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Monday, April 25, 2011

Big Rip-Offs and Big Law Firms

CityTime scandal lobby twist
The New York Post by David Seifman  -  April 24, 2011

The city's top lobbyist has been retained to restore the battered reputation of a national company at the center of the CityTime scandal, one of the biggest rip-offs in municipal history. Records show that Suri Kasirer, who consistently reports earning more than any lobbyist working in city government, was hired Feb. 15 to work on behalf of Spherion Atlantic Enterprises. The company hired the two computer consultants whom prosecutors charged with pulling off one of the biggest heists ever by embezzling $80 million of the $722 million in spending to build a new timekeeping system. Kasirer wasn't hired directly by Spherion, which was supposed to provide day-to-day quality assurance over the chief contractor, Scientific Applications International Corp. Instead, her employer is Proskauer Rose, Spherion's longtime attorney. In a statement, Spherion said that Kasirer would "facilitate communications with the government, in the event necessary, about prior work." It sure seems like it's going to be necessary. Comptroller John Liu froze all Spherion contracts late last year, and the freeze remains in effect today. City lawyers hinted that they might try to recover some of the $50 million that Spherion hauled in. "Spherion does not believe it is the target of any investigation," the company said in a statement. Kasirer's contract, for which she's been paid $15,000 so far, only runs through July 31. Spherion -- make that Proskauer -- might want to consider extending it for a few years.


Anonymous said...

Proscauer Rose is one corrupt law firm!

Anonymous said...

Maybe, Bloomberg and Cuomo can come out of their closets where they play with these law firms and put on a good show.

Anonymous said...

The Proscauer Rose cancer has spread

Anonymous said...

this looks like very interesting vein of inquiry


Anonymous said...


Felicito, que palabras..., el pensamiento magnГ­fico

Anonymous said...

According to local blog, Upstate Columbia County Judge Paul Czajka has engineered a behind the scenes "coup" allegedly using former State Assemblyman John Faso and others to dump the current DA from the GOP Ticket and let the Judge who used to be DA back into the top DA job allegedly offering the current DA coming up for re-election his County Judge seat.

Conventional wisdom seems to believe this Judge Czajka wants the power of the DA's office back to avoid further inquiry into multiple allegations of misconduct that thus far have gone unheard by the State CJC where Tembeckjian owns other property in Columbia County. Other complaints have been whitewashed thus far by former NYAG Office of Andrew Cuomo and other offices like OCA Inspector General Spatz.

Dec 2004 NY Post Brad Hamilton featured an article on the Judge called "Judge Dread" after multiple complaints to State CJC went unheard without any witnesses being interviewed.

Some allege Columbia County itself has a version of "Kids for Cash" where County Rate of Foster Care and Medicaid expenditures dwarfs other similarly situated counties and even counties where greater population.

Columbia County has a Juvenile Facility called Berkshire Farm that had a "rush" of counties from NYC and other areas stop sending children to the Facility few years back after published reports of State investigation by OCFS was occurring but has never followed up.

Anonymous said...

In what many see as an odd move accomplished by backdoor political arm twisting, a local blog reports that upstate Columbia County Judge Paul Czajka has engineered a plot to "take back" his old DA Job and give the current DA his job as County Judge as a "consolation prize".

According to the blog, former GOP Assemblyman John Faso of Kinderhook was part of the effort which is causing turmoil in the county party.

Judge Paul Czajka has been the subject of numerous complaints to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct which have been whitewashed thus far by the CJC.

CJC head Robert Tembeckjian owns property in Columbia County where complaints have been whitewashed for years.

In one case in late 2004, Albany Staff Attorney at the CJC named Kathryn Blake indicated that certain transcripts of proceedings in front of Judge Paul Czajka would be ordered and then the CJC case went into the blackhole.

Thus far, other complaints to the former NYAG office of Andrew Cuomo and OCA Inspector Spatz have been whitewashed as well.

In Dec 2004, Brad Hamilton of the NY Post wrote an article on Judge Czajka called "Judge Dread" after Documented Complaints actually received by the CJC ALL had gone unanswered and whitewashed.

Some allege that the Columbia County Family Court of Judge Czajka has acted like a "Kids for Cash" program like investigated in nearby Pa.

One case involves children that were locked in Foster Care for over 10 years where the original Reports from a Court Appointed expert recommending Immediate Reunification of the Family were never admitted into Court or appellate records.

Columbia County has a Juvenile Facility called Berkshire Farm and few years back downstate counties and other counties around the state rushed to take Children sent to the facility out after reports of a state investigation surfaced then.

Blog links:

Anonymous said...

some at the blog suspect that this Judge is trying to become DA again in order to steer complaints and investigations away from himself

Anonymous said...

looks like that "special censor filter" is running on this blog again - good thing for Screenshots - 4.25.11

Anonymous said...

been almost an hour for the special filter. how is it making out?

Anonymous said...

Thank you blog filter for correcting or doing whatever? But do we really need to learn spanish to figure this out? good to learn anyway but eh?

anyway, back in the prime time power of King George Pataki some said Columbia County was one of the "go to" Counties which could have been part of why Berkshire Farm in Canaan, NY of Columbia County where Judge Czajka has ruled got so many children from other counties around the State sent into the Juvenile Facility known as Berkshire Farm Center.

After investigation reports leaked, the mass exodus of children "pulled back" by other counties was something like 100 to 200 in a single day going back to areas like the Bronx and other downstate counties.

Should be something that was further looked into and maybe helps explain why Columbia County Foster and Medicaid rates were way above normal for other counties.

For the most part, other than a few cow farms, horse farms, apple and berry farms, 4 restaurants ( maybe 10 ) and a few car and body shops, no commerce in the area to speak of. So the "kids" were "shipped in" perhaps? And Medicaid expenditures went way up?

Anonymous said...

The OCA-OIG is one very dangerous agency with a serious sounding name. It's job is specifically to launder complaints that filter through OCA ...about OCA and their dirty, nasty syndicate.
The OCA- OIG specializes in perjury, false, heavily redacted documentation, and setup behaviors that reflect felony criminal wrongdoings.
If anyone ever suggests that you contact this fast and run somewhere to the these crooks are poison to NY State and Cuomo won't touch you must ask why that is.

Anonymous said...

The New York State Division of Human Rights is currently investigating the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee on substantial evidence that they routinely allow big law firms or politically connected Attorneys to keep all of their legal fees charged, while routinely awarding back all legal fees earned by racial and religious minority Attorneys and law firms in New York, just so the NYCLA can say, statistically, that they routinely give money refunds to clients (while not screwing their own politically connected lawyers). Stay tuned for this investigation into acts of institutional discrimination/racism within the OCA and NYCLA.

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