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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Commission on Judicial Conduct Targets Farm Hands, Still Ignoring Crimes

Mr. Fix-It: Ny Judge (and Dairy Worker) Censured for Fixing Ticket
The New York Law Journal by Daniel Wise

A dairy worker who serves as a part-time Town Court justice should be censured for handling a case in a manner that "constitutes ticket fixing," the state Commission on Judicial Conduct determined in a decision Monday. The record established that Town Justice Walter J. Schurr, who sits in Allegany County, had given "lenient treatment" to a friend of a friend who had been issued a speeding ticket, according to the commission. The intermediary was one of the judge's dairy coworkers, and the two spoke about the case at the plant. Following that conversation, Justice Schurr approached the trooper who issued the ticket and ascertained that he was willing to accept a lesser disposition. In imposing that lesser disposition, the commission wrote, Justice Schurr created the impression that the defendant's punishment was not based on the "merits" but upon his friendship with the co-worker. In five other cases, the commission found, Justice Schurr had reduced speeding charges without the consent of the prosecution, as was required. As mitigating factors, the commission noted that Justice Schurr was new to the bench at the time and erroneously believed it was his job to negotiate pleas.


Moo said...

So, "Justice Schurr was new to the bench at the time and erroneously believed it was his job to negotiate pleas." Doesn't this useless state having training for new judges?!?!?! What the hell?!?!

Any 15 year old will tell you what he did was wrong, and that he KNEW it was wrong.

Is this the worst our judges are doing? I don't think so from what I've read on this website.....

Anonymous said...

What a freaking shame... in this world of corruption, it's.."WHO YOU KNOW" not "WHAT YOU KNOW"..I wonder if this Judge also gets his milk for FREE...MOOOOOOOOOO

ELSIE said...

ELSIE THE COW said, "This case is nothing compared to all the other crime's these JUDGES and LAWYERS are committing"...MOO, MOO

Mea culpa said...

Well, I owe Bob Tembeckjian, Alan Friedberg and the Commission on Judicial Conduct an apology.

All along I thought their heads were up their own asses. Now it's clear that their heads have been up some upstate cow's ass.

My apologies.

Anonymous said...

The Commission on Judicial Conduct really shouldn't be wasting their time on such crap. A public letter to the judge would have been more appropriate. But going after this upstate guy, who's not a lawyer but was elected by the people, is one of the targeted courts to be shut down by OCA. The overall plan is to shut down the non-attorney and smaller village courts so the connected lawyers can get more of the power and money. This farmer/judge works nicely into that overall picture.

When are the feds moving into 61 Broadway?

Anonymous said...

OCA has been screwing innocent people and violating the law for years. You have to ask what else have these OCA misfits been doing to these cows?

Anonymous said...

The CJC keeps their state jobs by going after these country judges..because they know they have little legal knowledge and even less sophistication....making them easy targets with no political fallout. If they didn't have these folks..there would be no work to justify.

The CJC once told me "ALL" judges are crooks...and he meant they know they are not doing their job in any way.. for the taxpayer.

This same person, in the Rochester office, who knew me well and investigated my entire background for 3 years, for a judicial removal case in the 90's...knew fully that OCA played a retaliation hand against me for their pitifully and poorly crafted false removal in 2005...and refused to even entertain one sentence of my complaint...because the judge involved was..a woman administrative judge, put in by NYC as an honored favorite of bee hive Kaye.

CJC now is aware of her abuse of power,etc ...but no "Johnny" is knocking at my door. When the case is finished..however that comes to be, because I have to be on every move they make...I will state about you, Johnny.... that the atty you recommended to me in Rochester, who you knew well, took my money just to hear what I had to say for you.... and then clearly but strangely stated it was definitely a federal court retaliation case..but he could not take the case, was that a throw for you John, but if he could be of any help to me in any other way... please give him a call. I still have that very interesting convoluted letter.

So do you think the CJC told them not to represent me to protect the 8th district judge... even after all the help I gave to them ,to be able to remove the black wart they desperately wanted way back in the 90's???

I say absolutely and quite conniving for a justice designated organization.

Anonymous said...

The downstate judges are mostly protected by corrupt party insiders. We'd have a lot less corruption if people were just taught and reminded of the rules, and then monitored by real ethical oversight staff, not hacks.

pogo said...

they went after Town Justice Walter J. Schurr for ex parte contacts etc. - this is a political lynching by the lawyers for the lawyers. this is all about getting Schurr (a non- lawyer) out and getting a lawyer a job. this guy Schurr should suit the pants off of these scam artists and con men lawyers.

Anonymous said...

So, they ignore crimes and write decisions that state.. "judges are presumed to know the law"... Interesting... very interesting

Anonymous said...

The CJC needs a number on their sheet to show they are doing something. This is a freaking joke, isn't it?

Hey, CJC, how about a judge removing a whole passage from the official record because the ADA defien him and made him look like the coward and idiot he is. How about that one, CJC.

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