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Saturday, April 16, 2011

$23 Million Hotelier Jonathan Lippman Lays Off 500 Workers

Union memo warns court employees of layoffs
The Times Union by Rick Karlin  -  April 15, 2011

Judiciary grapples with $170 million cut

ALBANY, NY -- Up to 500 court employees statewide could be laid off in coming months, according to a memo to unionized court workers obtained by the Times Union. David Bookstaver, spokesman for the state court system, said the layoffs are still in the planning stages, and are the result of budget cuts. State agencies as well as the court system received 10 percent cuts this year in order to help close a $10 billion budget gap. The judiciary initially proposed a basically flat budget, but agreed to cut $100 million after a public scolding from Gov. Andrew Cuomo during his budget proposal Feb. 1. The final budget deal added another $70 million to that sum for a total cut of $170 million. "We expect to have a firm understanding of the layoffs in the coming weeks," Bookstaver said. Last week, Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman delivered a video address to employees of the state judiciary warning them of layoffs and cutbacks that "will do great harm across the board" to the court system's mission.

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Unions Told to Expect 400 to 500 Layoffs
The New York Law Journal by Joel Stashenko  -  April 18, 2011

ALBANY, NY - The court system has notified employee unions that it expects to lay off 400 to 500 workers by June 1 due to recent state budget cuts. Administrators laid out their intentions during a meeting with representatives of all 11 court worker unions in New York City on April 11, the Civil Services Employees Association reported in a "layoff update" on its website. CSEA is the largest such union, representing about 6,000 of 15,200 non-judicial employees. The layoffs will represent the first substantial reduction in force for the courts in 20 years. According to a "tentative" timetable cited by the union in its April 13 posting, the first pink slips would go out as early as Wednesday to 50 to 70 workers in the Office for Court Administration. The terminations would be effective May 4. Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman has said that laying off administrative workers first would serve as a symbolic gesture to emphasize the priority OCA accords to maintaining court operations. Notices would be distributed to other affected workers on May 18, effective June 1, CSEA said. The layoffs have been made necessary by $170 million in cuts to the Judiciary's $2.7 billion proposed budget for 2011-12, which began on April 1. Judge Lippman offered to make $100 million in cuts, but the Legislature and the governor imposed an additional $70 million. Judge Lippman said the additional cuts would force "hundreds" of layoffs. CSEA stressed in its update that the courts had "not yet determined what positions will be abolished, much less which employees will be affected" by the cuts. OCA officials are now evaluating the recommendations of administrators around the state submitted last week for specific cuts. Chief Administrative Judge Ann Pfau on Friday declined to discuss administrators' layoff plans. In addition to the impact of lost employees, the Judiciary would be affected by transfers among courts as senior workers exercise their contractual right to "bump" their juniors. The union said there was a possibility that "thousands" of workers could be "displaced" by the bumping process. While declining to discuss the issue in detail, court officials have suggested there would not be nearly that many transfers.

CSEA local presidents met in Albany on Wednesday to discuss the impending layoffs

The union noted in its posting that some members have asked the CSEA to negotiate furloughs or a lag in payroll to preserve jobs. But the union said the OCA has determined that it cannot consider those moves unless all 11 unions agree, and nine have already vetoed the idea. "Therefore, we are unable even to entertain the idea of either options," CSEA adds. "It is important to note that CSEA is not implementing layoffs," the union post says. "It is being done by the Unified Court System and it is up to that system to answer employee questions and explain the process to affected employees."  The union promised that its representatives would be available to "double check" the information workers receive from the court system.  Joel Stashenko can be contacted at


NY Post EDITORIAL: Lippman's Secret Ambition to Run Luxury Hotel


Anonymous said...

I say give Lippman his damn 23 million dollar hotel if he agrees to step down as chief judge. We need a real chief judge not a phony. Lippman and his friends Shelton Silver and Alan Hevesi have done enough damage to this once great state.

victim said...

I am one of the court employees who will receive a pink slip. I hate OCA and my union for sucking up to OCA. I would gladly testify about the widespread corruption in New York's court system, especially throughout the administrative offices in Albany.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jon Lippman would be kind enough to let some fired employees stay at the hotel after they can't afford their houses anymore and become homeless. Does anyone know how many homes Mr. Lippman has?

Anonymous said...

Bye suckers. The Union screws the workers laid off, because they can't vote after they are out. Watch dues rise for remaining workers so the leadership has the dollars it needs for Union leadership pay increases and to give more money given to Cuomo. On your way out please don't be sore losers just because Lippman's gang,Cuomo and Union Leaders are winning.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to you chief judge lippman and admin judge pfau. If only you two idiots had the brains to cut waste then you wouldn't have to cut people.

pissed said...

I get a pink slip but the judges get to keep the $10,000 expense stipend. Sounds fair to me.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all those 500 workers can organize and expose the fraud and waste that is the OCA.

Whistle-blower or class action anyone?

cant believe this said...

Who else does Lippman let stay at the hotel? Stay tuned.... I bet Shelly Silver gets his own keys. This is a total disgrace: let the little people starve, just fire them and Lippman and the other royalty can enjoy their $23 Million dollar hotel paid for, of course, with tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what kind of marble Jonathan Lippman has in his bathrooms in his 'Ritz' digs? He must have marble all over the place which would explain where all his marbles went since he doesn't have any in his head - the men in the white coats are coming....

i know idiots and fools said...

If the idiot Lippman and fool Pfau would just have people cut down 25% on their personal phone calls, they wouldn't have to fire anyone.

Anonymous said...

In this part of the upper state..the local large NY and Canadian distributed newspaper, just reported this story in it's Sunday edition...not sure if the News was reporting facts or seeking support from the public to object, as this paper generally adores OCA...until I read the 'one" comment on it just minutes ago....stating...'we'll survive."

So OCA...who do you think actually believes that justice curtailed is justice denied, as Syndicate Boss Lippman wants everyone to profess, while he is forced to hack away...the hacks..away?

Anonymous said...

then after all the layoffs they will hire new workers with less wages and bene's who will vote for those left in the old tier system their bene's out....and you have all just screwed yourselves and broken another union!
and this will all be blamed on the Jews!

Anonymous said...

then after all the layoffs they will hire new workers with less wages and bene's who will vote for those left in the old tier system their bene's out....and you have all just screwed yourselves and broken another union!
and this will all be blamed on the Jews!

Anonymous said...

didn't anyone watch how they corporate raided GM,for over a decade, how they did it, until the Gov't took over, it is only a matter of time, they are doing it every where with every union all over the country!
At the same time they are creating havoc in our banks and our gov't making us hate each other and look all those wars are happening all over!

Anonymous said...

they do not want to cut fraud and waste, they want to cut people, the vote! they want to keep spending up and up and up until the system breaks!

Anonymous said...

they do not want to cut fraud and waste, they want to cut people, the vote! they want to keep spending up and up and up until the system breaks!

Anonymous said...

As usual the politically connected will survive and the workers will suffer.Those who use the Courts will feel the pinch

court worker said...

If Lippman starts to lay people off there will be problems. Remember we know where the bodies are buried Jonathan. Negative information will begin to appear on the internet so that the whole world will see all the dirty clothes.

being fired this week said...

Lippman and Pfau should be changing the sheets and cleaning the toilets at the $23 million dollar state hotel or, better yet they should be changing the sheets and cleaning the toilets in a state or federal prison.

Anonymous said...


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