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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Keep it Going, David: Gov Axes Commish

The New York Post by FREDRIC U. DICKER

April 9, 2008 -- ALBANY - Gov. Paterson yesterday dumped state Human Rights Commissioner Kumiki Gibson, a former counsel to then-Vice President Al Gore who was the subject of human-rights complaints herself.
Patersonannounced Gibson's pending replacement in a statement that thanked her for her service but didn't explain her departure.

Two white women in their 60s who were fired early last year by Gibson filed a federal action alleging racial and age discrimination. They contended Gibson - who is of African-American and Japanese descent - had told employees that she wanted "young folks, young people" shortly before they were fired.


Anonymous said...

It is a common practice for NY STATE to hire AFRICAN-AMERICAN FEMALES to utilize them to fire other female and african- american employees. They believe that they can pay this particular type of supervisor a lot of money and power and when they are truly comfy and indebted to the STATE , the STATE encourages them to fire the same type of protected group of employees, that they are part of!
The stragedy is to say, and they have said this, that a black female would not participate in any TITLE VII violations, because they fall in the protected two catergories! They forget the defense is that everyone has a price!

Anonymous said...

"Keep it Going" anonymous sister, there is no question your're telling like it is. The Masters play one against the other and you know it.

Anonymous said...

Must this site constantly be so naive? How do you think Patterson got to be LT. Gov. - through the NY Times? He has already been shown to be corrupt. He's just doing typical damage control/bringing in his own cronies. You probably cheered Spitzer as a reformer too. How about delving into how these pols get their positions & noting the irony, instead of becoming part of their public relations machines? Don't you want to have any credibility?

Anonymous said...

I agree, paterson is just like the rest of the current public officials- dirty. But the spotlight is finally shinning, and the dirty rats don't like that. We are seeing the beginning, though slow, of a change for the good. I believe we will see more ethics and less covering of the good ole boy's corrupt acts.

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