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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fired Brooklyn Court Attorney Cites History as Hands-On Experience

From Pinczewski & Shpelfogel, P.C website:

Mitchell B. Shpelfogel, Esq. ......Partner .......After being the youngest graduate of Hofstra University School at Law at the age of 22, Mr. Shpelfogel started his career as Senior Court Attorney to New York Civil Court Judge Lila P. Gold. In that capacity Mitchell drafted numerous published decisions, conducted settlement negotiations and researched complex legal issues in civil matters including No-Fault, Real Estate, Personal Injury and Contract Law. Combining his personal hands-on experience in real estate and his concentration in Real Estate Law which he received at Hofstra Law, Mr. Shpelfogel is well equipped to deal with all types of complex real estate matters. The focus of Mr. Shpelfogel’s practice is in the area of transactional law with an emphasis on commercial and real estate transactions. His extensive real estate experience allows him to successfully handle all real estate matters, including partnership agreements and various complex matters. In addition to transactional work, Mr. Shpelfogel handles litigation of cases involving real estate, no-fault and other commercial matters. Mr. Shpelfogel takes pride in working hard, not just for his clients, but for the community as well. He is a board member of Community Board 15, sitting on various committees including Public Safety and Community Affairs. Mr. Shpelfogel also sits on the Board of Trustees of local schools and is a board member of several charitable organizations. Mr. Shpelfogel is happily married and is the proud father of three boys. Bar Admissions: New York, New Jersey, U.S. Southern District of New York, U.S. Eastern District of New York

Brooklyn court attorney whose brother loaned judge campaign money is fired
The New York Daily News by NANCIE L. KATZ - July 31, 2008

A Brooklyn court attorney for a judge who got an $80,000 loan from his family has been fired, the Daily News has learned. Brooklyn Civil Court Judge Lila Gold hired Mitchell Shpelfogel in January 2006 for the competitive $63,000-a-year state post - only weeks after the 22-year-old graduated from law school. He passed the bar a month later. Five months after The News spotlighted the appointment, the court's inspector general ordered him out. He was terminated July 18, a court spokeswoman said, declining further comment. In February, Shpelfogel - whose family's Brighton Beach buildings have had hundreds of violations - said his hiring had nothing to do with his brother, Rafael, 27, lending Gold the money for her uncontested 2003 bid. The loan was quickly repaid. Mitchell Shpelfogel called himself a "qualified" family friend. "There was no quid pro quo. I'm a capable, talented person," he said in February, adding that even judges came to him for advice.

Few state judges hire assistants right out of law school because the job requires drafting complex legal opinions. Experienced lawyers often seek the positions as a path to the bench. Mitchell Shpelfogel, a father of two, said he took the job to be with his family. But sources said Shpelfogel got in trouble for allegedly doing outside legal work and being off-site at family construction projects during court hours. Charges were referred by Administrative Judge Ellen Spodek to court inspectors, a source said. The report is confidential. Shpelfogel, now 24, did not return calls this week nor did Gold. Spodek declined comment. "I do not have time to talk to you," said patriarch Sam Shpelfogel, who still owes the city $8,200 for emergency repairs on his buildings. The Shpelfogels own at least nine Brooklyn buildings, including a multimillion-dollar Manhattan Beach house and two apartment houses cited for multiple violations. "The News is the district attorney of Brooklyn," said Zev Yourman, a community activist who charged that the family used profits from tenants' suffering to get ahead politically. He has sued Shpelfogel for defamation. The city sued Sam Shpelfogel twice since 2004 for more than 1,000 violations and settled after he fixed them.

CLICK HERE TO SEE more stories on the Shpelfogel family and their corrupting influences on Brooklyn politics and community life.


OJ said...

Juice begets juice - and balls.

Anonymous said...

A great example of what's wrong with the court system in NY. No accountability if you know the right people. EVER.

disgusted said...

I would guess that the Brooklyn attorney ethics committee got phone call so nothing will be done against this 'attorney' who, from a very young age, learned how a corrupt justice system works in Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

It's important to teach them young. Otherwise, you can't continue the corrupt, pay-to-play, system. And if that corruption of the system got upset, then some of these nice, fine people would be in jail. And then, who would continue the widespread corruption?!? see?!?

Anonymous said...

If you want a good story check out the connection with this Brooklyn family and oca inspector general spatz. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

What a total joke!

Anonymous said...

it is not only the NYS court system,
it is happening all over in every job that offers pensions & healthcare paid by the state,
in Upstate New York, the claim is our Senator is using state jobs with pensions for his chosen ones, and they return the favor by retailiating against those that are his chosen victims.......
they think they are the mob using the state taxpayers money & jobs to enforce their rule........

Anonymous said...

Hofstra is a training camp for corrupt shits to infiltrate and destroy the judiciary.

Look at the recent presidents of the school- all criminals.

I wouldn't be surprised if this little shit graduated at 22 by making an contribution.

Bklyn resident said...

Where was our fighting DA? Was he boozed up as usual?

Anonymous said...

Hofstra is a training camp for corrupt shits to infiltrate and destroy the judiciary.

that is actually what the Bible states also, the corrupt will reign, unless we stop them!

Anonymous said...

OCA'S office of the inspector general (OIG) is one of the most corrupt investigatory agencies claiming to sift out the bad, evil or troubled employees of the criminal entity...OCA....that desires to be the only one that cherishes the title of..bad to the bone.

Anything the OCA-OIG participates in is subject to your disbelief and pleads for federal ciphon out actual illegal content. fluff with an official designated name and the employees should be looked into, as well as fired for violations of their oath as attys and life as humans.

Dare me to be wrong OIG...I would welcome your input!

Anonymous said...

Don`t worry,Obama will soon turn us all into communists.All his appointments are self avowed communists.Oh,you didn`t know that.Maybe you need to turn on Fox News.Oh,Im sorry your lawyer buddies
don`t want you to watch that station.
Don`t tell me you voted for him.
What were you thinking ?

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