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Monday, April 20, 2009

Corrupt Court Blog Denounces Physical Threats and Illegal Actions of Any Kind

Corrupt Court Blog Denounces Physical Threats and Illegal Actions of Any Kind

The weblog will not tolerate any mention of any illegal activity including, of course, any reference to physical threats of any kind. The commitment to restoring integrity to our treasured courts remains steadfast, along with the expression of 1st Amendment Rights, by only lawful means. That position is similarly endorsed by, and

Law enforcement officials contacted blog administrators early April 20, 2009 regarding the comment that had been posted regarding a certain New York State judge and that he “should be hanged for treason.” Numerous readers of the blog also contacted blog administrators to voice their disgust with the “grossly inappropriate and threatening comment.” The comment was the 8th posted reaction to the the posting on Saturday, April 18, 2009, “More Changes From NYS Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman.” That posting included the April 20, 2009 dated New York Law Journal article by Joel Stashenko, “With Bow to the Past, Lippman Defines Own Role and Priorities.” The comment was deleted by blog administrators at 9:15am on Monday, April 20, 2009.


former state employee said...

I was shocked to read that comment before it was deleted. It's people like that who ruin the good efforts of people with a noble cause.

old timer said...

Be most careful of people who pretend to be working with you. I know how two faced state employed people can be. They have friends of friends who will get inside your group and destroy you. Keep up the good work! But be careful.

Anonymous said...

Things usually have to get worse before they get better. And since the corruption in the courts in New York can't get much worse, they can only start getting better. Very simple.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the comment was left by Iowa Senator Charles Grassley. As you know, he's the Senator who suggested that AIG executives should take a Japanese approach toward accepting responsibility by resigning or killing themselves. How crazy!

Anonymous said...

Two things that are interesting about this are:

The majority of the people who read and post to this blog are really trying to fix things by doing the right thing and working within the existing system.

It's good to see that people took action when this inappropriate comment was made and the moderator removed the offensive post promptly.

The second very interesting thing is, that law enforcement contacted the moderator about the offensive comment.

Have they also been in contact about any of the other posts about specific criminal activities by the officers of the courts and/or attorneys that have been posted?

Galison said...

I am the bad person who wrote the comment that Lippman should have something bad done to him for treason.

I apologize if this was offensive or shocking to anyone, or if Mr. Lippman or his colleagues are frightened by my comment.

Let it be known that I have no intention, desire to hang or otherwise harm anybody in any way, and at the moment I felt that my comment was consistent with many other angry postings on this site.

In fact I am a strong opponent of capital punishment.

If I went overboard, I apologize. I actually think that Lippman should be put in jail for a long long time.

As far as "treason" goes, I don't know the technical definition, but subverting the constitution so far as to place oneself in the State's highest position through lies, corruption, and outright criminality is treason enough for me.

That is merely my opinion, but voicing opinions is exactly what this blog is for.

Having said that I find it strange that law enforcement contacted Frank about the comment, and not me, since I signed the posting "GALISON", which is my name. My phone number and email address are also available on the blog, as well as a million other places.

If law enforcement wants to contact me, I encourage them to do so. I will tell the what I am telling you here.

Thanks for reading this, and again apologies if I shocked anyone.

I welcome your comments.


Will Galison
917 517 7344

galison said...

I hope you will check out my testimony and that of Elena Sassower at the February 11, hearing on the nomination of Judge Lippman. They are viewable on Youtube.

If more of us had testified at the hearing, Judge Lippman would not be Chief Judge today.

Where was everybody?


Anonymous said...

Will, do you really think that more people at the hearing would have made a difference? I seriously doubt it. Having spent many years working inside the NYS Legislature, I know first hand that all major decisions are made by the leaders. That's it! No matter how many people showed up to protest at that hearing it was already a done deal.

The hearings are just a front to make us all think that our opinion matters. Even the rank and file members are ignored.

New York State is run by three people, the Governor and the Assembly majority leader and Senate majority leader. You might as well saved your time and stayed home.

retired attorney said...

Irrational behavior helps no one, nor any purpose. Stay grounded. All of you are doing good work. Keep the pressure on. Appropriately, of course.

Anonymous said...

I do not condone threats or violence in any form..even though OCA has participated in both and very seriously against me and so I must concur with the above poster...where is law enforcement in my life..when the violence and threats have been expressed and performed by OCA ...with proof!

It is very nice that Will aplogized and I believe he did not mean it, but is possibly very frustrated with OCA'S ACTIONS THAT ARE CRIMINAL...and those that should be jumping on that...are not...but they are there within the minute for his threat.

Just curious why OCA is not being addressed for their actions...after years of them being reported on this blog....could this be part of the problem?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the apology and assurance that you realize there is a material difference between blogging "these perps should spend the rest of their days behind bars" and the comment "[he] should be hanged for treason." Let us keep the pressure on and their feet to the fire so to speak but devoid of any hint of physical violence and devoid of any wish of physical harm directly or indirectly to any perpetrator(s).

Galison said...

To anonymous,

Your comment regarding the uselessness of attending hearings is misguided, fatalistic and self-fulfilling.

If the hearings were a front to make us think we were being considered, then we would have been invited to the hearings. The reason the hearings were secret was to ensure that there was ZERO opposition to the confirmation.

The press was there, even if it was represented by reporters like Stashenko, (who I considered to be more of a prostitute than Spitzer ever employed, because he sells his soul rather than his body).

If there had been ten of us and only six of them, the press would have had to have reported the opposition, rather than dismissing Elena and I as two crackpots.

The video that is on Youtube is proof that there were allegations of criminal wrongdoing and proof that the evidence had been sent to the committee,

Thus the full Senate was deprived of a full accounting of the procedure.

Had we had ten or twenty more people testifying, we would have had two hours to blast Lippman (can I say that?) and we would have turned that hearing upside-down.

We wouldn't have changed the Committee's minds but there would have been NO WAY they could have avoided mentioning that there were twice as many opposed as for Lippman's confirmation, and that an investigation was necessary.

Even if the Full Senate went along, the public and the press would not accept that there was evidence offered and no investigation of that evidence, and those senators would be in deep doo doo (can I say that?)

i will attend every important hearing that I can, and I hope everyone else will as well.

That is why it is crucial that Frank post these hearings on the site in a timely manner.

Galison said...

One last thought on my comment about hanging, etc.. i do believe that what Lippman and his colleagues are doing is so subversive to our Constitution that it could be considered "Treason".

If the enormous crimes committed by Lippman & co are prosecuted, the penalty for treason will be at the discretion of the proper authorities, subject to law.

It is silly to imply that I "threatened" anybody because I am not i charge of prosecuting, sentencing or punishing Lippman or anybody else for treason or anything else.

I am personally against the death penalty (and violent retribution across the board), but I know that many of the Senators who supported Lippman's confirmation are for it.

In any case, I believe that Lippman is a menace to our state and to our future, and he should be dealt with in such a way that he can do no more harm.

I would say the same about any dangerous criminal.

I should also mention that MUCH more violent vitriol has been vented on this blog in the past by others, and neither law enforcement nor outraged viewers have raised any fuss.

Nevertheless, I will choose my words more carefully.


Will Galison

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those same people had anything to say when Alec Baldwin said Repr.Hyde and his family should be found and killed. That was offensive, the comment about 'treason' was not. trust me when I say I didn't picture a rope with a noose looking for someone to hang.

Anonymous said...

Dear Law Enforcement Officials,

I am a nice person who follows the laws. However, it has been my experience that the Judges in the Supreme Court, County of Westchester and the Judges in the 2nd Appellate do not.

Please investigate these Judges as they have colluded with attorneys and each other to deny me my civil rights.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Anonymous said...

Will Galison:

I agree that the Law Enforcement folks, if "truly" concerned that your comment was "any threat" at all, should have contacted you directly at which point you could have asked Law Enforcement to confirm if in fact the investigators have done Anything about Any of the daily reports of crimes against the Constitution and other corruption reported at this blog.

I mean, we all know Frank Brady could have contacted you directly for sure and then you could have asked Law Enforcement Exactly What Frank Brady has shared with law enforcement, what Information was Shredded, thrown in the trash, disregarded and more despite the fact that THIS BLOG Actually USED to POST at the TOP RIGHT of the BLOG the CONTACT INFO for the Office of Professional Responsibility for the DOJ and Relaed Offices in CASE Federal authorities have Disregarded claims as well.

Interestingly, while the Contact Info remains it is not as prominent as usual.

In any event, there is "freedom of thought" which is a protected freedom. I did not see the comment as posted but I would say that simply saying a Judge should be "hanged for treason" in a Simple expression of outrage at the horrible corruption that is tolerated daily which has No intention of actual action or threat should not be removed.

I mean all this post has really done is draw attention to the fact of the Multiple Daily claims that are still being disregarded meanwhile folks have Literally had Homes and Children STOLEN ILLEGALLY through corruption.

I mean, that is referencing illegal activity right? We are supposed to be able to talk about that eh?

There are parts of the Declaration of Independence and other documents which support the citizens rights to take more severe action when the system to address grievances properly has been totally corrupted beyond repair.

Did Anyone ask Law Enforcement what they are Actually Doing about any of the corruption? Did anyone get the names of the law enforcement invovled?

What about the Special Prosecutor that folks were told about over 5 months ago?

What about all the Dancing in the Street that was supposed to be happening?

Will, get in touch. I am up in the Hudson Valley. Time will tell if the blog is truly working to solve the problems or is at least in part of the problem by misleading folks to think something is actually being done when in fact information and faxes and more have gone to the shredder.

I mean, interestingly enough when the Info came out on the blog that then US Attorney Garcia's "Hotline" was a Hoax to Keep the Public at bay believing something would actually be done none of those "in the know" on here have come out to step up to the plate about that FRAUD on the people.

Let's hope this has not been more Fraud on the public but time will tell. There are definite and certain processes at work in that regard.

Hang in there Will. After all you have done you are entitled to at least a Return Phone call I would think.

your friend in the hudson valley region.

Anonymous said...

Galison and Kevin R. Hall from the Hudson Valley Region...Brady bashing and blog bashing galore...why don't you guys start your own blog since you seem to think you have a better solution. Where is that "bat out of hell" guy to complete this picture?

eliot bernstein / batoutofhell said...

Damnit, would everyone stop saying they said to hang him if he is dirty, a dirty judge should be executed only by a firing squad with all loaded guns.

Galison again said...

Dear anonymous,

Can you please point out where I bashed Frank or the blog?

If advising Frank that it would be prudent to announce hearings is "bashing" then we have a oversensitivity problem here.

This is a war. a revolution. We can;t allow our feelings to be hurt by helpful, constructive suggestions.

I applaud Frank and his blog for the opportunity to voice our opinions, and I don't blame Frank for taking down my "Hanging" comment if it offends him.

I don;t agree that it was a threat, and I doubt that law enforcement contacted him, but Frank is allowed to err on the side of caution when it comes to his blog.

Frank knows that running a blog means you are going to get suggestions and criticism. Whether Frank accepts it or not is up to him.

I doubt he is as concerned by my last comments as you are.


Pogo said...

This is a tempest in a tea pot! If we all agree on the final goal, then why are we allowing ourselves to be the enemy? What is "Frank Brady's" agenda in this matter?

Anonymous said...

When I filed charges against a judge with the CJC, my friends laughed at that one. One fellow whose name I can't mention knows full well what to expect from the CJC. His credentials speak for itself.

The filing of a grievance with the DDC, another laugh a minute. Many attorneys, judges, and former judges had a chuckle on that one too. I do know my fair share of them.

filing a complaint with the SIC. I had them rolling in the aisles with that one. Imagine how bad the situation was at 59 Maiden Lane that the governor had it disbanded?

Hey, if all else fails write a letter to Uncle Sam. 3 letters to US attorney Campbell over the past year have gone unanswered. Maybe the US attorney is waiting for me to make a 'galison threat' so they can prosecute me.

Anonymous said...

There was no "Galison Threat" so don't be disingenuous and attempt to put words in someone's mouth.

Anonymous said...

Now these are the type of comments this blog has been needing forever. Good and relevent conversations about the judicial issues..Re...the acronyms not responding to any and all complaints about judicial criminal and discriminatory behavior and the details, banter about why law enforcement jumps on OCA or their old employees complaints and not the bloggers who write about stunning events of ilegality and the evidence that supports it, and last but not really last... the desire for updates on the ongoing pursuit via e-mail etc.

Frank does a tirless job with this daunting task, and anyone who is interested in oversight and reform...should come forward ..employees, attys, citizens, government workers in all fields, but esp the legal branches, law enforcement,FBI etc!

There is a lot more information out there being withheld, because people fear the BIG BAD JUDICIAL GIANT....and with good reason. I know people in upstate that really want to come forward about OCA illegal behavior..but OCA "threatens" that they will lose their jobs..their income to support their families, the unthinkable taking of the security of your having OCA supervisors calling Mortgage Companies to tell them you have lost your job and cannot pay the note, when you have not even had an OCA hearing ,but the Chief Administrative Judge and his thugs ACROSS THE STATE have decided to terminate you when he first charged you with false statements ..without due process(which includes alterations to transcripts)_and then the vicious criminal harassment they reap upon you at your personal home and the attempts they make to harm and kill you on the highway... after you do file a complaint in federal court and no one is around to report this too, that will address it as they do the regular NY state citizens who run red lights...freightens the living hell out of anyone desirous of coming forward.

There first must be an a federal law enforcement agency that establishes prosecutions of any and all levels of OCA employees or anyone they solicit to assist them in committing crimes , that threatens any single person in any manner.... including their employees...who report judicial criminal activity. When you have this in place, then you will see the evidence and perjury already committed by OCA to coverup their organized crime empire for the past 16 or more years come pouring in!

Give this state what it deserves and is constitutional... a cleaned up and cleaned out institution of justice. The collapse of law and order cannot be experienced by any state in America!

dg said...

Perhaps you should also remove Eliot Bernstein's comment from April 12, 2009. The posting was entitled "More Accountability Coming To Administration Of NY Courts." In the 4th comment Mr. Bernstein, referring to OCA and its employees, said "change can be affected by Pitchforking them to death." This too seems to violate the standards articulated above.

Anonymous said...

to one of the commenters above, the difference between this blog and others is that this blog and blog manager represented to some that action would be taken, invited information to be provided so action could be taken, and in at least one instance, for over a year has failed and refused to return phone calls about what was done with the information, what sources it was provided to and more. this comes of course after being told to expect phone calls from agents any day now and yet a year later no action and no return call to determine what, if anything, was done with the information other than being tossed in the waste pile. and that is just one person. another woman who has fought for over 5 years fighting corruption in the 9th judicial district, Second Department and more was totally abandoned and let down by this blog and not even contacted after originally having "Hopes" raised that something would actually be done. so that is a difference between this blog and other blogs where people just chat. when you raise the "Hopes" of people who have had their lives destroyed and decimated by the horrible corruption within the state and then abandon them completely as if they do not exist, then there is legitimate reason to speak out and get to the bottom of what really has gone on here. and of course these are only 2 of the hundreds of stories on here which include stories where brute physical force has been used by law enforcement and court officers and more in harmful ways against the citizenry of the state and where oversight after oversight and agency, state and federal, have turned their backs and a blind eye for too long.

so it is a Joke, a Ridiculous Joke, that the Blog thought it so important to dump on Mr. Galison who posted a comment which does NOT HARDLY seem to be out of line with the many comments posted on here over the year plus so Why was Mr. Galison singled out? Was he Targeted? Profiled? Being set up to be set up more by the system of govenrnment that is supposed to protect his rights too?

Will, you should be demanding that Frank Brady turn over the names of the law enforcement that contacted him so you can follow up on all of this and then find out the answers to the hundreds of other questions and issues that have been raised here too.

Anonymous said...

To the complaining fool directly above. Yes, I'm frustrated just like everyone else, but a lot more has been done from this blog than ANY governmental body I've ever dealt with. Like Sen Sampson's office. And I did get a call from a federal investigator from the US attorney's office. Actually I met with him.

Complaining just wastes time. Everyone's time. Why not make some positive suggestions? Otherwise, they corrupt people will get away with everything!

Anonymous said...

Law Enforcement contacting the blog over a comment. Yet, Law Enforcement have been contacted in regard of the corruption in the Court, violation of Human Rights, the sexual exploitation of children with the help of the court. And, I have yet to see a single "Law Enforcement" acting to protect children and public safety. I guess the criminals continue to have more rights and priviliges over their victims.

anonymous said...

Galison said that "Lippman should be hanged from treason". I dont think he means that he was going to kidnap Lippman, get a gallows and a rope and actually dod the deed, so where's the "threat"?

Likewise, When others say that Lippman "should be locked up" are they threatening to kidnap lippman and lock him up somewhere?

I think not.

Frank should have told the "law enforcement" to shove it up their ass. Where's yer balls Frank?

Anonymous said...

so what has actually been done by the blog?? any actual results in any actual situation?

a call from senator sampson's office is next to meaningless. what power does the senator have? perhaps only the power to hold more "feel good" and "look good" hearing that go nowhere like the several attempts under Kaye that Lippman was personally a part of??

has there been any blocking of office holders nominated to higher positions? have there been any prosecutions or civil settlements that have come from the blog?

does governor paterson even acknowledge the judiciary problems in any meaningful way? how about ag cuomo?

that is not to say that the blog has not done many good things in the way of bringing folks out and information forward as it has been very good in that way. but beyond that, which is a positive and good thing of course, what else has actually happened to bring any real change anywhere so far?

so why is anyone jumping down someone who wants the courtesy and respect and politeness of a return phone call or explanation? everyone is asking the same of the govt offices that have been complained to? so why not be able to get an explanation here when it was here that lead others to believe that something was happening or would be happening? why is asking that question a negative thing?

sounds very rationale, normal, civil and expected to be able to ask those types of questions to get answers otherwise this is a mere chat board to be chatting.

BLAH..BLAH..BLAH said...

To all of the above PMS Babbling Idiots..Why don't all of you get your own Blog Bashing Website!!!! STOP focusing on all this negative crap and start doing something constructive with your time...Thinking positive is the key here!!!Good things have already happened as a result of this website, but you're all too blind to see it!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What good things? Please enlighten us, please!!

retired said...

I've been reading this blog for 6 months, wish you all well, and this is my first comment ever.

As I see it, Galison's many foaming at the mouth comments, along with Bat Brain Bernstien's endless ramblings, are different from the specific threat made against a specific person (hanging-Judge Lippman) in that general comments are usually considered 'non-specific' by detectives who monitor these websites. I happened to read the comment before it was removed. If I was still on the job I would have had a few people picked up for a little talk at the station.

I suggest everyone be very careful. It's just not worth it to your good-intentioned cause to be viewed as bunch of wackos who can't control themselves. That's what they want.

Anonymous said...

So, "retired," has Bernstein's other agenda(s) been bothering and wasting your time too? It's been said that "you could read or scroll down," but I read to try to ascertain any worthwhile information to no avail.

Anonymous said...

if there was money to wager, i would wager the majority of it that the majority of folks on here would love the opportunity to go to that "station" but Not just have a "little chat", have a lot more than that! where is the station?

and it is far ok to be outraged and express outrage when systematic patterns of corrupt acts are permitted over extended periods of time, where civil and constitutional rights are violated in multiple ways, physical harm, taking of homes and real property, literal stealing of children in some instances. so to not be a bit outraged at that and speak out a bit may mean you are not alive so to speak out just means you have some human life left in you and have not been rendered a lifeless drone that the system relies upon so that it never changes.

Foaming at the mouth said...

Mr. Retired,

Can you please cite examples of my "foaming at the mouth" comments, and any other "frank bashing" or Blog bashing" comments?

As for your wanting have a little talk, my phone number is 917 517 7344.


Will Galison

P. Stephen Lamont, CEO-Iviewit; Plaintiff-Lead Appellant 08-4873cv said...

TRUCE! Look folks, you all have a lot better things with your time than to continue this "discussion." Okay, Galison got a little too passionate and apologized and Bernstein loves to write and pump multiple agendas...such are the natures of the beast. Let's get over it and call it a day on this issue and move on to more important issues: how to beat them, not to beat ourselves up.

galison said...

Thanks Stephen,

I second that.


Anonymous said...

At times, the term "traitor" has been levelled as a political epithet, regardless of any verifiable treasonable action. In a civil war or insurrection, the winners may deem the losers to be traitors. Likewise the term "traitor" is used in heated political discussion – typically as a slur against political dissidents, or against officials in power who are perceived as failing to act in the best interest of their constituents. In certain cases, as with the German Dolchsto├člegende, the accusation of treason towards a large group of people can be a unifying political message.


If I can speak for Mr.Galison, I believe his charge of treason against Judge Lippman is warranted assuming that Judge Lippman has engaged in such conduct that would deprive the constituents of their interests.

There has not been a shred of evidence known to me that Mr.Galison said no more than what he said. He didn't ask anyone to meet him at Ox-Bow to lyhch a judge.

Mr.Galison's statement was no more than to rally dissenters to demand accountablity from our highest officials.

I can only assume that Mr.Galsion has something here and we should all take his words in the figurative sense : hang the judge for the figurative sense, not the literal sense.

I doubt there are many that read and post to this Board believe that justice is being done in our court system.

The man that we place in that highest judicial office should be like Caesars Wife. Not a political hack that wheeled and dealed himself into that high office, but a scholar of the law with credentials, a man or woman that we can trust to see that the law is properly done.

Pete F

eliot bernstein / bat out of hell said...

Bunch of suck your thumb wussie new yorkers, lost your spines. Let me give the authorities monitoring this blog some good stuff to chew on. Anyone subverting the US, including law enforcement, court personnel, dirty lawyers, etc. who are part of a larger coup on the government, shall be put to death according to treason laws in the US.

TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 115 > § 2381Prev | Next § 2381. Treason
Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States
Better have the investigators check out those a-holes who wrote the Constitution, can you believe they suggested death for the crimes alleged herein the blog and elsewhere, like wars of agression, torture, subversion of const., market manipulation to set of depression destroying US lives, this all qualifies as TREASON.
So Will is correct, give me liberty or give me death, should also be take away my liberty and die mf. Our constitution demands that when the government corrupts, which is obvious at this point, the People get in a murderous frenzy, take arms against the Ozian conspirators in delusions of grandeur and yes, most violently smash their skulls in, then take the carcasses and mount their heads on stakes on the white house lawn, at the entrance to the courts, etc. as a shining example of what happens when you f^&^ with the People. Try to steal my freedom and my childrens with your New World Order shit and your going to get the meaning of the right to bear arms against corrupt government as mandated by constitution.
To be clear, my name is Eliot Ivan Bernstein, I live in Boca Raton Florida, my phone is 561-245-8588, my email is and I say, anyone found subverting the rights of the PEOPLE, like named Bush or Cheney or Gonzo, etc. should be tried and fried, no one is above the law. This is treason that occurred, so DEATH IS FITTING FOR THE CRIME, YOU KNOW DON'T DO THE CRIME IF YOU CANT DO TIME.
So yes, if the legal system fails to punish the criminals because it is the criminals running it, I am all for murdering these people as treasonous traitors. Call me to pull the switch, drop the floor, fire up the firing squad, etc. if not me, I leave the job to my children, what coward they will call me. You are bunch of sissys on this blog, afraid of the man, afraid he may call you a terrorist because you rightly rebel. Well, I say fu to the man, when he acts like a criminal, I say I fear you not, you are a coward, I will wage war against you as the constitution permits, my goal to eat your heart while I watch the terror in your eyes as you see me taking the first bite. Then as you die, I will grab those who aided and abetted your crimes and let them watch me feast on you as they pray they are not the next and that I am full. I am that 3 dogged beast of hell, the one you hope and pray does not exist if evil fills your soul.
So please, thought police who are reading this blog, I am just the kind of guy you are looking for, a modern maverick to defend the constitution from you, I will use all legal means, including hanging you for treason. If the law has been usurped my voice and what you do to me, will be the beginning of your end. So grab your bag, put it on my head, take away my rights, edit my blog entry, call me a terrorist for I am truly terror to you, send me to Gitmo for enhanced torture, steal my technologies and bomb my car and what you will see is the true face of terror as I begin to eat your heart and then your soul.
If i had my way, the entire congress would be executed at dawn and their slimy greed infected hearts and souls would be lunch and their SKULL AND BONES would be erected at the W. House as a greeting to the next person attempting to subvert our country.
Was I clear, I believe in murdering every single one of these clowns. MURDER, of course within the laws or within my rights, when someone else tries to take our freedoms. DEATH, MURDER, as we have since our foundations until scumbag lawyers started to change laws to allow their crimes against the PEOPLE. Every dirty lawyer and judge you need to start to fear the PEOPLE, as they no longer fear you, your reign of terror on the People will come back at you and before you know it you will be being prosecuted for war crimes etc.
i remember when this blog started and you wussie new yorkers told me, oh bush et al will never be tried for war crimes, etc., your fighting city hall, crime is the way just accept it. Well bme, they may be tried for torture but then treason and then death, yes death and i will be dancing on their disgusting graves, whether they were the President or his men.
So get some balls you new york wannabe mobsters, your state is a joke, the people are afraid, this blog entry is disgusting in its cowardice. Will was right, to treasonous people may death not come to soon. GO WILL, now if we get the trials and hangings on tv, we could charge pay per view and probably get all the money they are stealing back. Popcorn free @
To all LAW ENFORCEMENT reading this blog, if you are enforcing law against citizens protesting treason by our leaders, demanding their execution for crimes that are by all legal definitions worthy of death, come on over to my house, I am here, will greet you at the door.
Bat out of hell,
Eliot Bernstein
PS anyone have some fava beans, I hear they go great with blood and guts.

Eliot Bernstein / Rebel with Cause for Rebellion said...

Let us focus on the fact that the country was under siege by a corrupt group of terrorists, that look not like a guy on a camel but lawyers, public officials and other (usually ivy league) elitists who earned it through daddy and suffer from the disease elitism. In a grand coup, the New World Order they deem it, they have attempted to pull a Hitler on America and now we have Abu and Gitmoschwitz to show for it. We have a coup that has been secretly planned by those who made theirs in free democracy and now to keep it for their fat lazy children who got law degrees without knowledge or care of law, they want fascism and the People to be their slaves. Their NWO is good for them and not for the People, the organizations, Skull and Bones, CFR, Bilderbergs, etc. all are private organizations, that influence public policy but their charters are filled with a secret oath to subvert the Constitution (just look what they have done to shit on it). This is called Treason if true and I dare you to factually attempt to claim that it is not or just a conspiracy theory. These are factual issues that have now made our country morally lower than Hitler's Germany or Idi Amin, they have led us to violate our constitution, allowed our legal system to be overtaken by pure corruption and greed, soon they will send you to a fema relocation camp and build walls around the country to keep you in. Thank G0d it was exposed, the facts are now there for you to see and decide if this was a treasonous coup. If you bury your head in the sand and say you can’t fight city hall and crime is everywhere, it’s the new way, then you deserve what you get and you should move to new york, where everyone’s a wannabe mobster and they have succumbed to fear of fighting for rights and desire to be accepted in the sin that infects the city. When the mob doesn’t give them fair and righteous treatment they whine like little beatchs and fear getting arrested for asserting that their leaders needed to be tried and fried.

§ 2381. Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

[Eliot says that if a cult like Skull and Bones members, with the aid of other cults, CFR, Bilderbergs etc. can be proven to have secret oaths that run contrary to America’s core Constitutional Values and they planned a secret coup on the US that can be proven, then the legal grounds for Treason trials are established. So the question becomes, when did the coup start and who were and are its members. The members have been exposed, the plot is no longer secret and now the question becomes has it been enacted, a formal coup and when historically did it begin influence and violate law, what activities has it effected and how to clean it up and try those involved under law. Effective coups are landmarked by economic shifts initially, so define if today, since Bush for starters, if the economic landscape shifted for the benefit of a few at the expense of many. Obvious economic shifts have taken place brought on by the coup who has instituted them in conspiratorial fashion, propagandizing false information and manipulating events to benefit the plotters. For this analysis let us call them the Terrorists Within, evil doers, etc., the same name they ascribe to those who challenge American’s freedoms. Despite the fact that they are American’s, they are valueless American’s who have plotted a New World Order founded about Hitlarian logic. Try them for treason and execute them at dawn. Lawn Mats Free @

Anonymous said...

Very nice of that Mr. Bernstien to encourage Mr. Galison. Of course Bernstien forgets to tell his 'friend' to use phrases that Mr. Bernstien uses, like 'and I say, anyone found subverting the rights of the PEOPLE...'

I have some advice, even given that I don't know Mr. Galison, and if I hear Mr. Bernstien is moving to NY, I'll move to Canada.

Continue your good work, Mr. Galison. But don't let the nuts or cops or OCA criminals make you do something improper. Take Mr. Bernstien's lead by using the words 'IF FOUND, THEN.....' Since the punishment for treason, again ONLY if FOUND guilty, is hanging, then you are correct.

But that person must be first found guilty. You can't dictate punishment, or threat of it, so just use your words carefully.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I saw Galison's video and I'd be very interested in reading the law that Galison uses to conclude that Judge Lippman's appointment as Chief Judge is improper. I WANT THAT INFORMATION POSTED ON THIS BLOG AND I WANT OFFICIALS TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Galison said...


Oh, golly...I had promised myself I wouldn't respond to this thread anymore, but I just can't stop myself! Your statement is so contrary to all we are fighting for.

You advise me to preface my "Lippman should be hanged for treason" with "IF FOUND GUILTY".

The lawyers and judges we have brought before the CJC and the DDC were ALL FOUND NOT GUILTY, by those committees. End of story?

According to your theory, those lawyers and judges SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED because the corrupt jerks that we are all fighting said so.

exsqueeze me????

i wonder if you might be a defense attorney, because defense attorneys believe that if you can "convince" a judge that a person is not gullty, then he is not guilty.

How many times was Al Capone found not guilty? Was he NOT guilty until they got him on tax evasion?

When I say someone "should" be punished, I mean a priori that he SHOULD be found guilty. Even if he's NOT found guilty, he still SHOULD be found guilty- and punished- because he IS GUILTY!

To non-lawyers, thats what "SHOULD" means! That's what "IS" means.

I know that's a hard concept for a defense attorney to get his head around, but that is the way we ignorant non-lawyers see the world.

People who ARE guilty, SHOULD be punished. Period.



ps, Still waiting for a list of my "foaming-at-the-mouth statements".

pps: Elliott; We don't agree about everything, but I admire your passion and appreciate your support.

Galison said...

Dear Anonymous,

If you are the same Anonymous that made the comment about "not guilty" ( or not), I appreciate your interest in my testimony.

According to Senate Rules, the Subcommittee on the Judiciary has four basic duties:

1) Alerting the public and the press re public hearings

2) Fact Finding

3) Investigation

4) Accounting to the full Senate

ALL of these duties were ignored by the committee.

1) The ONLY people invited to the "public hearing" were friends and family of Lippman. The only press invited were droids like Stashenko and the press pool in the Senate building (because they would find out anyway). Elena, Dean and I found out through a leak, and we essentially crashed the party. There should have been HUNDREDS of people voicing opposition at that hearing, forming a line around the block, but NOBODY KNEW.

That is the basis for my complaint about Frank's failure to announce the Hearing two days in advance.

2) By not inviting the public and by not acknowledging receipt of evidence sent in advance of the hearings, the Committee didn't just fail to find facts, they IGNORED and SUPPRESSED the facts.

3) The committee did not ask ONE substantive question about the allegations leveled by Elena, Dean or myself.

The fact that the Committee adjourned at 11:00 and marched directly to the full Senate. Even if the senate had obtained facts at the hearing, there was NO OPPORTUNITY for an investigation to take place.

It simply wasn't in the schedule.

4) There was NO ACCOUNTING to the full senate. Not only was the evidence provided by Elena, Dean and me not presented to the full senate, NO MENTION WAS MADE that there was any opposition at all! It was as if the committee decided that our presence and fully documented evidence of multiple crimes was not worth mentioning.

In other words, the Committee WITHHELD crucial information from the full senate which entrusted them with the duties listed above.

The Subcommittee failed to comply with EVERY ONE of its fundamental duties.

Who you gonna call?


Eliot Bernstein . Bat Out of Hell . Iviewit said...

To the poet of IF.
If they are found guilty my ass, what if they are not found guilty but are guilty and due to dirty government via a coup that has seized control of justice they cannot be prosecuted through legal debauchery, etc., then, what if?
If, Then, my brain is an “if then statement” and this fuzzy logic is an infinite loop of idiocy. If justice fails, the Constitution states to take the country back by revolution and grants you right to bear arms against those who subvert our democracy. Annie get your gun, not call the dirty judge and see if he will try his brother in crime or the dirty senator who has his head up the dirty businessman's ass or the dirty justice department busy covering up crimes they committed. No, instead call Annie, tell her get her gun, were formin’ a lynch mob, justice after the hangin’s for dessert.
Get it, Eliot does not promote kill them if they are found guilty in a court of law, when the court of law is the criminal, in New York lingo, we say, wack'em first, ask questions later. Perhaps, after they are killed for their treason, those that did the killing will be pardoned and viewed as hero's, then it is important to prove the case that they were subverting the government and then vindication and heroism to those that led the battle against law empowered by the corruption.
So, Eliot says, sometimes you gotta hang em high for their crimes, then restore justice and then have your actions reviewed by just and proper law under democracy. For the survivors of the treasonous lot, once justice is regained, they should be tried under law administered by lawyers, not mobsters and cult freaks who urinate in each other’s mouths at Yale and plot coups involving torturing people and invading countries on false intel and financial crimes to depress the People and subvert their rights and properties. I say fuck the trials in their Kangaroo courts this is revolution with a cause, our country and its values at stake. With them in control we now look like Nazi America for our children, complete with Wars of Aggression, Torture Sites worldwide (Gitmoschwitz, Abu, etc.), Torture Video and Images to rival Hitler, yes, right before your very blind eyes. And hardly a protest.
Finally, for anyone who has a beef with my words, bme.
Eliot Bernstein
Bat Out of Hell laughing his ass off on the way to War Crime Trials.

PS for law enforcement policing this blog, yes, I, the devil to some, said it here, screaming and demanding the People to Rise against the Machine before it is to late and take the devils weapon, my famed Pitchfork and slam it right between the eyes of anyone involved in subverting the Constitution or Violating Laws or blah, with or without trial.
As always, Pitchforks free @

galison said...

Dear Anonymous

You wrote:

"Thanks for the apology and assurance that you realize there is a material difference between blogging "these perps should spend the rest of their days behind bars" and the comment "[he] should be hanged for treason."

The only difference between these statements is the position for or against capital punishment.

If I ran the zoo, what Lippman has done and is doing would be the highest level of criminal offense, because he is subverting the entire structure of our democracy.

I do not doubt that the crooked lawyers, judges and mobsters he has protected for his own political gain have lead directly to deaths and untold misery.

Look at Alessandro.

For this he should be sentenced to life in jail or death. Which one depends only on one's stance on capitol punishment.

I'm against the death penalty. Are you?

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