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Friday, April 10, 2009

More OCA Dead Wood to Go, Now Jan Plumadore

Justice Plumadore Announces Retirement
The New York Law Journal - News in Brief - March 25, 2009

Justice Jan H. Plumadore, 66, of Saranac Lake, who has served as the deputy chie administrative judge for the courts in the the 57 counties outside New York City since 2004, has announced his retirement. He said yesterday in an interview that the timing of the move remains to be determined; he plans to work with his successor to insure an "orderly, seamless" transition. He also anticipates retiring from the bench entirely later this year but not before he presides over several additional trials. Justice Plumadore earns $144,000 in his administrative post. As a trial judge, he will earn $136,700. He said he wants to pursue other interests, including representing clients in court, consulting and volunteer work in the schools. Justice Plumadore said he originally agreed to take the administrative job for three years but Chief Administrative Judge Ann Pfau asked him to stay on a bit longer. He said the new chief judge, Jonathan Lippman, "needs a longtermer. The quicker that happens the better for everyone." Chief Judge Lippman recently announced a reorganization of the courts that will retain two deputy administrators under Judge Pfau, including Justice Plumadore's successor. Judge Pfau thanked Justice Plumadore for his "dedicated leadership in a demanding position," adding that "he has developed an uncommon record of integrity and fairness." A graduate of Albany Law School and former Franklin County legislator, Justice Plumadore was elected to [the] Supreme Court in 1987 after serving 10 years as a county court judge. -- Jeff Storey


albany area attorney screwed by jan plumadore said...

This man has improperly remained silent with the full knowledge of countless crimes by high level NYS court executives. Please add him to your list of who the feds should grill, and prosecute. He knows a lot, covered a lot. Take away his law license and throw him in jail. You downstate people may have a bunch of whitewashing hacks in Manhattan, but we have the king cover up king in Plumadore throughout the rest of the state. No one will miss Jan Plumadore. Maybe there is hope for justice in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

How corrupt is this State?

Anonymous said...

Thank you David Sullivan and Judge Plumadore for the sua sponte Justice.. "NOT!"...

It couldn't have happened to a bigger crook said...

Well, well, well..the trash took himself to the dump! is the day that defines your criminal knowledge and activity... and you know what that is that why you picked today to depart?
Ethics and the law evaded you in your career as a justice toter, and you are not only known as a coverup scam master.....but YOU are accused in federal litigation as a conspirator, criminal plotter and attempted murderer.
You do know that those charges do not disappear and after today's may not be able to appear as a judge or a lawyer..anywhere!
I am elated the first of the scum of OCA is falling APART..but it must be noted it is not because of anything Lippman has done, because he has been aware of all of the above and also has just weakly sat back and.....hoped I would go away or that OCA would have never COMMITTED the crimes that they did against me... or all the others associated with me!

Good riddance garbage bag...I hope for you the life you reaped upon me...since 2003...Scum!

Anonymous said...

To show Plumadore the door, will they need assistance pulling his shallow head out of the asses of those he covered. I have a crow bar handy, but I suspect they wimps that remain have a wad of KY Jelly around.

Anonymous said...

I know have a dozen people who sought help from Plumadore. Nothing, zero.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a man named Jan! Creepy and a coward...the courts outside of NYC will now get a Lippman and Silver replacement...of course someone they can control nearby...should be from upstate in the largest district...but OCA CAN'T IMTIMIDATE A JUDGE WHO IS 9 HRS AWAY.
So Plumadore is trash disgarded and now the wait for another piece of work from the Silver box!

Former Fed Invesitigator said...

This SOB wants to get out before he gets indicted, Jan baby, you're going to love a federal prison scumbag. We're waiting for you and all your friends.

Anonymous said...

If Plumadore gets to hear cases in court, before he gets indicted on one case or many....those in his area should look out for these actions:
1) Plumadore will find you guilty before any proof is submitted... as I have a statement written and signed by him in his legal capacity...that are herebye CHARGED by OCA and thus we find you unfit and incompetent to..blah!
2) Plumadore authorized a transcript of an official hearing, taken under oath to be...Altered... significantly, so he could acheive the result of unfit and incompetent!
3)Plumadore authorized that an official computer document be altered and the true document be withheld and the altered document be presented as evidence by them for decision in OCA'S favor.
4)Plumadore authorized wiretaps, personal home surveillance and employee drivebys of myself and my witness,as well as bank account subpoenas for any and all banks in my area...using my name as the object of same..."after" he terminated me for what he stated was JUST an employment case!?
Why would OCA want to be in my bank accounts as an ex-employer who already created false charges to remove me from my 30 yr employment, where they always gave me excellent evaluations the entire time??
How massively unconstitutional!!
5)After Plumadore, et al was named in a federal court lawsuit in March 2006...he authorized another hired state employee... from the dept of corrections... to run me off the highway, going 90 miles an hr... sliding into my vehicle and then pulling quickly in front of me at a very dangerous semi-circle on a local expressway... to hopefully cause my SUV to overturn on the circle and create my death or severe injuries, with the vehicle speeding away...never to be related to OCA...or so they thought!
6) Plumadore authorized and commanded 3 area police depts to follow myself and my witness for months and to keep arresting my witness for no seatbelt at the same spot down the street from my house, as they then altered his criminal history report...changing his picture, by cutting and pasting everything they could to create a violent felon while adding these false felony convictions. So, if I attempted to get him released he would have to remain on high bail. I and others that OCA cannot reach, have the copy.
I also am well versed in reading criminal history reports to the tune of well over 500,000 I trained judges in my capacity as a court clerk, in identification of informaton.

Plumadadorio can retire, resign or retreat...but his actions in that short period of corruption,04 to09, within his duties as chief administrative judge, shall not relieve him of conviction.
I will be vehement about these charges being brought to the attention of the federal government, when appropriately gathred!

I see stripes on you old man...hope you like groups of men!

Enjoy you short rest will soon be sweeping crap in some federal prison bathroom!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Who is the raving lunatic with such a vendetta on Justice Plumadore?? It sounds like a spoiled child who didn't get his way. Grow up my friend and talk like a reasonable intelligent person---if you can.It sounds to me like the same idiot wrote all of these entries.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment. In reading through most of the comments on this site and others I have found that most of these are,indeed, written by the same person. You have here a very disturbed individual who is working him(or her) self into a dangerous frenzy. If anyone reading this knows this person please see that he or she gets help. What brings these lunatics out of the woodwork.

Anonymous said...

Amen....if a judge made everyone happy he wouldn't be a judge. Rule of law is rough on some by design. Probably those posting are just angry crooks themselves.

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