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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Penis Pump" Judge Arrested

Former Creek County Judge Convicted Of Indecent Exposure Arrested For Stalking by Angela McClanahan - March 3, 2011

CREEK COUNTY, Oklahoma -- Former Creek County judge Donald Thompson was arrested again Thursday. This time, he's been booked for stalking his ex-girlfriend. Thompson is the former judge who got caught using a sexual device while on the bench. He was found guilty in 2006, sentenced to four years in prison, and served less than half of that. Since he's been out, he's been arrested at least three times. Thompson was booked into the Creek County jail Thursday afternoon. An affidavit says his face is beat up because he got caught peeping into his ex-girlfriend's bedroom window recently and her boyfriend beat him up. This new arrest happened because police say he was caught spying on her again. Angela McClanahan says she got a flat tire on the way to work Thursday and pulled over in a parking lot in Sapulpa. She called police, saying Thompson was watching her. Sure enough, police say when they arrived, Thompson was parked across the street, watching her through binoculars. This is not her first flat tire. She told officer's her tires have been slashed 23 times in the past two years. The affidavit says Thompson told them he saw her and the officers and just wanted to see what was going on, but they say his pants were unzipped and gaping open. McClanahan told officers Thompson has threatened to kill her in the past, if she called police. She told them, "he's going to end up killing me." "More than anything, she's extremely fearful for her well being," Major Jeff Gilliland, Sapulpa Police, said. "Everytime she turns around evidently, Mr. Thompson is standing there watching her." Records show she filed for a new protective order late Thursday in Creek County. She had filed one against him in 2009 in Tulsa County, but it was dismissed a month later when she didn't show up at court.

7/6/2009 Related Story: Protective Order Filed Against Donald Thompson. She filed one just a few months ago in December in Creek County, but it was dismissed when the judge said there wasn't evidence of an immediate threat. McClanahan had been subpoenaed to testify against Thompson at his indecent exposure trial, but refused to do so, which resulted in one count against him being dropped. Thompson has also been arrested for DUI and failing to pay his court fines since he got out of prison. Thompson bonded out of jail Thursday evening.


Protective Order Dismissed Against Former Creek County Judge by Angela McClanahan - March 22, 2011

CREEK COUNTY, Oklahoma -- A judge has dismissed a protective order against former Creek County judge Donald Thompson because his ex-girlfriend was a no-show in court. Angela McClanahan filed it the same day Thompson was arrested on suspicion of watching her through binoculars with his pants unzipped. She had told police Thompson stalks her and has threatened to kill her. The judge dismissed the protective order because she failed to show up in court.


just asking said...

Nice to see this wack job in the news again.
How'd this mutt ever get on the bench in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Get this lovely judge to New York. Sex and Stupidity seems to be on his brian- a perfect NY fit. We'll turn him into a money hungry savage in no time flat. We need more sexually deprived scum like this on the bench.

Anonymous said...

this guy needs to be mandated to be forced on medicadication and with a tracking bracelet on him with her having an alert if he comes within 1000 feet of her!

Anonymous said...

this guy needs to be mandated to be forced on medicadication and with a tracking bracelet on him with her having an alert if he comes within 1000 feet of her!

marketer said...

The judge should have gone into the penis pump business when he left the bench. He would have made a fabulous national spokesman for a variety of little sex toys.

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