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Monday, March 9, 2009

Can Judges Be Bought?

Can Judges Be Bought?
Parade by Sharon Male - March 8, 2009

From 2000 to 2007, some $167 million was spent on judicial campaigns—more than twice as much as in the entire previous decade. Now, advocates of judicial reform are worried that the influx of special-interest money is getting in the way of citizens’ rights to a fair trial. “If you were in court and found out that your opponent was one of the biggest contributors to the judge, would you be happy?” asks Charles W. Hall of Justice at Stake, a nonpartisan group that advocates for judicial reforms. “I think almost all Americans would say, ‘I want a different judge.’”

Should a judge be allowed to hear a case involving a campaign contributor?

In West Virginia in 2004, the CEO of a coal company spent $3 million to help Brent D. Benjamin’s judicial campaign. When the company had a case before the court, Benjamin declined to recuse himself—to step aside—and instead cast a deciding vote in favor of the CEO’s company. The case has worked its way up to the Supreme Court, which is expected to make a ruling this spring. Meanwhile, jurists and legal scholars across the country are locked in debate. One group of state supreme court justices argued in a legal brief that the “strong presumption of integrity” of elected judges should override apparent conflicts of interest. But others say that the current system undermines the public’s faith in the integrity of the court.


Anonymous said...

The President needs to get involved in this abuse on the country's judiciary. It's sinful.

sleuth said...

DO THE RIGHT THING AND DISBAR ALL THESE JUDGES - NOW! This would be a good thing and the world would be better off.

sleuth said...

DO THE RIGHT THING AND DISBAR ALL THESE JUDGES - NOW! This would be a good thing and the world would be better off.

Anonymous said...

NY's system is better, because the people are kept in the dark by the media and they trust the system to work. NY judges receive rewards under the table and in sweet heart deals arranged by local attorneys and the people are happy but, ignorant.

dem pol said...

You bet they can be bought and also rented short-term if needed

Anonymous said...

anyone see where this lawyer who is on the bruno team got Sanctioned by a federal bankruptcy judge in the southern district?

alot of talk floating around about how this lawyer and some other lawyers and state judges were playing some dirty pool in cases for years that all got fixed in the state watchdog authorities



Anonymous said...

What are you gaming me dude? Of course you can payoff a Judge! How do you think they make their walking around bread?

Anonymous said...

In the Orange County Goshen New York Supreme and Family Court you can buy the judge and it comes with the services of the law guardian, clerk, "forensic expert," and if sexual abuse and domestic violence is proven they will throw in CPS and the DA's Office....The fee must be a bit high to pay them all off to look the other way. The network of corruption in this county touches the skirt of Pataki, Kaye, AG Office and of course it tickles the rear end of Nicolai..

Anonymous said...

Rockland County is the same way.Law guardians and the psychiatrist are owned by the judge in family court.
They all work together to hide the corruption that is the "LAW" in Rockland County.
Money first,Favors second, oh yeah the children if we have any time left.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed Rockland County and Orange County enjoy swapping "forensic whores" for the best interest of the money spouse...since children are just property for the parent with money to do as they please after all they had to pay a high fee to buy "the special property" formerly known as children. In particurlar if they can make money from the sexual exploitation of their own children and/or satisfy their own sick sexual needs. I wonder how much money Nicolai gets from "these special sales"

Anonymous said...

sounds like Goshen and Orange County and these others mentioned is exactly how the Family Courts have been permitted to be run in Dutchess, Columbia, and more where Pataki level protection and OCA control was in full force. there was one judge in the supremes who saw thru the scam on more than one occasion and would overturn county level decisions and then he was targeted to meet the retirment door.

falsified documents, Knowingly False hotlines, Denied hearings on hotlines for 12 months or more, falsified transcripts, you name it.

one woman was literally crushed into submission by being forced to undergo 7 plus separate psychologicals and the one "relied" upon by the county family court was the one performed by the Only expert to not even meet the woman in person.

that was all created by the way after the woman refused to "back down" from warnings that if she pressed forward on Assault Charges against her spouse she would lose her children to Foster Care and she did lose them to Foster Care. the Local Police Dept had brought the charges of Assault and made the arrest but the woman was expected to back down. she did not.

Anonymous said...

If OCA is wiretapping homes, altering transcipts and hiring hitmen from the state payrolls....absolutely there is a tremendous chance a judge on any case.... can and will be bought.
OCA is the largest Mafia Organization that has ever hit America...believe it and don't ever trust them!

Manhattan Surrogate Victim said...

The question is What Judge Can Not Be Bought? The self policing of the legal enterprise is a failure. Time for a change!

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