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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anderson Jury Picked on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 .... New York's Court Corruption Trial Begins at 10am on Monday, October 19, 2009..... 500 Pearl Street, Courtroom 15c ..... More Soon.......


old drinkin' buddy of Tom and Sherry (hic) said...

I heard "I'll bury anything" Spokony, "Give me a drink" Tom Cahill and "Give me a bottle" Sherry Cohen were in the courtroom yesterday. Is this true? Did the marshalls make them check their liquor at the door?

Anonymous said...

that is funny!

Anonymous said...

keep saying prayers for
St Christine
St Nicole

victim of t and s said...

I was in court yesterday. Spokony, Cahill and Cohen looked like the common criminals they are, just sitting there with dumb, guilty looks on their drunken faces.
They should be sitting there at the trial with handcuffs on and wearing bright orange jumpsuits.... which would be a big improvement over what they were wearing! I think they all came directly from a bar, from the night (or two) before.......

Anonymous said...

Cahill, Cohen and Spokany, all look like characters from the movie.."THROW MAMA FROM THE TRAIN".

Anonymous said...

Wish Christine Anderson the best of luck in her battle against the cancer of corruption, she will need it and also all our prayers.

May G*d bless you and protect you against the evil that wants to destroy you and your supporters.

Anonymous said...

OCA does not go to tial...but in this case they cannot afford to....not go to trial.

Any settlement would mean they would have to cure the problems of the DDC and fire all culprits...which is a stickler for them, as these snitches, workplace lying scum...have way too much incriminating evidence against OCA to be terminated.

OCA has many of these appalling backstabbing employees around the state and are now concerned if the need is greater than the worth.

I say...OCA you are one stupid crime should have just continued doing what you always did to get information....WIRETAP YOUR ENEMY!

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