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Thursday, March 5, 2009

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Asked to 
Appoint New York Ethics Prosecutor
  • PART I - Manhattan Ethics Chairman, Roy L. Reardon, Accused of White-Washing Crimes by Attorneys.
  • PART II - Statewide Judicial Ethics Chairman, Robert Tembeckjian, Accused of widespread corruption. 

The United States Attorney General, Eric H. Holder, Jr., was formally asked this week to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the violations of federal laws within New York's so-called "Ethics" Committees.  Attorney General Holder, a native of New York City, has been briefed on the staggering extent of the corruption, and violations of federal law, involving those charged with reviewing ethics complaints against New York's state judges and attorneys.  A source close to Mr. Holder says the Attorney General understands how,  "the lack and manipulation of ethics inquiries in New York since 1995 has largely contributed to the current financial crisis." In 1976, Mr. Holder joined the Department of Justice's then-newly formed Public Integrity Section in Washington, D.C., the office that prosecuted official corruption on the local, state and federal levels.

PART I - Manhattan Ethics Chairman, Roy L. Reardon, Accused of White-Washing Crimes by Attorneys

Manhattan's "attorney ethics committee," known as the Departmental Disciplinary Committee ("DDC"), is a primary target of the U.S. Attorney General's office. The DDC Chairman, Roy L. Reardon, Chief Counsel Alan W. Friedberg and Deputy Chief Counsel Sherry K. Cohen, have all been formally accused of the widespread covering-up of serious ethics complaints against attorneys who conduct business in the Bronx and Manhattan. According to a source close to the Chariman's Lexington Avenue law firm, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, Mr. Reardon was once regarded as a gentlemen with high ethical standards but, according to the source, "he has sold his soul." The source says many workers are furious that Reardon has personally allowed crimes by connected attorneys to be swept under the rug. "This animal [Reardon] has a blind eye toward sexual assaults upon woman by New York Lawyers, and he has even [given] blanket free passes to any attorney who is politically connected."

Holder's Ethics Straw: Sexual Assaults and Harassment by Politically Connected Attorneys

The Civil Rights violations of two specific New York cases are most troubling for the nation's chief law enforcement officer. One victim, Luisa Esposito, says her former New York attorney, Allen H. Isaac, allegedly sexually abused her and wanted oral sex in exchange for his legal representation. Attorney Isaac's political connections were apparently good enough to not only thwart the attorney ethics complaint against him, but to keep him from getting arrested. As one Manhattan District Attorney Police Detective advised Ms. Esposito, "... phone calls were made.... favors were called in...... sorry...." That police detective had previously advised Ms. Esposito that he was going to make the arrest.  Ms. Esposito's evidence is quite compelling: she has audiotape proof, and her story has been televised on various TV programs. CLICK HERE TO SEE The CBS TV Story of the attorney caught offering legal representation in exchange for oral sex.  

Sexual Harassment AND Witness Tampering - Threats on a Federal Witness

The other case involves a Manhattan state-employed Ethics supervising attorney who not only allegedly sexually harassed an attorney under his direction, he confronted her before her sworn testimony in a federal court case with a "message," according to a source, adding, “You have a very serious situation requiring immediate involvement by federal authorities anytime someone confronts a federal witness and warns that a death may result from testimony.”

The New York Norm: Obstruction of Justice

Ethics Chairman Reardon apparently ordered that the involved DDC Ethics supervising attorney, Andral Niven Bratton, Esq., be immediately transferred to the courthouse at 27 Madison Avenue from the Ethics' offices on Broadway where the threatened attorney worked. Another court insider says no one wanted another scandal or anyone talking to any federal agents. The source close to Chairman Reardon's offices says people were appalled that, "Reardon not only failed to report the crime to the authorities, he purposely ignored the obligation to report the incident to the EEOC [U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission].” CLICK HERE TO SEE "FBI Probes Threats on Federal Witnesses in NY Ethics Scandal"

One Phone Can Just About Fix Anything

It has been long rumored that virtually any ethics complaint, no matter how serious or criminal, could be made to disappear for “favored attorneys.” “The feds are now beginning to understand that a ‘favored attorney’ in New York doesn’t just involve political connections. A New York ‘favored attorney’ is one who pays,” says one attorney who has practiced in the federal court system for over thirty years, and who asked not to be identified.  A DDC Whistleblower lawsuit in late 2007 exposed the corruptive operating procedures at the attorney ethics committee. That federal action, Anderson v. State of New York (SDNY), is pending before U.S. District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin, and involves charges of discrimination and corruption at the DDC. (CLICK HERE to see the Anderson Lawsuit)

“Win at all Costs” and “No Regard for Laws or Ethics” Hits National Agenda

The latest allegations coincide with the obstruction of justice case in the Eastern District Court in Brooklyn against defense attorney Robert Simels and his associate Arienne Irving, who each face up to 10 years in prison for allegedly seeking to use bribes and violence to prevent witnesses from testifying against one of their clients.

Tamanny Hall II – New York Court’s Cesspool Seeps to Washington, D.C.

In November of 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court decided to hear Caperton v. A.T. Massey Coal, a case that centers on state level ethics and judges beholden to financial supporters. The Brennan Center and other advocacy groups have called the issues egregious, matters that raise underlying questions about due process on a national level.

See, "The Unethical Ethics Committee" and the Background story on New York-Style Ethics, "Sex Scandal at Attorney Committee on Character and Fitness"

TOMORROW, PART TWO - U.S. Attorney Holder asked to End Violations of Federal Law Against New York State Judges.


Anonymous said...

How do we get our complaints to Mr. Holder?

Is there a contact at the DOJ?

Anonymous said...

Perfect Timing. Did you see today's NY Post:


March 5, 2009 --
Bernie Madoff, whose $50 billion Ponzi scheme is the biggest purported fraud in history, reportedly out thousands of dollars to lawmakers in Congress.

Fox 5 New York reported last night that Sen. Charles Schumer tops the donor list of Madoff and his family, at $29,300. Schumer's office said it had donated $8,000 of the stash to police and fire endowments.

Others who got donations from Madoff or his family were Democratic NJ Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who got $11,600; Hillary Rodham Clinton, who got nearly $9,000 for her Senate and presidential campaigns; disgraced former Republican Rep. Vito Fossella and Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney, who both collected $3,000; and Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel, who received $2,000.

Maloney has said she'll give back the donation, the station said.

pissed off said...

this is bull shit, what has this blog produced beside getting people to vent?????????

pissed off said...

this is bull shit, what has this blog produced beside getting people to vent?????????

Finnan said...

Today's letter to Cuomo regarding action pending in the Federal Court of Appeals for 2nd Circuit in NYC, Andrew Cuomo must submit answer by 3/152009:

Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General
The Capital
Albany NY

By Mail and FAX and e-mail

Dear Mr. Cuomo:
The Time has come for you to do your duty to the people in Federal action 08-cv0259. Judge Kevin K. Ryan and Vito Caruso are corrupt and you know it and it’s not your duty to defend corruption .

Your office knows of the website and of all the corruuption reported there. Your lackey, Quackenbush has failed to advise Judges Ryan and Caruso to stop violating my rights as guaranteed by Federal Law and the Constitutions of the USA and NY State. It is time for you to end to these criminal acts by Judges Ryn and Caruso and for you to advisee your clients, Ryan and Caruso, that you will not defend them and you will support the declaratory judgement sought by Terence Finnan.

Your DIVISION OF PUBLIC ADVOCACY Department can begin prosecution of these judges. Your office has already received a sworn a criminal complaint against Judge Ryan. Said complaint cites Federal Law, but these crimes are also covered under State Law. Your Office’s on-line web site says you do prosecutions under both State and Federal Law.

Sincerely yours,
/s in mail copy/
Terence Finnan

calm and relaxed said...

pissed off sounds like one angry, out of control, person to me. people have to be allowed to vent. and when they vent, information is shared. it's only by sharing information that the word gets out. and if the word get's out enough, maybe some action will be taken. does mr or mrs. 'pissed off" suggest that nothing be available for the sharing of information?!?! watch out for uncontrolled anger. time is better spent sharing information and spreading the word. i know this blog has given me information that i've shared with friends that have been victimized by corrupt court attorneys.

realist said...

The practice of law has become only about sex,influence and money. What did this chick expect, a fair hearing in a NY courtroom? Without putting out? Someone needs a reality check.

Anonymous said...

I just called Senator Sampson's office. Thanks for the suggestion!

Finnan said...

The P.S. portion of letter to Cuomo above is below with the crooked attorney and the phoney NY psychologist: You can check out Breckenridge's lack of license in 2003 at NY Office of Professions.

P.S. In the same federal action 08cv0259, Darla Breckenridge is represented by Tim Brennan. Brennan still knowingly, unethically and criminally presents fraudulent claims that Breckenridge is entitled to the benefits of a licensed professional when she has no such license. Please begin prosecution of Breckenridge under State Law. All the papers from the NY Office of Professions are in your possession. Please also begin prosecution of Tim Brennan for his fraud on the courts.

Anonymous said...

I now for a fact in 2004-05..when OCA put forth full and all out criminal effort... to illegally retaliate against me and terminate my employment with them after 30 yrs...they never, ever dreamed that the internet and this particular blog..would exist to expose them.

If "pissed off" sees this "venting" as just superficial action against the courts and legal system....then that person should contact any judge, lawyer or OCA administrator and mention this blog to them and some of the venting he/she has read. This person can then watch for their he or she is escorted out of that very PUBLIC court building... which I know will happen.. because they removed me for filing an action with OCA'S OIG. OCA's only comment to me was simply..... "we don't want you here anymore" ( even though I passed a civil service test and worked with excellent evaluations for 30 yrs).....CSEA...where were you with my dues??

When I was escorted out physically, while standing quietly... by my judge's file drawer, talking to another employee..who they have attempted to fire for 3 yrs now because she supported me and my OIG ACTION , and is on leave because of their abuses...OCA used 2 large male sheriff's with guns and other law enforcement tools of the trade. The no reason really was an OCA REASON.... we control the corruption and your exposure will never be tolerated!

To this very day... Buffalo City Court has barred me from their building and all the rest of the courthouses in the 8th dist, and it has been over 4 yrs, with still NO reasons expressed. Marie Villari...some administrative blah, blah yes person.... always pretends to give me her permission to enter any court... for business purposes...even though she doesn't know that it is illegal to begin with or even comprehends any of the NY STATE LAWS or federal codes herself... with a 6 figure salary!

Buffalo City Court and the other courthouses I am banned from.. are public buildings...aren't they Judge Sharon Townsend??? I paid for them with my taxes, as you did.

Were you afraid that I might view or hear all your many secret meetings, in person and on the phone to OCA'S counsel's office and the illegal actions that were planned at the courthouses to terrorize and ruin me.... so I would not file a Federal Court lawsuit? I learned a lot, lot more not working there....much to your surprise.

Even criminals can come and go daily throughout court buildings without business...I witnessed it daily myself. Is courthouse banning for 4 yrs and running... some type of legal punishment for filing a discrimination action..if so... show me the law....that you took an oath to uphold.

So your abuse of power is still in affect and running rampant...along with so much more...but my intention today... is just to post and prove to "pissed off" that venting can reveal some startling violations that millions of people would never have been known esp. about the 8th dist WNY, and Townsend et al. If I had not posted this..Ms. Townsend and her thug court people.... would continue trashing me personally for whatever reasons they have now chosen.... throughout the entire 8th district legal community.

Because of this blog, I can now present the real truth about the nonjudicial actions taken against me, which will allow intelligent people, the opportunity to assess and judge! The real visual proof is in the paperwork...waiting to be made public.... so that is what I call... "pissed on".

Finna n said...

E-mail to Senator Samson;
Dear Senator Samson: I worked the halls of Congress while MLK marched in the South and we changed the laws. It took cojones then to march against the threats and speak out and it takes cojones to expose the corruption in the judiciary and the bar today. We did it in Washington in the 1960's so that black men would be equally free. It's your job now to not subjugate us to a new masters of corrupt judges and lawyers; it is to set us all free of the bonds they place on us. MLK wanted you free from bonds of unequal law, not to bring others into a new bondage of corrupt lawyers and judges.
The time is come and the task is given to you, Senator Samson.

Terence Finnan

P.S. I have extensive material to testify about personal knowledge of corrupt judges and lawyers and the inaction of bar grievance committees and the CJC, which will be forwarded to your office.

viewer said...

So Schumer got a lot of money from Madoff. No surprise. Bring in the G-men. I smell Chuckie Schumer's arm pits getting pretty stinky. And I see Shelly Silver running for cover. What a show!

Anonymous said...

Just watched the Espositi video. I can't believe this jackass lawyer wasn't arrested. Unbelievable!

bronx attorney said...

The problem is that the NYS court system is beyond repair. It just can't be fixed. Ask any lawyer, judge or state court worker. Everyone says to just shut everything down and start over. But the big question is what do you do in the meantime. Any thoughts, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Watch out for Sherry Cohen and Alan Friedberg. They're doing Reardon's dirty work.

Anonymous said...

Roy's been telling people he won't be the DDC Chairman for too much longer.

Anonymous said...

Lippman can't do anything. Silver won't let Jonathan go to the bathroom without permission.

admirer said...

Isaac is stud, that's for sure. He wants a whole thirty secords. LOL. I cannot stop laughing. I think the ethics rules allow for this type of sexual activity (harassment, assault, abuse, I could go on) if you keep it to less than a minute.... His wife must have one big happy face on...

Anonymous said...

Fox 5 NY did a story a story last night on Madoff's contributions to NY State's elected representatives and how he bought influence.
Some of the contributions were not that large, but it is still considered unethical and improper, and the politicians are giving it back.

Also, did you see the article on the FBI's office closing on Monday because of show? It was the only office to close. They figured that the terrorists wouldn't be out in the snow.

Now I know why they ignore complaints.

They're wimps.

Anonymous said...

And what about the lawyers that caused a disabled child to be attacked and tormented so that they could steal from her trust????

Where is a link to that story??

Dem Pol said...

B. Madoff has paid off everyone that's why he's still in his penthouse. Sen. Sampson is in the tank and has sold his soul.

Anonymous said...

Fox 5 News did 5 stories about Allen Isaac and how he sexually abused his client Luisa Esposito..Where did those stories go, they're no-where to be found on the internet or anywhere else...Andrea Day was the Reporter who ran the story and Deborah Fountain was the Producer.

Indictments are NEEDED here said...

It's time to bring down the rampant corruption throughout NYC..Agencies that need to be investigated, The Manhattan DA'S Office, the Manhattan Special Victim's Squad, The First Departmental Disciplinary Committee, Lawyers, Judges and anyone else who helped cover-up all of these crime's.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the day when all of these THUGS are arrested and finally hauled off to JAIL!!!!!Let the get what they deserve.

dare you to mess with mee, allen said...

I love the esposito video. It shows isaac as a total horses' ass. You go, gir!! And how about the "ethics exper" give the guy credit for keeping a straight face. How many other women do you think this dirt bag hit on.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt Courts Administrator:

Breaking Article in Albany TU on Lawyers for Bruno Committee Featuring Vice Chair of the State Commission on Judicial Conduct Stephen Coffey as well as Jack Casey who has been on Third Department Committee on Professional Standards and others.

Jack Casey has also been a Republican Party Chair in Rensselaer County and likely intimately involved with Judicial nominations and more.


Eliot Bernstein / Iviewit / Patentgate / Bat Out of Hell said...


Eliot I. Bernstein
Founder & Inventor
Direct Dial: (561) 245-8588

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Honorable President Barack Hussein Obama II
The United States Office of the President
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
The Honorable Gregory Craig, White House Counsel
The White House, Oval Office
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
The Honorable Eric H. Holder, Jr., United States Attorney General
Office of the United States Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
Re: Fundamental Matters of the Global Economy and Intellectual Property Rights under Article I of the US Constitution involving direct Fraud on the US Patent Office with devastating impacts on future US Intellectual Property development and Fundamental Matters of the Administration of Justice under Law
Dear Honorable President Barack Hussein Obama II:
I, Eliot Ivan Bernstein, am writing to bring to your attention as the 44th President of the United States urgent matters fundamental to the United States and global economy, regarding an ongoing investigation of Fraud on the United States Patent & Trademark Office (“USPTO”) and fraud on International Patent Authorities through violations of international trade treatises arising under Article I of the United States Constitution and further involving the fundamental operation and administration of Justice under the Law in the federal Courts and urgent matters implicating the integrity and operation of Federal and state agencies in estopping Free Commerce, including but not limited to the USPTO, Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), actions of the Offices of US Attorneys around the nation, the US Postal Inspector’s Office, the US Marshals Service and more. It is ever more apparent with the revelation of the alleged crimes of your predecessor that these crimes and the denials of due process came from a top down set of orders, similar to the alleged war crimes, where even whistleblowers feared coming forward or nothing was done to protect them.
Of paramount importance to the interests of the “United States” is the fact that I, Eliot Bernstein, have been specifically urged by Harry I. Moatz, (“Moatz”) Director of the Office of Enrollment & Discipline of the USPTO (“OED”) to seek Congressional legislation to correct these urgent matters impacting the fundamental integrity of the USPTO and adversely impacting the future and development of Inventions and protection of patent rights in the United States with obvious corresponding implications for the future of the US economy and commerce.
In this regard, as you will note herein, I am urging the immediate and active involvement of the Office of President and any and all appropriate federal executive powers and agencies to correct these matters herein and protect Article I of the US Constitution, the integrity of the USPTO and Justice system for the future of the United States and for the Hope and desire for Change that brought about your election to the Office of President as the new Executive and instrument for change.
I write to you as the Original Inventor and Owner of key technologies involving video scaling and imaging processes which were stolen in 1998 and have since been used throughout the United States and across the globe through the value chain of content creation and distribution both software and hardware for the transmission of Internet and Digital Video and Imaging across all spectrums, including, Television, DVD, HD DVD, Chips as well as a mass of applications for Defense, Flight & Space Simulation, including on the Hubble Space Telescope (providing a deeper view into time) and on virtually all Medical Imaging Devices, and more. Technologies heralded as the “holy grail” and valued in the hundreds of billions to a trillion dollars over the life of the IP, having transformed the world of digital imaging and video that now considered part of daily life.
More importantly, I write to you as the Victim of not only the financial crimes but an Attempted Murder, after death threats were made for me to keep the lid on information exposing a Fraud on the USPTO by licensed IP attorneys, at Proskauer Rose LLP, Foley and Lardner LLP, threats became real for my life and the life of my lovely wife, Candice Michelle, and my three sons, Joshua Ennio Zander, Daniel Elijsha Abe Ottomo and Jacob Noah Archie as a result of the Iraqi style Car Bombing of my Mini-Van in Boynton Beach, Florida on or about March 2005. Full pictorial images of this Car Bombing are available for your review at and the fire inspector for the Boynton Beach Fire Department, Rick Lee, Plans Reviewer/Fire Protection Engineer, determined that accelerants were the cause of the bombing.
This event was reported to the FBI investigator, Special Agent Stephen Lucchesi (“Lucchesi”) in the West Palm Beach FBI offices, who also was investigating for several years the Iviewit companies’ affairs and mainly the crime directly against the United States of Fraud on the USPTO in conjunction with Moatz. Moatz directed me to file with the Commissioner of Patents a complaint notifying the USPTO that Fraud against the United States had occurred in the submission of fraudulent applications to the USPTO as well as on my companies’ shareholders and me. I also wish to point out as you can see, find and review from the website that Iviewit has a host of shareholders including folks like Ellen DeGeneres who has done an infomercial supporting Iviewit and other performers like Alanis Morissette and more.
More recently and surreally Special Agent Lucchesi has gone missing per the FBI, with the case files and this has elevated the matters to The Honorable Glenn Alan Fine (“Fine”), Inspector General ~ Department of Justice (“DOJ”) who invoked The Honorable H. Marshall Jarrett (“Jarrett”) from the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility (“OPR”) to further investigate, where again we were stonewalled by Bush Justice Department officials who have sought to avoid the matters through obfuscation and dereliction of their duties and oaths versus resolving them according to law. A brute force, top down denial of due process and procedure that precludes me from my inventions, precludes me from pursuing my rights legally and thus constituting a Constitutional violation that denies the core of free commerce, rights to your Intellectual Properties the Founders intended as the backbone of free commerce denied by the very people charged with upholding these rights. The fact that those in charge of protecting one’s rights executed the crimes and committed the covered-up makes the crimes even more egregious.
At the present moment in time, President’s Day 2009, neither the Attempted Murder against my life and family nor the multi-year conspiracy to steal my Inventions and Technologies and defraud the rightful and proper owners and interest holders in that Technology have been corrected under Law despite ongoing and continuing actions and efforts by myself and others via the FBI, US Attorneys, US Courts, The European Patent Office, The Japanese Patent Office, The Korean Patent Office, Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (epi), State Courts of Florida and New York, The Honorable John Conyers Jr. - Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and more . The patents remain suspended by the Commissioner of Patents outside the law defined in Title 35 of the Patent Act pending the investigation of charges of Fraud on the USPTO by licensed USPTO attorneys, further denying my rights to monetize my inventions.
Since my attorneys stole my inventions by placing them in their own names and the names of non-rightful inventors, Moatz, directed me to seek an Act of Congress because the current laws due to privacy issues and other matters preclude me as the Original Inventor from making changes on stolen patents in others names necessary to convert them back to the true and proper inventors. This precedent setting case has invoked me to seek an Act of Congress on advice of Moatz to have legislation that returns the inventions to the true and proper inventors when Fraud upon the United States has occurred.
The Honorable United States Senator Dianne Feinstein (“Feinstein”) was contacted next with such request for new legislation and we eagerly await actions from her offices, which started with contacting the DOJ, and again appear to have stalled under the corruption that plagued the Bush Administration politicization of the DOJ under Mssrs. John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales and Michael Mukasey. This new federal legislation is but one matter for which I am specifically seeking the active involvement of the Office of the President and Congress and any and all appropriate federal agencies herein.
Most interestingly although despicably, during the Administration of your predecessor President George W. Bush not a single media report of this Car Bombing was ever reported to this very day and no protections by any law enforcement agency have been implemented to protect me and many others involved who are exposing such crimes, either through the Courts or DOJ. In fact, many conflicts of interest and violations exist within the private legal community involving disciplinary and ethic laws combined with Public Office violations within federal and state government lawyers and agents charged with investigating the complaints, and handling the legal actions, further disabling our efforts at justice while defiling the halls of Justice.
It is expressly noted to your Office that the underlying technologies that were stolen and are the subject of my federal lawsuit and request herein are intertwined with the Enron Scandal, Enron Broadband, and the collapse of Arthur Andersen LLP with Enron related parties believed to be connected to various Defendants in my underlying lawsuit. The original parties to the crime have further created an anticompetitive monopolistic patent pooling scheme MPEGLA LLC and others, whereby such anticompetitive actions to convert the royalties’ everyday from the true and proper inventors of the technologies further impacts daily commerce and free trade and continues to sustain the criminal organization.
President O'Bama, I also respectfully wish to bring to your attention a news source claiming Federal authorities as a source in this information, which indicates an alleged implication for US Senator Charles Schumer in the ongoing Madoff Ponzi Scheme money scandal in Manhattan. I am not making any conclusions on this information nor am I making any accusations. However, I do wish to remind you that, like my case and that of Iviewit herein, Harry M. Markopolos of Boston was trying to blow the Whistle on the Bernard Madoff scam over 10 years ago including an in person meeting with then NYS Attorney General Eliot Spitzer who was supposed to be the Sheriff of Wall Street.
I specifically bring this information located on the Internet to your attention both because US Senator Schumer is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee with influence over the selection of federal judges and prosecutors and also because the NY Post just reported that US Senator Schumer wishes to make his Chief Counsel at the Senate the next US Attorney for the Southern District where my case was filed and where the Wall Street Financial meltdown is still being investigated along with the Madoff scandal. Like Markopolos, I too have been trying to notify proper authorities of a Trillion Dollar scandal, perhaps one of many such patent frauds, involving tremendous liabilities to state and federal agencies that are implicated in the cover-up and fraud named Defendants in the federal lawsuit and have been ignored, despite overwhelming evidence and very real patent suspensions. I urge your Office and staff to pursue diligently all possible implications of this information relating to US Senator Schumer to ensure the Integrity of the DOJ and Offices of the US Attorneys and for the good of the Nation.
There are several hundred Iviewit Signed Non Disclosures, Non Competes, Strategic Alliances, Licensing Agreements signed with many Fortune 1000 companies worldwide dating back to 1998 including but not limited to financial institutions, investors, and others as this Technology was deemed the “Holy Grail” of the Internet and Television by leading experts from Lockheed Martin, Intel Corporation, Silicon Graphics, Inc., AOLTW, Sony and others, by permitting Video at a reduced bandwidth which fundamentally transformed the Internet from a Text based medium to a Multimedia based medium and transformed digital television and video.
Injunctive relief has been sought to prevent the illegal monopolization and violations of antitrust law including Sherman and Clayton that would dwarf the Rimm v. Blackberry harm to the public had that injunction not been settled by the court. Injunctive release in this case, while appropriate would effectively halt the transmission of Internet video to even your blackberry device, cripple the digital transmission of television by limiting bandwidth by over 75% thus reducing channel capacity by a similar percentage. Injunction would force a product recall in hardware and software of digital imaging and video products since 1998 unparalleled in the history of invention.
Simply reviewing the List of companies nationally and internationally and the law firms involved who spearheaded the crime , mainly Proskauer Rose, LLP and Foley and Lardner LLP, should be a stark and clear message to your Administration as to the breadth and scope of Economic implications created by this ongoing RICO conspiracy fundamentally impacting day to day commerce, company trading and mergers, rightful owners and holders of contracts and agreements, and directly impacting the daily choices of billions of consumers worldwide in the internet and related markets. In fact, the largest owner of the Iviewit companies stock is the Small Business Administration (“SBA”) through SBIC loans to one of the lead investors, Crossbow Ventures of West Palm Beach Florida, making the government one of the largest interest holders in the Intellectual Properties and shareholders of the Iviewit companies.
Since the thefts and conspiracies involved herein directly implicate the true owners and holders of Patent rights under Article I, this urgent matter must be addressed by the full force and powers of the Office of the US President to fundamentally protect and uphold the US Constitution in general but specifically including free trade and commerce and Patent law under Article I.
It is noted that but one example of the continuing violations of fundamental due process within both state and federal justice systems is that I, Eliot Bernstein, as the original Inventor and Owner of the “Technology” have Never been permitted an opportunity to Testify and provide evidence or proof in one single proceeding in any state or federal court neither with respect to the “Technology” or the varying ongoing crimes committed during this period including but not limited to the Iraqi car bombing of my family’s Mini-van nor any matter relating to the theft and wrongful misappropriation of the technology and the resulting royalties and license agreements in wrong parties.
Remarkably, such fundamental due process denial continues despite the fact that since day one in 1998 I have remained armed with an Arsenal of legal weaponry by way of the hundreds of signed agreements as well as massive evidence that shows the crimes against the United States and many witnesses to the true and correct history regarding the inventions. Incredible and illegal efforts to block my due process rights have occurred at almost every venue relief has been sought to preclude me from the courtroom, which is ironic when I sue several thousands lawyers globally, several states supreme court justices, three state bar agencies, multiple disciplinary agencies, etc.
Present and Immediate Threats to the Administration of Justice under the Law
The most imminent and pressing reasons for currently seeking the active involvement of the Office of the US President relates to my recent application made to the United States Court of Appeals of the US Second Circuit specifically seeking an Extension of Time to submit and perfect an Appeal in my federal Rico and 42 USC 1983 and related Complaint filed in the Southern District Court specifically in order for the “new” “United States” which officially came about upon your Inauguration as the 44th President to officially intervene and appear in the federal case currently at the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals.
A copy of my extension motion referenced herein and respectfully you will note that I specifically referenced that there was a “new” “United States” ( or new administration therein ) under Law as the “United States” had Not officially appeared or intervened in the federal action under your predecessor in Office George W. Bush.
As you will note, I specifically requested this relief from the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals and specifically asked the US Second Circuit to take all appropriate steps to seek involvement of the “United States” and NOTIFY your recently confirmed United States Attorney General Eric Holder and the Solicitor General of the US Dept. of Justice of the ongoing actions in this SDNY federal RICO complaint and specifically seek the Active intervention of the US Attorney General and Solicitor General and all other appropriate offices of the US DOJ to formally Appear and Intervene on behalf of the “United States” as contemplated under Federal Rule 4 of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure.
In what is viewed as a direct threat to the “United States” and Article I of the US Constitution and the integrity of the US Patent Office and more, a “conflicted” and named Defendant in my federal complaint by way of one Catherine O’Hagen Wolfe (“Wolfe”) who is presently a Clerk at the US Second Circuit was the “conflicted” party at the US Second Circuit on behalf of US Judge Ralph Winters who quickly denied my Extension request WITHOUT ever Notifying US Attorney General Holder, nor any official of the “United States” and simply thrust upon me a short timeframe to submit an Appeal when in fact I have provided ample medical proof of serious medical conditions which prevent me from properly submitting an Appeal in such a short timeframe which does not even consider that I should not be in a position to alone be acting for the interests of “United States”.
Wolfe is directly conflicted as being a Necessary Witness in future proceedings as it was Wolfe herself who helped Uncover widespread corruption and conflict while she worked at the NYS First Department by way of the conflicts of Steven C. Krane former President of the New York State Bar Association of Proskauer Rose LLP who simultaneously represented Proskauer while having an Official capacity at the Supreme Court of New York Appellate Division First Department at the very Attorney Discipline Committee investigating. Interestingly, Wolfe obtained her current job at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals while complaints were proceeding from the state courts into the federal courts, placing her in unique position to have influence over the proper adjudications of my claims.
What makes this even more egregious and pressing for official involvement by the United States and the Office of President is that my case was marked “Related” by US SDNY Judge Scheindlin to an ongoing Whistleblower case coming out of the NYS First Dept. DDC involving Whistleblower Christine Anderson who names my companies in her lawsuit where reports have emerged of Death Threats being investigated by the FBI and yet in her “conflicted” actions in dismissing the “related” cases to the Anderson Whistleblower case Judge Scheindlin specifically suggested that the “Related” cases seek involvement of the appropriate US Attorney in these matters.
Thus, Second Circuit Judge Winters and Clerk O’Hagen Wolfe, despite this Specific referral by SDNY Judge Scheindlin to an appropriate US Attorney and my specific request for Intervention by the US DOJ in my extension request have disregarded all of this by the recent actions and I implore your Office that this is sufficient to exercise any and all Executive Powers to Stay matters in this Appeal and/or utilize any and all Executive Powers to seek Formal investigation concerning why Second Circuit Judge Winters and a “conflicted” Clerk of the Federal Court would Not even bother to seek involvement of the United States in such a landmark case with ongoing crimes and related actions.
Therefore, I respectfully seek the involvement of the Office of the President in these matters through all appropriate powers including the initiation of investigations, referring the matter to the US Attorney General Eric Holder for official involvement of the United States, and further in exercising any and all appropriate powers of the Office of President and US Attorney General and Executive federal agencies to seek appropriate Congressional legislation per the recommendation of Moatz and any other and further appropriate action herein.
Please feel free to directly contact me or have one of your trusted advisors contact me for any further information you may need in determining your executive powers to ensure free commerce and due process. I am at your service personally if necessary at your convenience in any way to serve my country alongside your administration in restoring our country. In fact, this could be a defining case of your legacy and fulfill your promise to the American People to restore Truth, Justice and the American Way to the Country, the system of Jurisprudence and the financial markets.
Both Respectfully and Regretfully Yours,

Eliot I. Bernstein
Founder & Inventor
Iviewit Technologies, Inc.

cc & ec:
The Honorable John Conyers Jr. ~ Chairman, House Judiciary Committee
The Honorable Glenn Fine ~ Inspector General, United States Department of Justice
John J. Doll ~ Acting Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Acting Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office - Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Deputy Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office
The Honorable Harry I. Moatz ~ Director, Office of Enrollment & Discipline, United States Patent & Trademark Office
Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. ~ Attorney General, United States
The Honorable United States Senator Dianne Feinstein
Gene Dodaro ~ Acting Comptroller General of the United States
David A. Paterson ~ Governor, New York State
Andrew Cuomo ~ Attorney General of New York State, State of New York Office of the Attorney General
Thomas P. DiNapoli ~ Comptroller, State of New York
Charlie Crist, Governor, State of Florida
Greenberg Traurig, as Counsel for the Florida Public Office Defendants
CNN; MSNBC; FOX; NY TIMES; Washington Post; LA Times; Miami Herald;
Other Select Media and Political Contacts
Intellectual Property Interest Holders and Iviewit former Shareholders
Enclosure(s) – All Uniform Resource Locators incorporated in entirety by reference herein.

Corrupt Courts Administrator said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I am a state Police officer here in Australia and the women who was asked for "sexual favors" is a freind of mine. Her treatment by this lawyer is nothing short of criminal and he should be in jail with some of his former clients. What annoys me more is the total lack of interest by my collegues in local, state and federal law enforcement to investigate this matter - You should be ashamed!

COUNT DOWN said...

I'm counting the days..when they break down the doors to all the corrupt agencies and haul these mother f--- off to JAIL..PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

The King of Westchester Corruption, the DIS-honorable Francis Nicolai, hasn't been sitting this week. Judge Colabella has taken over the role of acting-administrative judge. Does anyone know where the king of corruption is?

Anonymous said...

To the above Anonymous writer...Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed that this Judge is sitting behind Bars somewhere and hopefully for along time.

lover of love said...

If you're looking for Frank Nicolai, you might want to check under Janet Defiore's bed. Remember, the two of them were in Italy together last summer, enjoying some large quantities of fine Italian wine, and the scenery, of course. Ah, Love. Ah, corrupt DA's. Ah, corrupt mob administrative judges. Ahh.

Anonymous said...

The Court System and these thugs sound like PEYTON PLACE...remember that SOAP OPERA show...All they want is SEX,SEX, and more SEX...They'll get plenty of that once they're in JAIL...I hope they like swinging both ways.

Anonymous said...

How do we get our complaints to Mr. Holder?

Is there a contact at the DOJ?

Anonymous said...

To the above Anonymous Writer... great question..and please point us to the contact person at Holder's Office?

will galison said...


How do we get our complaints to Mr. Holder?

Is there a contact at the DOJ?

Was it you that complained to Holder? Don't you think that others should as well? We need to know how, so if you know how, please tell us.



will galison said...


If you think we should not get our complaints to Holder, please tell us why.



Anonymous said...

Ok, Meat Loaf ("Bat Out Of Hell"), why don't you start your own blog to peddle your BS agenda and stay the heck off here.

Anonymous said...

Hey, everybody has their own agenda. We have the right to read stuff or scroll down. "Bats" case is actually very important, whatever you may think of his presentation.

Anonymous said...

And how long to we have to hold our breath for this newest politician?

L said...

Re: Story on

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, We Love ya' Tomorrow, you're always a day awayyyyyyyy!

L said...

Re: story on Holder:

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, We Love ya' Tomorrow, you're always a day awayyyyyyyy!


lil orphan annie said...

When I'm stuck a day
That's gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin
And Grin,
And Say,
Oh! ........

annie said...

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, We Love ya' Tomorrow, you're always a day awayyyyyyyy!

L'il Orphan Annie said...

The Holder piece comes out tomorrow,
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow,
there'll be news.

Just thinkin' about, tomorrow,
Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow....

trini lopez said...

Let;s forget about tomorrow
Let;s forget about tomorrow
Let;s forget about tomorrow CAUSE

tomorrow never comes.

galison said...

There will be a Public Hearing, held by the New York State Senate Judiciary Committee on the nomination process of the Chief Justice of New York State on Friday, March 20 at 10:00 AM at the Brooklyn Bar Association, 123 Remsen Street, Brooklyn New York. (inquiries: contact Senate Judiciary Counsel, Timothy Spotts: 518 455 2788)

Anonymous said...

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