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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brooklyn DA Probes Nassau Wrong-Doing

Brooklyn DA probes wrongful jailing in Nassau
Newsday by SID CASSESE - October 27, 2009

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes is investigating the actions of Nassau police and prosecutors in a 2005 case that kept a Queens teenager locked up four months for an armed robbery that, the man's lawyer says, officials knew he did not do. Raheem Crews, now 24, had the perfect alibi. He was in jail when the robbery occurred. "All I can say is that we are investigating the Crews case," Jonah Bruno, a Hynes spokesman, said earlier this week. Neither Crews nor his Hempstead lawyer, Fred Brewington, were aware of Hynes' involvement in the case, the lawyer said Tuesday. "Nobody ever talked to us," he said. The Hynes news surfaced following a letter Brewington sent last week to Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice. In it he castigated her for not following up on an earlier request this year for an investigation into the actions of the police and assistant district attorneys in the Crews case. Rice spokesman Eric Phillips, said: "This is [a] very serious allegation . . . and when we received it we promptly referred it [in May 2009] to federal authorities. "When it became clear that prosecutors from this office's former administration could be materially involved . . . we requested [in August] that a special prosecutor be assigned. On August 26, 2009, Nassau's chief judge granted that request and appointed the Kings County district attorney." Det. Sgt. Anthony Repalone, a spokesman for the Nassau Police department, said that after "we did an internal investigation on one member [who was a part of the Crews case], he resigned." Repalone would not identify the officer. Brewington said his client was in jail on some criminal mischief charge when he was locked up from March 24 to 31. The robbery occurred March 25. Crews went back to jail in May 2005 and remained incarcerated until September of that year.


Anonymous said...

Good - hopefully the Feds will arrest that VAWA-abusing fraudster Dorchen Leidholdt and that entire Battered Women federal funding racket called Sanctuary for Families, for assisting those con-artist women in New York who simply just have to lie about being abused, and getting millions of dollars in extortion money from their gullible and stupid husbands in their planned out divorces and rigged child custody battles.

Anonymous said...

This goes on all the time. The way to stop it is to put the people who do this in jail.

Anonymous said...

There is more information on this story in Newsday today. It seems as though it is worse than it actually appears to be.

What does trouble me with Hynes being the special prosecutor is that he was Rice's boss back in the day she was an ADA for him.

The story seems to suggest that Rice's hands are clean in this matter when it is said the ADAs go back to the days of Dillon.

This case appears to have been around for a long time and this is now the first we have heard of it.

My guess is that the detective made it known to the DA office and it was pretty much ignored.

You realize that when 'strange' things begin happening in the CJS - e.g. A prosecutor rushing to free those in the Hofstra Case. And when the Suffolk DA rushes to have three alleged perps freed from jail on a rape case, when it is the custom (IMHO) for the SCDA to keep you in jail no matter what the evidence, or lack of evidence tells me that these bums are running scared.

Pete f

Anonymous said...

We have to thank Frank for exposing these bastards,
I do not think he understands how many he is saving by making it common knowledge this is happening all over the state.

Anonymous said...

Up in the Hudson Valley region and hearing mixed reports on the outcome of the Whistleblower trial of Christine Anderson; story so far is that Anderson won on Count 1 which says her First Amendment rights were violated but LOST on Count 2 which said the 3 First Dept DDC people were NOT Responsible for the Retaliation and thus she was awarded NO Damages??

1. Does Not Explain why Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman who was Presiding Judge at First Dept at time of the Firing did not testify even though providing Sworn statement during pre-trial proceedings relating to Termination?

2. Does not explain why this Blog has posted information about FEDERAL authorities allegedly investigating Death Threats against Witnesses in Anderson like Nicole but NO EVIDENCE of this was ever presented during Anderson's trial?

3. Does not explain how this Blog has posted information about the FEDS allegedly knowing that there were "Payoffs" at the DDC but NONE of this Evidence came forward at Trial?

4. Does NOT explain why NONE of the Related Cases were mentioned during the Trial to Validate the Corruption at First Dept?

5. Unless the Information received is wrong, sounds like NO PARTY will be Held Responsible for what has Happened to Anderson??

a) What does this say to Whistleblowers all around the State and Country?

b) What changes if any have been brought about as a result of the Anderson matters which have dominated the blog for nearly 2 years or more?

c) Where are all the Feds and Knights on White Horses coming in to Change NY? Restore Integrity?

Anyone know what is the REAL DEAL on why this Entire PROCESS looks HALF BAKED and Partially a Sham at this time?

If In Fact it is NOT a sham or partial sham, so be it. Just looking for clarification as TOO many REAL people with REAL life issues at stake have been told to wait and wait for this big party at Anderson which appears to have been a big Dud. SORRY for Anderson herself as well and best wishes to her.

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