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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Judge Charged With Disorderly Conduct

Waukesha County judge charged with disorderly conduct
The Journal Sentinel by Jesse Garza  -  April 6, 2011

Police cite outburst at ex-beau in Caledonia

Waukesha County Circuit Judge Linda Van De Water has been charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly kicking and jumping on her ex-boyfriend's car after confronting him outside the home of another woman, according to a criminal complaint. Van De Water, 48, frantically pounded on the door of the woman's neighbor while looking for the man and tore through the residential neighborhood in a sport utility vehicle at a high rate of speed after the confrontation. She was later caught lurking in the woman's yard and confronting the ex-boyfriend and the woman at a Brookfield restaurant, according to the complaint. A copy of the complaint, filed March 25 in Racine County Circuit Court, was obtained Wednesday. Van De Water has an unlisted number and could not be reached for comment.

According to the complaint: About 2 a.m. Jan. 16, Van De Water began pressing the doorbell and pounding on the front door of a residence in Caledonia. A woman who lived there said Van De Water, wearing a puffy coat and plaid pajamas tucked into her boots, was outside looking into the home through a front window. When the woman answered the door, Van De Water, "angry, frantic and determined," asked for the man. When the woman said he wasn't there, Van De Water asked her to dial the man's number on a cellphone. The woman dialed the number twice, each time handing the phone to Van De Water, who demanded the man come outside. After leaving, Van De Water went to a second residence before approaching a car and kicking it four times. After she walked away, the man came out of the second residence, got into the car and began making a U-turn. At that point, Van De Water emerged, jumped on the hood of the car and started screaming at the man. The man then opened the driver's door and pushed Van De Water away when she came at him, flailing her arms, according to the complaint. The man then headed east and Van De Water followed him in an SUV before turning back and heading up the street at between 35 and 45 mph, according to the complaint. The next day, a man in the neighborhood saw Van De Water in the other woman's backyard. That evening, Van De Water confronted the woman and the ex-boyfriend at a Brookfield restaurant, according to the complaint. If convicted, Van De Water could be sentenced to 90 days in jail and fined $1,000. The disorderly conduct charge is a misdemeanor offense.


Anonymous said...

How does a nut job get on the bench in this country?

Waukesha County Circuit Judge Linda Van De Water is no stranger to controversy. As a prosecutor, she botched a case against a man charged with beating a tavern owner to death. She then got in trouble for repeatedly bringing her dog to work during her first term as judge. She was also deemed "offensive and discourteous" by a prosecutor during a suspected drunken driving incident in Oconomowoc..... COPY and CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE:

from one bitch to another said...

A fine example for our future generations. How'd this bitch ever get a law license, let alone become a judge. She's a low life bully, plain and simple.

Hell's Journal said...

"Hell hath many furies like this woman scorned," and they and almost all of Hell's devils are working as judges and lawyers." The remaining devils are working on the expansion of the newly renamed "NY judges and lawyers Judith Kaye Memorial Hellhole" while the other devils continue stoking the flames.

The NOW feminist ideal of a woman judge and her unique female temperament. Where are the felony charges from the DA and the restraining order obtained by DA?

Anonymous said...

Frank, I can`t believe that you use space on your site to remark about a judge who brings her dog to work.
I brought crimes that were committed against me by Fau and company, and you just ignored me. Makes me wonder where your loyalties lie.

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