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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Special 'Get-Out-Of-Jail' Rules for Lawyer-Prosecutors

Assistant Bronx DA Jennifer Troiano may have skirted hot water before
The New York Daily News by Alison Gendar, Kevin Deutsch and Rocco Parascandola  -  April 30, 2011

A Bronx prosecutor who got a DWI arrest voided may have skirted hot water before - sources said she was involved in a wreck upstate in a city vehicle and never got into trouble. A police source familiar with the investigation alleges Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Troiano was driving a car in 2005 when she got involved in a wreck. Jose Arroyo, a detective assigned to the district attorney's office, was asleep in the passenger seat, the sources said. Since no one was arrested, there are no public records that definitively show who was driving. A bumper and a license plate were left at the scene, the police source claims. Authorities traced the car back to the district attorney's office. Still, the teflon prosecutor described by one colleague as a "wild child" wasn't charged with a crime or disciplined by her supervisors. "She knows the right people and keeps getting out of jams," a law enforcement source said. "She's not getting away with that if she's not an ADA." Prosecutors yesterday had little to say about the 2005 wreck. "Yes, we are aware of an accident involving Ms. Troiano and an NYPD detective," said Steven Reed, a spokesman for the Bronx DA's office. He wouldn't comment further and Troiano's lawyer didn't respond yesterday to the allegations surrounding the 2005 crash. Arroyo was suspended, brought up on departmental charges and left the force, a police source said. Years later, his life took an even more sinister turn. In November 2008, he drugged a woman at a Bronx bar, took her to a motel in Westchester and raped her. Arroyo, 49, is serving a 15-year prison sentence. Troiano, 34, is a graduate of Cardozo Law School. She has worked several notable cases as a prosecutor - including a housing voucher fraud case. She also prosecuted a teen who was charged with killing a cat by cooking it in an oven last year. On August 26, Troiano planted the seeds of her now public problems when she was charged with driving drunk on the Major Deegan Expressway. Police said she caused a three-car wreck. During the investigation of that wreck, her bosses learned that Troiano had previously been detained and released after cops suspected she was driving drunk while leaving a Christmas party in 2009. Sources said Troiano was handcuffed and brought to the 44th Precinct stationhouse where she identified herself as a prosecutor. A cop voided the arrest, the sources said. A high-ranking police official said yesterday that the Bronx DA's office never contacted the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau. Police officials learned of the allegations about Troiano when the media began asking questions on Thursday. The Bronx district attorney's office is leading a probe into alleged ticket-fixing that is expected to result in the indictments of about 40 cops - many of them union delegates. "The image this projects is: 'If they're not going to discipline their own people how can they go after cops?'" a police source said. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the Internal Affairs Bureau is reviewing precinct logs and computer records to figure out who voided the 2009 arrest. "We're investigating that allegation," Kelly said. "We haven't been able to find anything in our records about that supposed stop." Meanwhile, The News learned that Bronx prosecutors are beginning to discuss plea deals with dozens of suspects because the cops involved in their cases are linked to alleged ticket-fixing. "It's serious damage control," one prosecutor said. "These are good cases that aren't going to get made they way they should."


Anonymous said...

Lawyers know how to break to rules and get away with it. Prosecutors are especially well-trained in this regard. I think we need a legal ethics overhaul, especially for those who are supposed to enforce the law.

Keep of Reviewing Cases maybe you'll stubble across the many ditched cases said...

"Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the Internal Affairs Bureau is reviewing precinct logs and computer records to figure out who voided the 2009 arrest".

While you're at it PCRK..why don't you review the several IAB complaints that went off the radar, regarding my case, which involved a BOAT LOAD of cover-ups...surrounding Allen H. Isaac.

Anonymous said...

How come the police department doesn't use cameras in their cars like the rest of the U.S.?

Cameras should also be used in the stations houses so everyone can know who comes and goes.

Considering almost every crime committed in the city is now being caught on private cameras, the city would know the value of getting everything caught on tape. One clear advantage is no one has to rely on anyone else coming forward with information about who was where and did what.

Also, Lippman should give up his improper rule preventing recording devices in the courts. Like most everything else, the only thing preventing this is him. If he complied with the Constitution and the Laws, he would know that the only type of recording that is prohibited is "audio-visual" for rebroadcast. This restriction is narrow and doesn't prohibit most people, including reporters from recording or photographing anything that goes on in court. (And there are actually cases which support this.)

Anonymous said...

These are all valid and meritorious issues but do not address the related problems:

1. like when the Recording system used by the State court ( audio ) is coincidentally manipulated and just amazingly the "Only" testimony missing are the key portions of a cross examination

( thus, even with audio AND visual, the taping "process" and results can be subject to manipulation )

2. the more important issue is the NY Federal system which routinely, systematically and historically protects the State OCA and Judges right down from the Federal Bench to US Attorney and FBI and more.

A young Russian native who gained Citizenship and was gainfully employed not only attempted to bring these issues to the US Attorney's Office of then Michael Garcia AFTER his Office specifically solicited Tips on Corruption in Dutchess, Westchester, Putnam, the Bronx and more, but also brought info to this Blog and other sources as well.

Guess what?: No response and no action despite having evidence and information tying in Dutchess, Putnam, Rockland, Weschester and more.

The mother was Jailed by the State Judge while 8 months pregnant on the FIRST State Court appearance made AFTER suing the Judge and others in the SDNY Fed system specifically alleging facts showing the tampering of the Court tapes and more.

The mother then has endured paying over $100,000 in "child support" without seeing her children for years after previously having "supervised visits" terminated for: Hugging children without permission from Non Certified Staff, Telling children they are loved without permission from Non Qualified or Certified Staff, Reporting that the "Supervisor" of Visitation that she had to PAY to be at her home was LITERALLY SLEEPING on the Job on her couch, and also had a Visit terminated after bringing a Grasshopper in to show her children on a Spring day which was deemed "illegal contraband".

So lets not Forget the Federal System is as much to blame here in NY as when Litigants seek relief from State Organized Corruption the Feds blow it off and then usually the Litigant is retaliated against further.


vitcim said...

This is a good time for the newly elected New York State Attorney General to show what he's worth. Schneiderman needs a STATEWIDE INQUIRY here to look into how 'favors' are a statewide problem.

Anonymous said...

So if there were a Single Federal Judge in NY ( like the one sitting in Brooklyn who declared the State Election system for Supreme Court Unconstitutional ) who simply was doing their job by upholding the US Constitution, then State Court litigants would have Relief and some Judge would have already Declared ( Declaratory action ) the State System Constitutionally Deficient ( State Const requires functioning CJC ) not to mention Constitutionall Deficient Family Court system of "supervised visitation" where Supervisors have NO Standard Basic Certification and most often or too often are Politcally connected persons to the State Judge likely getting in on the gravy train of family issues.


Anonymous said...

Frank Brady or Kevin Mc Keown or whoever it is today: It is 10:24 AM EST on Saturday April 30, 2011.

The comment was posted at 10:14 am of this same day April 30, 2011.

Seems like the special "filter" system is in play again. Guess we will test it out some more and see how long it takes for the comment to re-appear?

There does appear to be a pattern as it relates to laying some of the responsibility where it should be: at the doorstep of the federal government and interesting how those posts are removed by this "filter" system.

Did we ever get the Name and Office number for the thousands of people at this blog to Call for Complaining about the FBI and US Attorneys?

Its been several years now.


Anonymous said...

the "filter" timeclock is presently at 26 minutes with no repost. useful info to know about how the filter works.

Anonymous said...

2 hrs and 19 minutes now on the comment posted at 10:14 am. Guess that filter must be clogged up eh?

good thing for screenshots.

Anonymous said...

Let us stop the nonsense by trying to put the 2009 incident at the police officer's feet. A police officer duly did his/her job and brought a suspect to the station house, presumably for processing. Things seemed to change after that. Why would a cop bring a suspect into the precinct if it was their intention of letting the suspect go? It is obvious that that deal was made on a much higher lever' perhaps at the district attorney level.

It is common knowledge that a newly elected district attorney was stopped and detained for DWI in a jurisdiction not that of their own. The DA was kept for 3 hours until the district attorney of the jurisdiction was notfied and the suspect was released withhout further incident.

More years ago that I would like to remember a certain Pulitizer Prize winning reporter was driving on his way home on the FDR early in the morning. He was well known as a pub crawler on the Upper East Side. Elaines was one of his favorite haunts. Suddenly, and without warning a concrete pillar that supports the many buildings ove the FDR, popped up on the roadway and caused the reporter's vehicle to come to a sudden stop, and, thereby causing life threatening injuries.

The reporter was removed to the hospital and was visited by a then - VERY High Ranking Police Official. It was also rumored that the reporter was a frequent cocaine user.

One must assume that when serious bodily injury occurs as the result of a motor vehilce accident the hopsital draws blood in order to properly treat the patient.

The reporter eventually healed and went back to the typewriter. There was never a word in any newspaper regarding the reasons as to why this reporter crashed into a stationary object on the FDR.

that reporter has since went on to The Other Side, and did so at a very early age. One can justifably ask if his untimely demise was the result of his use of alcohol and drugs. He just died and that was the end of that.

This latest matter is all bullshyte. Most likeley some poor cop is going to get charges and specifications for not doing their job. And the rest of the malefactors that made this all possible will go on to bigger and better things.

Anonymous said...

I know OCA whitewashes cases, as I have knowledge of the extreme kind to expose.
So if OCA is doing it and they are the Supreme legal entity of the land..then everyone else is cleared to fix em up, until OCA is investigated, charged and says "Cuomo" who has let OCA get away with every ethics and illegal crminal violation that exists on the books.
This is a non-story for me until the above happens..whenever the Governor gets moral!

Anonymous said...

frank, it is now 5 hours and 2 minutes for the "filter" on the 10:14 am comment which simply points out the various federal offices and other actions a litigant took who had tampering issues of court recordings and more.

what's the story now?

Anonymous said...

Have you just tried reposting it?

Anonymous said...

Why are criminals given buyouts and retirement pensions instead of putting them in jail?

Anonymous said...

Where there is smoke there is fire! This is the tip of the iceberg. Start looking in Queens and Manhattan, this is wide spread. We need a new "Knapp Comission"

Anonymous said...

Call the FBI and tell me how many times the phone is picked up with the Agent giving you their name. These fakers are too embarrassed to even give you their names - you pay their salaries and they work for you. What are they afraid of?

Call the US attorneys offices and try to give them a complaint. See how many times they tell you to report your complaint to the appropriate investigative agency, and offer you no assistance as who to call.

I called the FBI in Manhattan a few months ago and I have never received such a surly response in my life.

I told them I wanted to speak to someone in the public corruption unit. I was told I couldn't speak to them. that I was to give my complaint to her - the duty officer (with no name)

I told her that I had information of corruption about Eliot Spitzer. She told me that the FBI does NOT do investigations of state officials.

I did manage to get some of my complaint to her. She said to speak ENGLISH - which is the ONLY language I know. then she hung up on me without taking my name or further referring me to have my complaint heard.

Anonymous said...

I called the US attorney;s office in the southern district of florida. I had information about widespread mortgage and bank fraud even before it became a cause celeb in the papers. I was told that the US attorney doesn't investigate crimes!!!

The woman told me to give this to an investigative federal agency, I aske her what agency - FBI, DEA, Postal Inspectors, IRS, WHAT AGENCY? I didn't know which agency to call because it appeared as though all those I listed could have an interest in my complaint.

The bad guys know this and they use it to their advantage and roll the dice that no one will bother and they will not be prosecuted no matter how convincing the evidence is.

You wonder how Madoff got away with stealing up to 60B for 25 years and nobody noticed. You wonder how 19 terrorists were able to fly into our buildings, including the Penatogon, and used our own planes? It shouldn't be hard to figure out. Nobody really cares unless they are made to care. You and I are not able to do that because we are just ordinatry citizens that no one listens to.

Anonymous said...

I wrote three letters to the EDNY US attorney Benton Campbell pleading with him to open up an investigation into widespread corruption in Suffolk County. The letters were detailed with specific facts. I guarnteed him an indictment because I know the case from top to bottom.

He never once had the courtesy of responding to my letters and tell me he received those letters.

Never did an FBI agent call me to make an inquiry of my charges and ask me to be interviewed and show him how I could guarantee an indictment.

I wrote a letter to the then - US Attorney Mukasey asking for an explanation as to why the EDNY wouldn't respond to my letter.

I NEVER received a reply.

I wrote another letter to the US Attorney Eric Holder. No response.

The government likes to tell you:

"If you see something, say something" I say bullshit. I saw a lot and said a lot, and no one cares.

Unless the federal government can make some polticial hay with it, i.e., a discrimination of a minority, they could care less what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

America is blatantly just a solid CORPOCRACY... as our Government sold us out to corporations 40 some yrs ago..and these two operations run this institution they call a DEMOCRACY...which is a code word used for propoganda within these groups for... the American people.

All those agencies mentioned are part of the game of the Corpocracy, and have no value, other than to keep the public thinking they live in this free America know the one our Government claims they are protecting and bringing to all the Middle Eastern world.

Our Federal Cts are working to launder all of the 1960's civil rights and discrimination protect corporations who believe that they have to discriminate in order to create changing environments that benefit cheap or different types of employment and gradually will eliminate the middle class.

The most disgusting and allegedly central agency that exits to bring justice to discriminated or fraud reporting the Federal DOJ...and that agency can barely communicate in proper or legal English terms, understand issues that belong with them and always state...we don't know where in America that charge can be addressed. Useless and wasteful American embarrassment.

American citizens MUST take charge of this country..because all the above listed Agencies, Court systems and Governments CONTINUE WITHIN THE SAME OLE, SAME OLE operations.... day in and day out... and are NEVER going to rescue us from all of this corruption..NEVER!

Call your neighbors for assistance...that is who will be there for you when the toughness needs to get going.

Anonymous said...

NUFF SAID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO CONSTITUTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Automobile Accident Attorney said...

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Automobile Accident Attorney said...

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Anonymous said...

The most disgusting and allegedly central agency that exits to bring justice to discriminated or fraud reporting the Federal DOJ...and that agency can barely communicate in proper or legal English terms

The DOJ would not do that, they will just not pick up the phone or return calls/complaints on that type of corruption! You just hear, corrupt bastards in the background before the hangup!

Anonymous said...

You know what is even more disgusting- 12 of our bravest and finest placed their lives in jeopardy the other day in the mistaken illusion that they are fighting for their country and protecting their fellow citizens.

I am speaking about our Navy Seals.

Anonymous said...


USA === JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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