the Ground Zeroes of mortgage fraud.

Joseph A. Careccia, 3/17/73:

Washington Funding Group - a mortgage business in Boca Raton.

Globe Mortgage Network, also, Boca Raton.

Globe Realty Network - also, Boca Raton.

Globe Title Services, also, Boca Raton.

Globe Credit Solutions, also, Boca Raton.

After those criminal enterprise folded, he moved to a business more suited to his many and considerable talents:

Uncle Joe's Used Cars, Royal Palm Beach, FL.

Big Apple Towing, Royal Palm Beach.

Always in need of a quick and dishonest dollar, Mr.Careccia took on 15 automobiles as storage for a legitimate re-possessor, and converted the titles to himself by forging the documents of those cars. He then held up the banks for a $40,000.00 ransom to return those cars to the banks for the storage fees he said he had accrued.

In addition, he outright stole two two trucks from the car possession agency and moved them to an associate in Boynton Beach, FL: Access Towing, owned and operated by a known drug dealer.

He then told his victim that if he talked to the police he would have him killed and would use 'blacks' to do it because they have no conscience and would think nothing of killing his whole family.

Remember that earlier I told you he was a suspect in a murder of a police witness? In that case the target of that investigation is a black man that was associated with him in a drug business right where the murdered witness was found after he was murdered.

Not to be deterred, and knowing that he would have his probation sent back to Suffolk County, he purchased another home using his long time girlfriend's name, Gina C., and after less than one year that property went into foreclosure.

The FBI seems to care less about it, and the Suffolk DA, a man they intentionally set free because he helped them convict an innocent man with perjury, doesn't care a wit, in fact, they do everything to protect him from prosecution while in Florida, and now in Suffolk County.

Fair warning if you live on Long Island. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. This miscreant knows decent folks visit their loved ones on this holiday as they did on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 2001. On those two days he burglarized 7 Long Island homes while his victims were out visiting their families.

Lock your doors, turn on your alarms, and hide your silver, Joe needs money and Suffolk will turn a blind eye because he knows more about them than they know about him.

Pete F

Anonymous said...

A PS to the above post:

In matters related to this gross miscarriage of justice, I filed charges to the following NY Agencies:

NYS Attorney General
NYS Grievance Board
Commission on Judicial Conduct.

I believe those charges were credible, serious, and provable.

All four did nothing but dismiss those charges without explanation.

The SIC is now history.

I can only hope that this WebSite will make the CJC and NYS Grievance Board extinct, as well.

Attorney General Cuomo, I am afraid will be the classic example of the "Peter Principle" as he is the front runner for Governor.



Eliot Bernstein said...

To above, G-d is not supposed to help in the USA. When government corrupts, and this corruption is both Repub and Dem, in fact, a coup by evil scum on the country, then the Constitution calls on us to Help US, not G-d. G-d is busy, he sends angels to help, they are ignored, the People ask the corrupt leaders to please change or succeed themselves with not corrupt people who will replace them and prosecute them. If your pissed grab the ole pitchfork and start swinging, show up at their meetings, make noise, start uprising, these are public servants, not servants of G-d, soon servants of devils like me.
Yet, while await eternal souls, it is your job as a citizen to invoke outrage, so instead of just complaining, whining and praying, storm their offices in protest, surround them with offstream media, complain non stop, force them to the light, catch them in their crimes, try them. If that does not work because it is a coup that has seized power in an illegal power grab, well then, let the revolution begin, fear not life or limb in the pursuit of freedom and certainly fear not these thugs disguised as public servants, mostly spoiled rotten elitist pigs. Then when they are dead or dying, take their property, redistribute it to the People and hang their heads outside their offices so that the next candidate sees what happens to corrupt public officials. This is how to clean the house.
Finally, I spoke with G0d regarding your outcry, laughter was all I heard in response, the laughter was at how pathetic those who do not utilize their rights to freedom and the Constitution and instead ask guilty as shit public servants to change their evil ways.

Bat Out of Hell
Friend of Devil
Eliot I Bernstein

Anonymous said...

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