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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Manhattan Court Corruption Hearing Video Now Available


Anonymous said...

I'm on my second viewing. WHERE ARE THE HANDCUFFS?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

These guys are good: Problem/Solution.... Damn, how do I get a state senator like these brave men!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Tembeckjian and Friedberg were there, sitting in the back row, making out? Gross, but a lovely couple.

a bronx judge said...

Tembeckjian has to be stopped.

VICTIM said...




Anonymous said...

how do you get a Senator to act respectible, vote a respectable one in or if worse comes to worse
get something on them, find their enemies ........
evil always falls

Anonymous said...

how did the Justice Department Civil Rights Division get into Erie County Jails why are they not in the courts....
Belien friends with Maziarz....

T Finnan said...

Here's my letter to Cuomo. Join me at for the complete letter and contact info. "I've just begun to fight; make it we."

Hon. Andrew Cuomo and Esquires, Underwood, Bing and Demuth:

It’s intolerable. Your time to act is now. Hear my words in the video of Senator Sampson’s Senate Hearing on 9/24/2009. Read my 7/30/2009 letter to Mr. Tembeckjian of which I spoke. Hear others tell the horrors of corrupt NY courts and the malfeasances of the Commission on Judicial Conduct and the Attorney Disciplinary Committees. You swore to uphold the NY Constitution and article § 6. .... The power of grand juries to inquire into the wilful misconduct in office of public officers, and to find indictments or to direct the filing of informations in connection with such inquiries, shall never be suspended or impaired by law. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.

I am deprived of due process of law. I and the people of NY demand that you convene a Grand Jury to indict and prosecute Judges and other government officials and attorneys for crimes exposed at the above Senate Hearings. Begin with Penal law §195.00 Official misconduct. A public servant is guilty of official misconduct when, with intent to obtain a benefit or deprive another person of a benefit: 1. He commits an act relating to his office but constituting an unauthorized exercise of his official functions, knowing that such act is unauthorized; or

2. He knowingly refrains from performing a duty which is imposed upon him by law or is clearly inherent in the nature of his office.

I demand due process and your immediate action. Read my complaint where you defended the corrupt Judges in 08-cv-0259. My due process rights were denied. Attached are sworn criminal complaints against Judge Kevin K. Ryan and Robert Tembeckjian to allow their indictment and arrest. There is no judicial immunity by the NY Constitution “The power of grand juries to inquire into the wilful misconduct in office of public officers ... shall never be suspended or impaired by law.”

In my action, 08-5977-cv in Federal Second Circuit Court of Appeals, against Judges Kevin K. Ryan and Vito Caruso, I ask you to remove your argument, “...judges would be precluded by absolute judicial immunity.” And remove your argument that due process is obtainable in NY, when you know I did not obtain due process. I ask that you support declaratory judgement against both judges and continued action against the other defendants.

Sincerely yours,

Terence Finnan

P.S. To Esquires, Underwood, Bing and Demuth. Send a copy to the Hon. Cuomo and ask his instruction.

P.P.S. Hon. Cuomo: A quick reference to a small part of my due process denial and corruption copied from Federal action defended by your Office follows:

6. Is the trial conduct by Appellee Ryan copied below from the complaint due process under the 13th Amendment?

refusing to use precedent of higher courts, ex parte communications; making pre trial motions’ decisions which were not appealable; knowingly accepting perjury; taking some rights from a pro se allowed to attorneys; ruling Pro Se cannot impeach a witness's testimony with deposition testimony, nor impeach the testimony of a witness with the witness's affidavits or court documents in the same action, nor ask about sworn items in the complaint, nor cross examine certain witnesses; refusing to allow any subpoenas for pro se; reversing the order of closing arguments with pro se defendant going first in the closing argument; allowing Asadourian to claim this is the worst case of abuse he has seen in 20+ years, and allowing Asadourian to yell at witnesses and me

Anonymous said...

thanks for the letter!

Anonymous said...

can we citizens arrest these bastards at the next hearing?

Anonymous said...

Andrew Cuomo is a fraud that is pretending to be an AG that hopes he can parlay that into pretending to be a governor.

When all the smoke clears I predict that there will be scores of lawsuits demanding the courts to overturn cases Cuomo has taken on when he had no jurisdiction.

Anonymous said...

I got the same letter from the CJC, yada,yada,yada, and we can't talk about it.

The former SIC did the same, yada,yada, yada, no FOIL, no $200, go straight to jail.

The SIC was supposed to be a Sunshine Agency. Their working hours must have begun and sunset and continued just before the sunrise.

They did send the letter sent to me to DA Spota, including my name and address. Mr.Spota, and SIC, if you were so interested in Sunshine, then why didn't either of you publish the charges I made against you?

You were cleared of what exactly? I think the people would that read your remarks and the letter would like to know what those charges were and get an explanation from you, especially, the citizens of Westchester County.

Anonymous said...

A task force can only make recomendations/changes on things to do or policy. They do not have to adopt or do anything. Sampson knows this.
Cumo might run for Gov. if he prosecuted lawyers judges he can forget about it Spitzer would not investigate judges/lawyers.
Even after mel Weiss was indicted by the Cal. DA Spitzer did nothing but return campaign money.
You need an independant federal prosecuter. A prosecuter that is not from N.Y
You also need maybe a grand jury to look at the these hearings.

retired Judge said...

Would not believe this if I didn't hear and see this on video. Things sure have changed since my days. A complete house cleaning is in order.

T Finnan said...

My criminal complaint against Tembeckjian

movie agent said...

Let's sign everybody up for the movie. This is better than anything Hollywood can produce. The truth is always better than fiction!

Anonymous said...

if we need an independent Federal Prosecutor, who appoints such a person/force?
Wait the Judiciary/DOJ is suing Erie County Jail,
for alledged "civil rights violations"..
The Judiciary sent the DOJ and they are suing Erie County Jail for rigths violations, without any proof, just hearsay at this time......
Article, Buffalo Evening News

We all have proof and no one investigates this?
No DOJ, something smells, with our DOJ?

Anonymous said...

it is possible, the orders were not only from Kaye, Lippman?
Could all this go deeper?

Anonymous said...

The Passion of Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of Crooked lawyers and Judges, continues. Does he aid his cabal, or do his duty for the people? Feel his pain.

Anonymous said...

I believe from extensive investigations of OCA that this cover-up is very deep and very connected to high level politics and money...Wall street and Washington.
I foolishly contacted Spitzer in 2005 to look into OCA activities...and his office clearly and without hesitation...said we do not investigate the court system...and gave no agency that would....and I believe that Cuomo is following the same path.
I made several calls to Washington about some investiagtion...and was told ...NO we the DOJ do not investigate the court system in NY...and we cannot tell you who does or will. I asked if President Bush would do it...and the DOJ laughed and we hung up.
Through many years of seeking information that I knew OCA was participating in...I received documents that showed me how vicious,untruthful and retaliatory they are without any regard for the person in their path or concern that they could be stopped by anyone in POWER... even relative to the most vicious of allegations!

My assessment is that OCA WILL be BEAT through the actions of the multitude of common citizens, who take the law into their own minds and attack OCA with slick defiance, willingness and information that inundates the office of the present President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!
The rest of the government agencies...esp the state of ny...and the money people located downtown with OCA acting as their 'c" blockers while pumping money into the best investment they ever made...court rulings in their favor...have become our hopeless saviors.
Put your efforts where OCA is vulnerable...with scores of victims and employees providing sound information and sending it all to Washington and the President, where this very caring President will be unable to ignore the real political issues of the big state.... he so loves to be a part of!

Anonymous said...

we should all have our names on Christine's complaint and state our rights have also been violated and we support her allegations.
Then it should be sent to the president.
Start praying for Christine Anderson & Nicole........

Anonymous said...

someone should write a petition/form letter with all our
names and signatures and take that to the judge in a few weeks with a copy to the president!
and to the next hearings!
we need someone to citizens arrest these bastards!
someone make sure Maziarz is in the house!

Anonymous said...

take our petition to Anderson's

Anonymous said...

someone write the form letter that supports these allegations that
we can send to Anderson.....
keep it brief so we can send it to Anderson

Anonymous said...

we need Federal Task Force and a Federal Monitor placed on her case
to protect her and Nicole and many others involved in this evil......

Anonymous said...

Lets hold protests infront of every court and every television station. Lets do the One Million United States Court Victim March to Washington. That day will make History as the State will be totality paralized with victims coming from each State to Demand our President to do his job and protect the people. Let's go camping infront of the White House, Obama has the right to see, play, enjoy, protect and eat with his girls, I too will like to see my children and protected them from an unfit parent and his criminal attorneys whom have used a Court of Law for the purposes of engaging and exposing my children to child porn, pandering, drugs and alcohol.

Anonymous said...

we need a Michael Moore at these hearings, if the news will not cover it a movie maker should and citizens arrest the bastards and since there is no proper authority to investigate, the bastards stay in jail!

write the letter to support Christine and Nicole......

you can not just say this is Obama, it has been going on for years,decades

Anonymous said...

St Andrew is going to use the information for his benefit...
you never know what goes on behind the truth.......
that may keep the innocents safe

Anonymous said...

Regarding Mr.Bernstein's testimony.....I am confused. How does a law firm manage to steal such highly technical information and convince anyone, even Pinicchio that it is their work product. It would be like me trying to get a patent for AIDS without any medical or scientific background.

Anonymous said...

there was the scam on patents they pulled in Europe years ago..
get patent info from here, patent it in Europe

T Finnan said...

To October 2, 2009 7:23 PM Do you really believe an attorney can create computer code and algorithms? Time to wake up and stop drinking the attorney kool-aide.

T Finnan said...

Note to all who are complaining of a surrogate judge or family court judge. I'm preparing something which would benefit us all. Go to for contact info. I welcome your complaint. This is your opportunity.

Anonymous said...

No one is blaming Obama for any of NY'S court corruption...he is just a strong vehicle to report it as it exits today.....since everyone else is afraid to expose this American travesty.
Obama can push Eric Holder to investigate...something Bush would never have done due to his concern for the money makers (corporations) who are feeding off of the court's rulings and leanings.
The NY courts are influencing many agencies and entities that exist in NY STATE and they all have connections to the FBI...a strange position for the FBI to accept.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you good folks hold out hope for the FEDS to come to the rescue.

IMHO, it is because of the FEDS that we are now in this situation.

How much has the FED done with Charlie (W)Rangel(R)? They don't even charge him interest on his unpaid taxes?

Remember Hillary's 100K commodity coup. Maybe she should be Secretary of The Treasury, or the Chairperson of the Federal Reserve Board. She hits a homerun on her first commodity investment, imagine what she could do with the National Budget?

Our home grown Chuckie Schumer. He spends more time raising money for the Democrats than he does trying to act like a senator. Ask the 12 Sentosa Nurses how that worked out for them.

Let us not forget about Senator Pothole, former Chair of the Banking Committee. He does an IPO with the biggest stock fraud company on LI, Stratton Oakmont and doubles his money in ONE day !!!

Hil and AL must have gone to the same schools.

and this is only the stuff that this common citizen can see. How much more is out there?

We had a governor that was death on Wall Street. So much brains and so much money and the dimwit is so corrupted with power that he can't understand why he should keep his Johnson in his pants and not visit high paid prostitutes.

Bill-ary, well, he was getting BJ's from Monica when she was under his deak and he was talking to world leaders. Nothing wrong with that.

Marc Rich needs a pardon? errr, excuse me Monica, I need to reach down into that drawer by your knees and take out a pardon application. Maybe Monica could use some sticky stuff to put the Official Seal of The President of the United States on the envelope.

Please, folks, it's over. The only good news is we folks on this board will not be around when the Empire crashes down.

A lot of folks on the inside can see what is going on and it is like a looting scene of Fort Knox. get in there and rob as much as you can. It kind of reminds me when I was a cop in Harlem during the 1964 riots and the MLK riots in 1968.

Take what you want because there is no one out there that will stop you or even try to stop you.

Do we need to go any further than Bernie Madoff - 25 years of uniterruped

Anonymous said...

The first one on the video, Richard has something. The Senators knew he hit on money = taxes. They were paying attention to him.

Anonymous said...

the FEDS know and they do nothing
hey FEDS they are felonies,
just get another lawyer for what they are doing it and letting it happen.......
if the State Board of Corrections oversees the prisoners civil rights violations, and the DOJ gets called in to investigate
(that sometimes the prisoners do not have toilet paper and no HD TV)
where is NY Board that oversees
court corruption?

Anonymous said...

hey George Maziarz
how did you buddy, Belein, get the DOJ on Erie Counties butt but you do nothing about the violations in our courts?
Shall I discuss the threats that they made come true, those are crimes.......
Where is our investigative agency?
Why don't the FEDS return calls, could some of your friends be culpable?

Anonymous said...

wonder how the RICO ACT applies?

Anonymous said...

now that would be justice!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To Senator Sampson:
-The supreme court rapes you and your children
-The family court rapes you and your children
-The appellate courts rapes you and your children

and your logic is that we need to have faith and pursue the system to the higher courts?? Hello???

He was caught ON VIDEO ON VIDEO ON VIDEO ON VIDEO taking cash in envelopes, whiskey, cigars and all the families he victimized will never recover and are still waiting.
What hope do the rest of us have?? We were not so fortunate to have a video camera present when the deals went down behind closed doors and our relationships with are children were scarred forever??

James Montagnino, Denis Donovan, Liebowitz? What happened there?? June 2008 they were all gone from westchester matrimonial??? No wrongdoing?? what was the reason given "Due to the nature of matrimonial it was best to remove them" What the F__K does that mean? A full investigation was conducted? Where?? By whom?? Nobody called me??

Anonymous said...

Senator Sampson is OCA'S and the state's designated smoothe talker...keep them pacified and waiting....for a justice he cannot or is not pemitted to provide!

He seems so sweetly cncerned as he always alone....isn't that odd for a commission of one..... that is going to correct the 3 billion dollar judicial empire syndicate? he succeeds in keeping people from acting with vigor and anger and demanding the only thing we can passively demand......federal intervention.

We quell our writings waiting for the savior Sampson to care and act on our behalf.

Let Sampson hear the cases...but keep the pressure going and the indentity of the court workers, judges, lawyers and all their complicity coming...expose it all until we get what we want....reform...arrests...and a new judicial process!

Isn't the whole setup of these hearings strangely odd to anyone but me? Possibly a good idea if we had one point of corruption to consider...but this court system is an entire world of crime and corruption and the very corrupt state of ny's governing body couldn't possibly be the solution!

Anonymous said...

Judge Garson: You can add to the Garson scandal that he was granted parole on his first try with the Parole Board. That Garson acquired the necessary Earned Eligibilty merit credits to reduce his minimum sentence.

What they left out is that a prisoner CANNOT earn such credits if they are in protective custody - somehow the good former judge managed to do what others could not.

Just one more agency of our government that is full of 'bleep' like the others.

ERIC HOLDER: Wrote him a letter more than 6 months ago. I didn't even get the courtesy of a response.

Nothing changes much in government, it only gets worse.

Anonymous said...

The first person who spoke at the Sept. 24 Court Corruption hearings in NYC was my cousin, Richard Kuse, and I would like to comment and summerize some of information he provided.

The important point would be this...anyone, be they federal or State with the guts or muscle to check into the estate thief of our uncle Charles Maxwell will find the TEMPLATE for estate robbery in this state.

My uncle was very precise and a perfectionist so the first flashing red light was when his will had his mother listed as the executor of his estate; a mistake he would never had made. Why?...because she had been deceased for a number of years prior to the signing of the will.
An expert in the field later deteremined the will was a forgery.

When my uncle was placed in a nursing home by another cousin (who is now deceased)the money started disapearing from his numerous accounts. He had set up a trust at a bank that was listed as "Charles Maxwell I/T/F Genevieve Corridan"
Genevieve Corridan was his sister and is my mother.
That account was just taken...cleaned out... even though it was in-trust-for.

My uncle was in a nursing home for nine months...he had about $500,000 in savings accounts....he couldn't have spent all that money on his care.
Where did the money go?
Where did the $30,000 deposit to the nursing home go?

There has never been a full and legal accounting of my uncles estate.This process has been derailed and perverted.

We thought we would have recourse through the courts...we were given a mickey mouse accounting of my uncles estate not in the Nassau County Court itself but in the hallway and were told by the judge we had to accept it.
The family protested and were told we could appeal.
We did...
For two years on an ongoing basis we contacted the Appellate Court about a decision...we were told none had been rendered.
Then after 2 years the last call placed produced this thunderbolt on us...that a decision was made 2 years're late... gee sorry ....and good-by.
Is this for real?...Does this actually happen in this country?
Frightenly enough...its does..and it did.

But these rats in robes can be trapped by their paperwork....the Westlaw documents show that this was clearly backdated.A step-by-step investigation would end up with lawyers, and judges being led away in cuffs.

So the tempelate/formula is this...a forged will.. a corrupt judge & court system.. And a higher court, or certain people in it that court, willing to sop up any overflow that may spill over from the lower level.
Yes corruption at a number of levels.

A question might be..Why didn't you pass this on to The State Attorny Generals office...

We did...

I have a letter from the AG office to the Suffolk County DA dated January 2008 stating.."After careful review of these documents, we have determined that the issues mentioned pertain to your office. Accordingly, we are referring this material to you for whatever action you deem appropiate."

In March of 2008 I wrote to the Sufflok DA's...its a year and a half later and I've yet to get any form of response from them..........

Our forefathers told us in effect.."Here is a Republic...try and keep it".... if we are now to the point where we do not have equal protection under the law and the that the courts are the very instruments used to rob and defraud us....where in good God are we at this point?

Its all there for anyone who wants to connect the dots...we have the documents and proof....hello Uncle Sam ..Anyone in NY State?

Anonymous said...

i agree with the following statements, lets start to plan the protest, and lets begin, i am reday just tell me when and where,

October 2, 2009 2:32 PM
Anonymous said...
Lets hold protests infront of every court and every television station. Lets do the One Million United States Court Victim March to Washington. That day will make History as the State will be totality paralized with victims coming from each State to Demand our President to do his job and protect the people. Let's go camping infront of the White House, Obama has the right to see, play, enjoy, protect and eat with his girls, I too will like to see my children and protected them from an unfit parent and his criminal attorneys whom have used a Court of Law for the purposes of engaging and exposing my children to child porn, pandering, drugs and alcohol.

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