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Saturday, April 16, 2011

New York: The 'Fix Is In" Capital of the World

'DWI' ex-prosecutor: Tix-fix arresting cop my ticket to slide
The New York Post by Kirstan Conley and Leonard Greene  -  April 15, 2011

A former Bronx prosecutor charged with DWI wants his case tossed because the cop who busted him is a target of a ticket-fixing probe that could put some officers behind bars. Even though the officer, Julissa Goris, was caught on a wiretap trying to fix a ticket for a relative and a friend, prosecutors said the seven-year NYPD veteran won't face criminal charges. But she could be hit with departmental charges. And her admitted offense -- and dozens more like it by cops across the city -- could jeopardize hundreds of criminal cases throughout the five boroughs, including that of former Assistant DA Stephen Lopresti. Goris, 29, arrested him as he drove home from a Christmas party in 2006. That was after he left the Bronx DA's Office to enter private practice. After defense lawyer Adam Perlmutter learned that Goris had become ensnared in the ticket-fixing probe, he moved to have Lopresti's case dismissed. His motion is pending. At a hearing last week, Goris admitted she sought help from a union delegate to make two speeding citations disappear. The testimony marked the first time that any names of cops involved in the probe have been revealed. "I asked my PBA delegate, Jamie Payan, if he could fix a summons that my boyfriend's cousin had received and another summons that my mom had received," she admitted at the hearing. Goris said both tickets, one in Queens and one in Manhattan, were taken care of. "She didn't have to pay," Goris said of her mother. "That's how the ticket got fixed." Additional reporting by Len Maniace


Anonymous said...

There is nothing that can't be fixed in New York. Usually a phone call will do. The Rule of Law hasn't been around New York in many, many years.

nicolai victim said...

The King of the phone call fix has to be Frank Nicolai. Where is that thug these days anyway?

termite inspector said...

The NY Court rot has descended from the top, Lippman and Cuomo all the way to the roots.

Anonymous said...

Judge John K. McGuirk from Orange County in the Supreme Court in Goshen fixes child custody cases. Reasons:

Kidnapping, Child Porn, to help pedophiles freely rape and sodomized children, to engaged in the trafficking of minors for sexual performances.

Where are the FEDS? Judge Jonh K. McGuirk needs to be charge with:

Child porn
Child prostitution
Sex Trafficking
Contempt of court
Organized Crime
Hate Crime

Sorry can write anymore, writing about this piece of horses excrement, makes me want to do number 2. Burn in hell Judge McGuirk for helping with the treafficking of minors for sexual performances.


Anonymous said...

I worked for a judge a while back and was obligated to answer his phone during one court session and to my non-suprise on the other end was a police detective asking if he could speak to my judge.... I said he was in court, but I am his clerk..any message. Yeah...tell him Det... from the town of.... and that I am returning his call about taking care of the ticket his wife received last night..tell him to call me.
The public defender was in the office with me and was shocked that the Det would call the judge's chambers and blurt out that story..even if it was his court clerk, but I as I saw the the Det. assumed that all court employees were of the same corrupt mentality as their boss..the black robers judging thousands of people just like them, but punishing them... unlike how that robe they own, helps them evade that same consequence.

Anonymous said...

The smart people never fix anything on the phone because the 'feds' have wired the world. You do it in person in a public area and make sure someone with a camera is getting it all on film, that way when you want to watch a flick you can just pull out a tape and enjoy! LOL

Anonymous said...

what is the world coming to when you can't fix a ticket, our phones are bugged, our courtrooms are fixed, our attorneys are fixed, our judges are fixed our police are fixed.........and then we fix each other!

Anonymous said...

It is unbelievable, that they pick up a reference to ticket fixing, and suddenly there is a full-blow investigation which nets over 400 cops.

Just another example of going after low hanging fruit.

Crooked cops is an oxymoron, but they are more likely to get caught.

Why haven't the real criminals at the OCA been caught?

All you soon to be unemployed OCA underlings better start lining up your ducks. Don't think they would throw you under the bus in a heartbeat.

How do you think they got to where they are? Not through hard work and good deeds.

Anonymous said...

This lawyer needs a beating, he's a scumbag

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