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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Digging for the Truth; Tom Carvel's Body to be Exhumed

One controversial scoop: Tom Carvel's niece looks to prove ice cream icon was murdered in 1990
The New York Daily News by Rocco Parascandola - October 4, 2009
Ready for the latest scoop on Tom Carvel?

The ice cream icon's niece believes the man behind Cookie Puss and Fudgie the Whale was murdered 19 years ago - and has filed new court papers asking for an exhumation and fresh autopsy. Pamela Carvel wants Westchester County officials to resolve her concerns that the gravelly-voiced ice cream man was served up cold by a pair of disgruntled employees. "I feel I owe it to him," says Carvel. "The truth is what we're after. If it turns out there was no foul play than there wasn't - but if there was, I don't want any crime to go undetected. "My family really feels something happened to him." According to Carvel, her 84-year-old uncle was worried in the days before his death on Oct. 21, 1990. And she suggested in a 2007 Florida lawsuit that Tom Carvel was killed by two workers trying to cover up a multimillion- dollar embezzlement scheme. Her uncle was known for his raspy, rumbling voice and his low-fi TV commercials touting Fudgie the Whale, Lo-Yo frozen yogurt and other desserts. Carvel, who died in his Dutchess County home, suffered from heart disease - and his death certificate listed a heart attack as the cause of death.

But his niece, a fraud investigator who was working in China when he died, remembers her uncle's concerns for his safety and his finances. Tom Carvel - who sold his ice cream business for $80 million shortly before his death - was suspicious that key aides were stealing from him, she said. Authorities in Dutchess and Westchester counties, along with state police investigators, have heard her concerns and conducted at least preliminary investigations, according to sources. But she says none were full-blown probes. She suspects her uncle was poisoned or strangled, and alleges his death certificate includes a forged signature. Pamela Carvel, who lives in Florida, had previously filed a Fort Lauderdale lawsuit seeking an exhumation - but that effort was thrown out two years ago. She filed a new suit in White Plains last month asking for permission to have her uncle's body dug up from Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale. Carvel opened his first store in the suburban town back in 1936.

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westchester attorney said...

Dig for whatever you want. All of Carvel's money is gone- all of it went to the lawyers. But I didn't get any. The next meat for the picking will be Astor's money. I hope Scarpino throws some of that estate's money to other law firms who didn't get any of the ice cream cash. Be fair, Tony, you've been making a lot of lawyers angry.

Anonymous said...

What a friggin' circus.
Pitchforks and Torches! That's the only cure for the NY Judiciary. I'm certainly not advocating violence but until the masses fill the courtyards oustide the courts chanting for justice, nothing will change.
Sampson's hearings will go the way of Judge Kaye's Comission, bla bla bla bla! I do applaud all the brave victims for making the effort to try once again for help.

I still have my carvel b-day card from when I was a kid. Now when I take my kids to Carvel all I can thing about is this story.

I'll say one thing more:
I'd be prouder of my children if they chose a life as prostitutes rather than a NY lawyer/judge.

Anonymous said...

The W.C.Fields of the Hudson Valley Bank and his buds got it! Al P. & Tony S. just got a few crumbs.

strawberry said...

Fudgie the whale, and his greedy friends, stole all the Carvel money. (Fudgie the whale a/k/a Frank Nicolai)

Anonymous said...

children if they chose a life as prostitutes rather than a NY lawyer/judge....

hello, many of our lawyers are prostitutes, that is the problem, there is no difference
and if they do not play the game on the streets they don't get to pay their bills....
who you know snow or blow!

Anonymous said...

So sorry,for Tom Carvel if he died prematurely. Luckily, in my case one of the miscreants, Ann Kennedy, died after fleeing when discovered outside my house just after 6 AM to her death minutes later in auto accident when she most likely speed out on to the opposite side of the State Highway to her death. The scum in our legal system have a responsibility for these deaths. See for more details. See Federal action 08-5977-cv for more details about Ann Kennedy.

T Finnan said...

for some reason my name was left off post at 10:04

Anonymous said...

look at the torment of decent people lives, dig him up, then what, more legal action....
bunch of bastards!

fan of T.S. said...

Where is Tony (the mob) Scarpino in the Carvel thing?

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